26 January 2012

It is the time to be productive- welcome to the year of Water Dragon, 2012

Happy New Year to all

Holla to all, and this entry seems to be my first entry of the year.

Lets me share what are the things keep me not really have enough time to do my writing.
1. January is the great month to do some planning- works, career and social activities.
2. Busy to write as I get back at home after working hours is around 8pm something then to some house chores
3. In fact some of my time will be occupied with some reading on Motivation, productivity life sytle as well as some other academic reading.
4. Busy with new hobby- gardening indoor, actually.
5. Mediation- Am in department of searching a health life style- and currently doing it with a very hard. Sigh, it is for a long term run.

Let’s we count, how many days have left us since the new year, 2012? Now is 24th, January 2012, and in the second day of Chinese New Year.

So many things happened in 2011 where ups and downs are collided. It is a life. No right no wrong, both are treated equally if we want to life to the fullest. Be gay, be jovial be ecstasy! No depression and heartbroken.

Okies, what should I say here? Today is a good day for me I guess. Josh, remember, give yourself a plause and always be grateful that you have another one brand new day for you to create your heirloom. Yes! It is a purgatory yet still patronage, tho. Okies, Today what is hot in the local issue? Let’s me think. Okies, got it, it is about an issue of giving Rm 200 Per student. It is manly for those who are in Form 6 or Pre University student. The issue is; some of students don’t keen to get their academic book by using the voucher as they can simply download it from their specific files, Pdf, for instance. Hence, some of them sell the voucher in the net as in mudah.com. In my old days, students will do part time by selling prepaid not this. This is another revolution of making money among students, people. Kudos to the kindness of our key policy makers as giving a voucher can be another way for those who are not have resources to get them self any book. A good idea to cultivate reading habits among youngster, especially those who are in the pre-university levels! The irony side is, another way for them –those who may not need it because of ample of accessibility to get academic books via Pdf or online? by selling it. Look at the bright side tho.

How I wish those who are unemployed can do have such voucher, minimum RM100 for them to get their own book-job hunting, soft skill enhancement or skill updating, etc?
Then, at the end of the day, we might be able to produce or at least, having well industrious employees, probably not in employment line yet they can be substitute for NGO or any government bodies by giving their support when there is a need. So This is another way to give them a chance to be self-governing and self-regulated, whether they can proceed their dream become an entrepreneur? Just a random gist, indeed.

Well, those who are being a guardian to these eligible students, please check and be wise with their academic spending especially in this context as the opportunity is coming for once. Appreciate it, use it wisely, event try to have variety of reading menu so believe me, with such small amount, yet big to others, might be a primary step for you to explore your mind and brain for other productivity outcomes, for the nation, perhaps? Yes, by god’s will it will become tru, isn’t it? –Nodding-

Happy Holiday and Chinese New Year to all. Let’s gear up your vision throught out this dragon year of 2012! Love water ?lover dragon? Or both which is Water Dragon for the year? These are the proofs that we have Water dragon in our social networking!it is fun.

Another element of dragon which is embroided in this fun snap.

I have lot of roses in my head and soul, so houw about you? Friends, life is simple as long as you can keep your self cool. Intepreting the word cool is not as easy as it is yet it takes lot more efforts to ensure you are reall cool by not acting cool or being iinfluenced by superEgo (human has Id, Ego and Super Ego)

Enjoy, then..


(i am singing with my full of heart content for all of my silent readers.)