31 December 2010


it is such a wonderful day to me yet am still cant get the exactly "excited " feeling toward the day..Why, today is my special day and so many things have not being done yet.

well, this new year i do give many hopes and try to get all of them completed by next end of year. Hope that the 2011 will bring so much joys which pours like cascading waterfall.

My new year resolutions are :-
1. be much more healthy
2. study hard for the PhD (and now am also thinking of doing diploma in pre-emergency care)
3. create many awareness of health and wellness
4. work hard to archive my personal sale targets and career
5.create more love and friendship with all
6.upgrade my shareholders units
7.serve my best to those who need our wellness services.
8. upgrade my knowledge in gadget and new high tech devices
9. forgive and forget
10.get my self a music class and training

during my besday, these were what i got. Thanks guys: THE ONE
do click those above links to get clear to what am talking here..
happy reading people...

till then, Happy new year
xoxoxox People

28 December 2010

it is not that bad!

holla peeps..
so sorry, coz i do find my self that i was to busy to engrave something here. It is xmas so it supposed to be so much mery and happy post tho! By the way, it is not too late for me to wish you guys " merry xmas and hope that you all have a blessed year ahead and with a colourful celebration at this end of year". I have so many pictures to share with you guys yet i dont have so many times to upload it. Will do it leter, write the post frist then get the pictures later on k.i cross my heart for this.

Guys, my xmas was so-so coz due to some issues, i wasnt have it at my hometown instead of having it somewhere else. Before the xmas it self, i was in bintulu then on 24th dec i headed to kuching and celebrated it there. On the 25th dec, my day was packed as it occupied with full list of home visit! I was back with a semi- round pack. Just imagine that!

On the 26th, i attended my cousion weeding. It was wonderful weeding and hope both- sherman and farah will be happy ever after. Keep up the happiness, wealth and health guys.

Too be good to be truth, today, at 3am, i recived a phone call from my cousin and he told me that our vilage( long house) burnt and it was caused by an accident by our neighbour. I feel so shock and it is a true catastrophe . it is such a appealing and gruesome to me. Unknown sources told us that it was due to the reckless of fews of our neighbors who were so tried during the xmas and accidently got the blast from the kitchen.

this is not even a present for my xmas or even my besday! Gosh, so many things happened in my circle of life as in career, maturity process, friendship- being trusted and betrayed, learning and personal development and
achievement as i never thought that would be a "fullstop" for this year. I guess, i will keep on standing and fighting. If there are few people who are frustrated with life, do come and talk to me coz i do have a very good prespective which helps me to stand still until now. Remember fellas, live like there is no tommorow.


17 December 2010

you who give me taste and my inspiration

hola peeps...

Today i would like to share with you a sentimental tune which can be sound therapy instead of aroma therapy. It is priceless yet costless. Any clue? Well, save it for the last tho.

Okies, this is a very easy tune for me. Kinda sing a long song! Yes, am reffering to a song tho.

It is a Malay song and the most important is, it has a simple wording yet the taste of it is so remarkable to me.

Every single wording means a lot to us. It has wide meaning not so specific to love ones. Hence, the elucidation and turn of phrase of this song is so predictable which enables us to sing along..kinda “lala lala” thingy.

The most lovely wording to me are” when you come to my life, my heart has lo longer worry for nothing…you who is love for me and by you, I can feel the taste and …it makes me feel so beautify. Am so sorry if am not that prefect enough to you… to love, to miss and to have you till my last breath, and you are my inspirational..”

It is a lovely tune, isn’t it?

Okies, do click this in order for you to comprehend the sensation I am referring too. This will promise you with less of absurdity state. I wont translate it coz i dont want you to loss the taste of its originality. Keep you heart smiling people. Remember, you give me the taste and inspiration of love, care and tender.

By the way, thanks for reading up my personal egos and do visit me again then.

xoxo Josh

14 December 2010

magical week

holaa pees..

thanks for visiting me here.

i was so busy for a whole week and hardly to have time to engrave something here..

my last weeks was like a magical week to me.
So wonderful and fabulous..

so many things happened and i share a lot about life, truly love and friendship. I can see who makes the best effort too love, care and share a great life throughout a friendship with me.

Being cheated, being cared and loved share and portray different ambiance to me yet projected a true and reality color of life! Yes, what ever it takes and starts with, i can take it from there..let;s see how life goes.

here is the picture we have for last week. a magical week as in conjunction with XMAS calling!

can you spot me?

a family's portrait

Syafinaz with her muse and placid tone..bravo!

we present to you the E-MERCHANT to all entrepreneurs

it was sparano time!

all beauty ladies and hot guys who you die to wish for!

all of us....

is this ok to you?

when colour plays it part and the result is as above!

okies people, let's smile with ur full of heart's content

mixing taste and tune

ho ho ho...have a blast day and weeks people..

xoxoxox Josh