13 December 2007

Humid all day long

Today is quite blue to me because I have noting to do. I supposed to be at KL to settle down something before I meet up with Maria this coming Friday. This weekend will be a bit pack to me (Friday – Saturday). As planed I will stay overnight at Chris’ consign so easy for me to go to TS at the early morning with Odee. Hope this will be as has been planned. Need to settle something before Xmas comes to knock the year. Yeah, people all around Malaysia are celebrating the sales here and there. Such an electrifying and stirring yet uproarious scene. Ok, today I wished a friend of mine with “a happy besday greeting” but then I got negative feedback so I feel a bit scratchy because I can feel that the person don’t need me to be his friend. Then, noting much I can do. Sometimes, you will feel so disconcert when people try to avoid from making friendship with you. It can be he or she hates you just because something which sounds stupid. Or you are not that ‘somebody” to such person. Come on, I hardly to reject people to be my buddies or friends. For me, if she or he comes from virtual or real world, I will never ever treat them poles apart if they are so “ngam” or click to me! I treat them as equal as I can. But I cant understand why people so choosy to make friend? Differentiate them from which group they are coming from either from real world of virtual. Sometime, people hardly to be friend with their exs? Am not being judgmental here. For me, friendship remains more. Just attach importance to the moments we have, namely it is love, friendship and joy. Well, if people treated me bad, so I try to follow the flow of their games. Not to say that I am too good but then what my zodiac tells can be almost true;-

Loyal and generous. Patriotic. Competitivein everything. Active in games and interactions.Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential inorganizations. Fun to be with. Easy to talk to, though hard to understand. Thinks far with vision,yet complicated to know. Easily influenced bykindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves tojoke. Good debating skills. Has that someonealways on his/her mind. Talkative. Daydreamer.Friendly. Knows how to make friend.

Starting from now on, I will follow the flow of people. Be there done that. I like the song background for this blog. It makes me cool and I do appreciate more what I have written here, especially while listening to the song. It makes me more down to earth! hehe. All of them are my unspoken voices which I hardly to express in face to face context. I am so sorry for that. So sorry for the words i have not said while in the reality appreance..Feeling that I am missing someone but then I still try to put it in a lower tone.I still believe in love friendship and all goods of human kind even sometime it hurts me cos i need to accpet it! Am just a human, i have nothing except my feeling and my family, i can be someone to some of friends yet am not a somebody! ~listening to kenangan terindah with a guitar ~

xoxoxoxox, Josh