14 September 2007

A light wish for today- So lucky that we still have this new day to breath as before

A lovely evening

It's Friday evening.

Feel bit sleepy today as nothing much I can do. Doing nothing is like a “silent killer” inside me. So am making myself busy like a bee- cleaning my place, searching some journals, chatting with friends via YM and hunting for jobs. A friend of mine called me and she told me she wants to make a congregate among some of us (fellow friends) and I told her that it can be “on”, perhaps on Saturday. Well, will see how it goes and will take this opportunity to make a appraisal for some perfumes. Here we come. Okays, talking about perfume, I have this friend of mine (let me call this person as “2324”. It is a code huh? well, this fella will know and notice that who am I referring to.

Dear “2324” , as I keep my promise to you where I will consider you as one of my “issues” in my blog so we are deal ok. “2324” such a …arhh.. no word how to describe this fella but “2423” has some good characters which are painted in “black” means.(this means that “2324” is so kejam when “2324” comes to do sharing and yet JUAL MAHAL. This drives me to be mad. Sabar je. But not to say “2324” is inhuman even sometime “2324” may transform into such attitude as “2324” does have some abilities to show that “what is the feeling of missing someone). Sometime , ido miss "2324"'s provocations which sound so malicious to me but at least that come from "true color" intention than pretend to be soemthing which has "empty" representative of the nature of behaviour. Nah, that all for now. I am having deficiency of ideas coz too sleepy after having my late lunch.Am going to watch “Let’s go to the poison”. Such a side-splitting and witty movie, indeed. Till then, take care everybody.

X0x0x0x0x Josh

A light Wish. It is so lucky that we have another day to live

Praise to god that we still can enjoy and cheeris this moment and at the same time we still have some opputurnities to see some bright stars. As we are living in this day (today), it means that we still have some predisposition to improve our self, gain love and be bounded with a healthy and safe family, friends, socities, and communities, which are knoted with our childhood and adolocent stages throughtout some good and bad times of our life. Today, there is another new baby who was born in this day. Happy besday to Mr. Expectro- u know who you are. I tought this buddy was 27 years old. So sorry for the inaccurate calculation.Happy many returns with full of blessing for all of ur future undertakings. Yesterday was my housmate - D' s besday. Bro, have a wonderfull future and undertaking in what ever you do. Happly ever after with all things you have. Okies, i guess i have to stop to nag here as i am so sleepy to crak my mind to split out some expressions in this vein of "virtual diary". Will still have time to do some blogging activities. Agian, i am so lucky as i am still can enjoy the sun as usual. Do listen to the Video Clip-lucky Lucky as the wording is awesome to me.Till then, take care fellas..

x0x0x0x0x Josh