12 September 2010

The reality doesn’t have a frame…

What would tingle to your mind by reading the title of this entry?
Would it be hard for you to digest what am I trying to say here?
Well, it is a random thought tho. Today, I have been spending my time from morning till night to do and search something on the net. For what?it is not about Facebook at all tho. My mind is keep on tracing and at the same time does question me where am I now? In the state of confusion? Too many dilemmas I MUST think even sometime I keep my self to the most simplest thing.
Too many things I have not settled yet.So I don’t that easy to fall apart. It is just a beginning of the day for me.I need to head up.
So,before writing this entry, I wrote what I do afraid the most and every solution I can do to get all of the rid from my eyes.A friend of mine told me, we must behold to what we think that others. Be the first party to vessel your direction and let others be the second.

So, to start a new day, I went to The Spring- one of Kuching Shopping Complex, and I got some exceptional remedies to my “inferior state”. Managed to bought a Hush puppies T, then a new perfume, a Hush Puppies Pant and the most that I really need is –a book” the power of social networking”.A book you must read.

To be truth, I was a very introverted guy and don’t have a gut to meet up or face the realities. Well, time goes by and many things change rather than be in a static state.
The book says: relationship and connection over time lead to trust, which is the key to capital formation. So, I must say, I really need a truly formation over my self. A mindset and attitude formation, indeed!
till then... believe, work darn hard and respect your self...and behold what you have in heart and mind.