21 November 2011

A potrait of mind goes to your soul

A portrait of mind

It is November and the Sea Games is ON. Up to date, we have in about 50 goal medals a way ahead from the target. MALAYSIA Boleh! Kudos to the team! Yeah, target will be much more valuable if you archived and much more wonderful when you hit it more that you supposed to do. It is the reality of result orientation. Yes, it is. Welcome to the competitive edge readers. Ignoring or passing by, would not be an only damn yet it is an impairment sucker for several life spams. it takes time to be vanished. It would not be that cool , isn’t it? If I have a chance to choose what career I wish to have, I wish to be a swimmer, snatcher (am I having a right noun for it? It is a person who is doing a snatch in a sport, like in Sea Game) or cyclist? In sport, there is so called less drama in doing thing! That makes me feel so real and expose to the inner feeling which at the end will give you in a state of peaceful mind. Now am watching “jangan tidur lagi” show, it is a midnight show- stay awake show. Notice that they have an active nocturnal- doing sport, it is great! Sometime I wish to have a busy day and always keep myself being occupied as what am doing now except for spot! Gosh, I am so super duper envy with their active life style in a good way it should be. Agree? Of course right. Out of blue, I lost my grabs of being an active player. Back to memory lane, when I was in a college, swimming is a must for me at least 3 times a week and 500 meter per session even though I do I slowly. I mingt not as good as my buddy, Ed Eron in while in the “wet” yet I can learn to be or to have perfect swing as him. Am I a competitive-er ? You judge me and I am here to be reshaped to be a better one.Thinking off to go and register my self in a gym then! So sweet, it is just a new entry for my wishlist which it is supposed to be done as a routine rather than a wish. It should be any conciliation to stay young and health, right? Wise man said, dream comes from an active mind regardless about in what age are you. This is one of a secret of being a successful dreamer, indeed.

this is the book i really like!go and hunt for it, folks.TRUST me it is worth for your money

My new brain stimulants.Nice arent they?

So, to make my self being occupied, I bought 2 books for my self and now I’m practicing it to the max and wish me luck people. Oh, a new hobby I have just started which is to read old newspaper as my “morning tidbit” for the brain as I’m in the lane of having a brain jog! Good day to make your life different and being other part of others who are not so you at all. It is so much FUN, folks. Cross your finger for it, indeed. As I said earlier, the active mind will lead to positive thinking and finally dreams become visible right to you. In this sense, active means S.O.B.E.R tho.

Wow, it has been 2 months I did not engrave something for my blog? My writing could be a bit dry to you, readers am I right? Well, how I wish i can share many things with all of you yet when the precious times are stroke by some jovial things which is, definitely , awesome compared to writing. What a lame excuse tho.

Well, in Dec i will right more. It is Xmas and i cant wait to be back at home! Starbuck does agree with me as it says that:-

So much fun, indeed and in KL for sure the decoration is all over the place and the smell of xmas is everywhere!

Till then, will update you guys agian then.

~The winner nevers quit the defeat nevers be that sweet!

xoxoxo, Josh