21 February 2011

we are great?

A very productive day

Hello all.

It is at 3am in the morning and am still wide awake. I’m still doing my revision about Phonetic and really need to prepare my self to re-study it again as I have leaved this for quite sometimes as i really need to be prepared and a way advance from my students. For such subject, I mean phonetic, I really need to apply teacher –centered and also expert teaching skill in order to make this lesson works and really go to the ground so by the end of the lesson, at least I would be able to have a bunch of students who really can speak English and having Pronunciation Awareness. So, seems that those properties of phonetic are stacked in my memory and I really need to hoe them up. What a day tho!

Okies, enough about that teaching thingy. Today, back after working I headed to wet market to see and to analysis how I can be able to market our prawn. We managed to ask and get a few information regarding the market, demand and customer’s accessibility to the market. Then, by 8.30am, Shelly and I suppose to get some formal procedure how to get our prawn into the market and we really want to get a place to bring in our prawn to the market. A part form that, I do keep on investigating and peeping any energetic and check point which may have inconceivable attraction to customers so they will know our HighTech services will be the best ever in the world and they also will be able to trust us as their wellness consultant. So do you ready to take as your friendly wellness consultant?

Well, here I do like to inform those who are in Kuching, do never lost your grip towards our progression as we are going to have FREE OF CHARGE services for all consumers and customers. To be good to be truth, we will be at WISMA SERBERKAS KUCHING, from 5, 6, 12,13,14,, 18, 19 and 20th February, from at least morning at 11am till 5pm. So do come and never hesitate to give us a call before you come in which is considred as pre-booking due to the limited seats. If I happen to be you guys, this is the time to get something which is for FREE yet high-tech in term of it results to the society. Remember, the more you bring, introduce and invite to our center thus the more benefit you may have if you really want to see how far this thing can growth, I mean if you consistency to help other to promote and use HighTech industries.

Do come and visit us k. Those who are suffering from any health probles, do not depend so much on medication and it may harm your kidney and the will affect other systems.

Okies, today, my brother will come and we will head to somewhere, meaning to say that he will be here in kuching and we will take about prawn business seriously. Hope there will be a very good kick start to have every nice days.

Okies people, I guess am a bit sleepy now and before sleep I need to re-charge my self for a whole night so at the morning I will be able to flash out all those toxic elements from my entire body and system.

Here are some FREE tips from to in order for you to sustain your health with a great shape.You should be able to know you core components of fitness such as:-

a. strength- the extent to which muscles can exert force by contracting against resistance( e.g restraining an object)

b.power- the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements. The two components of power are strength and speed( e.g jumping or a sprint start)

c. agility- the ability to perform a series of explosive power movement in rapid succession in opposing direction ( e.g zig zag running or cutting movement)

d. flexibility-the ability to archive ab extended range of motion without being impeded by excess tissue( e.g fat or muscles)

e. balance- the ability to control the body's position either stationary(e.g hand stand) or while moving( a gymnastics)

f. local muscle endurance- a single muscle's ability to perform sustained work( e.g rowing or cycling)

g.cardiovascular endurance- the heart's ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it ( e.g running long distance)

h. strength endurance- a muscle's ability to perform a maximum contraction time after time ( e.g continuous explosive rebounding through entire basketball game)

i.co-ordination - the ability to integrate the aove listed components so that effective movement are archived.

All these elements are very important to develop your chances to get fit all the time and your raving mad effort to have such figure will be granted.

Till then, have a nice day people.

xoxox, Josh