10 July 2010

The eclipse of the silent is us…

The eclipse of the silent is us…
Halow to all fellow readers. It is quite so long I didn’t do my blogging. One thing for sure, my vocabulary development is a bit torpid. So, now, I guess I will have some alteration for my writing style which is more unwind and pleasurable to be read. Meaning, I’ll be more on interpreting the reflection of image and read the sense of imagery . At least, I can less in wiritng.( no time to do a simple writing and not to mention my “serious writing”).Without any words, doesn’t mean that silent can be relinquished by the colour of rainbow… that is the magic of colour which facilitate the heart and soul to interpret those sensible imperceptible tune and melody of image..

See…this wild fern leave is taken by me when I was in somewhere over the rainbow. Taken at early morning, 6.30am…no matter how hard I try to construe it in a melancholic setting yet it has it own – best of everything, to be what it should be….a fern is still a fern. Will you think that the fern is In a silent mode? lay down its arms to the way it should ne be?

Today, I sat at a coffe shop by my self..alone. Whlie waiting my friend to come and meet me up, I ordered this:

The herbs tea may feel nothing to you as it unadorned and tasteless. Yet the aroma may give u thousand of senses to speak to you which u hardly to express by using your so called meta-language -cognitive …just convert the pic into something a bit different than it should be then it will be totally changed into 360% to other elements of the world living… one single pic may bring you into trillion of heart interpretation

Just make it a bit different with a very simple effort….that u can see how the glass of tea speaks to ur self – sense

p/s:just twist a bit your inner colour than you will be a new version of you rather than being the reflection of others. By changing the colour doest mean that you are silent just that how do you bring your self to the reality will size your soundless capacity
when people has no voice we say they are dull…when nature has no voice we can to manipulate yet when the wish is its command then it makes us poor for being speechless….
Hence, silent is not from the anture but from the inner colour of us and represent the colour to the reality of being a human being.

x0x0x0x0 Josh