31 December 2007

wont promise anything.....

OMG..i don’t want to be heartless…please don’t
Out of blue I feel that am heartless and am so scare and worries about this. I’m not intended to be so and be harm to my self. This birthday celebration will be the weird thing I guess and it is so much put me in lot of questions about why this world is so cool to those who are looking or a pureness among other humans? My feeling is being hurted and I do feel disappointed .. The blue feelin seems to knock my purity toward lover thing. I don’t want to be a phoenix (if u have wathced X-Men, then u know what i mean here, ;D). I do upset with some friends here, not to mention involving those close friends... Well, what the fuck coz I don’t live with their money. Be what I am.. regardless if it causes me to be inhuman well, so sorry for that. Will be cool again I guess once be able to love my self then I will try to spred the love to all over the world. To all friends who wished me a birthday and New year wish, I appreciate that and those who are not, well, not my fucking business and in fact not to blame me if i cant remember it coz the date has no siginificant at all compared to mine.hahahaha... “evil sigh”

the phoniex of Me

My december

My 31….

Hi fellas, here we are. Meeting here again with my new updates conversely it may sound dim and dry. Well, frst of all, I would like to say, Happy birthday to my self, and yes, every 31st December, the price of my physical n mind will be increased and that is the rule of universe. Big number bring big responsibilities on your shoulder. Up to you to put them in a balance either on ur right or left shoulder based on your own expedient. Right or left? Well, if u put ‘em on your right then you will do it right away and vice versa. All of these are done based on your life menu, fellas. Thanks for those who wished me and I do be glad about the wishes friends and really I am. Well it would sound exquisite if the wish comes directly from those who u love and adore. Ok. Too much of hoping will kill u then but when you are in this stage of searching and accepting then you are putting ur heart at a risk either u will be fine all the way or u r getting heartless due to obnoxious and unpleasant journey that u have encountered with. Too much craps here so I guess I go to the some “down to earth issues”.

I have no ideas, today I keen to be reserve and restful even during my Birthday. I declined to celebrate New year at Robert’s house, I declined going out to KL to meet Odde and Christy, no mood to do this and to do that. Gosh, today I was a bit offensive. Thanks for Daus (btw, happy besday to u my neighbour as he was born on 30 dec 82! he is one of my Dec mate a.k.a neigbhour) coz tries to cheer me up and ur efforts to do so are granted. For what reason? Well, someone mirrored me in a pessimistic and off-putting way! That is the reason. Do I look such fucking whore?

This is my today horoscopes:-

If you start off this day feeling a bit depressed, try to get outside as soon as you can for a brief stroll. No matter what the weather is like, a big dose of fresh air will get you back on track. A blue mood is nothing to worry about -- it could just be your mind telling you to slow down a bit and ponder some new emotions that your heart is feeling. Taking a short walk will give you the time you need to reset your brain and start feeling like yourself again.

~nah i guess it is just a coincidence to me as i am not that rule out this kind of thing.

Today, I spent my time to watch movies, I bought a cake for myself and with a bottle of Marinda Strawberry but i wont take some snaps for them.

Well, the last day I celebrated new year in KL was end of 2002. That was the last day I throw my excitement to give an affectionate welcome to the 2003. New year? What does it mean to you? Well, for me it is a year to re-think again what you have done and how do u spend your life time nicely? I read a book about gender it tells us that after 30 year old, men will take many times to re-think and regret the things they have not done in past rather than think what should they do in future or at least at this time of speaking as the age is moving forward. This could be due to metapause but for women it will be called as menopause. In the stage of metapause or midlife crisis, the noteworthy personal changeover men in their forties experiences can have both negative and positive consequences- depression, suicide, and alcohol problems often become manifest at this time. The books tell us that families are at higher risk for divorce. On the positive side, a man’s heightened sense of self during midlife can be useful for reintegration of the masculine and feminine traits which our culture mandates as being separate for most of a man’s life. Ok, if you get dizzy coz of this fact let picture it like this, in this stage where we can see men become more nurturant and women more independent as a women can standing apart from her husband and this may relieve the husband from his burden of responsibilities he feels he has carried for the family. Hence the wife who grows in assertiveness and independent provides the best sources of support to her husband at this stage. This is a fact. Wont describe this more. Not in the mood of sharing the ideas and fact now coz I still feel the offensiveness that I have here.

By the way, I guess I have to stop here but it is just for a while fellas. To all my silent readers, I wish you all have a nice day ahead people and happy new year. New year comes but will it brings new hopes to us? As usual, I wish you all, all the best to seek your needs and all of them are out there. The truth is out there ( quoted from X-Files).. and am listening the song 'best in me' by Blue...nice wording as we are in the line to look the past which enable us to create the more strong foundation to create the future..

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Josh.

24 December 2007

Christmas Eve....

It is Monday…Well, the time is moving so fast and you can feel the beat when it comes to the end of the year. Gosh, another year is waiting to be born. Here it goes, the cycle of life is doing its great job in order to make sure the universe is giving the equal opportunity to all creatures under the sun.

What did I up to lately? Ok, just have a short recap for a while..shall we?
Monday – Friday, I was a bit bz with something and now I start to plan what should I do for next year. So by the end of December then I just need to follow the plan. At this time of speaking, everyone is busy with his/ her planning. So this shows that you are be the flow than follow the floor. I guess this can be suit to refer the state of affair that am talking about- just make be the flow if you want to make ur plan works accordingly to ur needs and longing.

On Friday, I wet out with a friend of mine to enjoy the nocturnal of us at a cinema and it was not last there as we were passing by one of happening clubs someway at KL-Sigh!!!~. The vibes were cool even though I felt a bit bumpy because am still not really familiar with the place. Thanks to Amier for the entertainment buzz. Really appreciate that night. Oh ya, The movies I watched recently are “I am the legend”- I like the touching part where it shows that Dr. Nivel lost his dog- Sammantha, and the another movie is “National Treasures”- I love the relic hunting part! Well, I love these movies. Am waiting forhaunted movies now..anyone?Throw me your holla if you are intrested too.

On Sunday, I went to Criz place and supposed to be at a gym but hell no but we had another backup plan;-

Guess what I am suffering the muscle strain due to badly chosen a.k.a inappropriate sleeping positions. Should u not to think that I was doing some “doggie” things which cause the pain. I cant do my own massage and in fact I don’t dare to have a massage which is served by those who are not professional because it wont fix the problems at all rather than it lead u the journey of the hell. OMG it is so fucking excruciating as I by a hair's breadth cant wear my boxer or short! Even I can take a fastidious sleep due to the twinge on my left region lumbar. Today I cant do some workout activities especially push up. Makin gemuk le kalo macam ne.

Today is Christmas Eve. I have just made a call to my Family. I am receving some sms from friends for this celebration and I give colossal thanks to all of you, friends. I appreciate it very very much. Last year I didn’t go back for Xmas but then I went back during Gawai celebration. Tomorrow I will be at PD as planned. I might be there for couple of nights but I bet it won’t be that long coz a good buddy of mine is coming up with his kids and the wife. Well, to those who are out there, Merry Xmas and Happy New year. I know that my writing seems to be dry but I have no ideas I lost my mood and exhilaration of blogging.Those words and morphemes are embedded adequately in the brain and mind but then I have no ideas how to make them sound vivacious and bubbly as well as to make it sounds more authenticity and luminosity which is by mean to gratify your reading criteria at the end it will motivate you to read it more and more :D

Okies then, I guess I have to stop by now. I’ll try my best to update the blog once I get my mood back. Huh, am not ready to be easily affected by mood. Don’t call this as one of “middle age crisis” symptoms coz am not in such ring tho! Till then, Wishing all of you with merry xmas and Happy new year. Good day fellas and be nice to everyone. May this end of year will give u strenght to get a new kick start to find your ways and destiny namely it love, joy, happines, career and health. Am speading my love to all of humankind as i prommise you all no harmness."wink".

Cheers and regards
X0x0x0x0x0 Josh

~ no wonder i was not in the pool because i was doing something ;p~

Brown Eyes - Destinys Child

I have this song but Ed remainds me with this song.Literaly, the song makes u to remember the moments u fall in love with someone. It is so beautiful to be heard. Btw, i like the wordings. They are all in pink.Thanks to Ed Gedix for the reminding..I owe u that.Thanks

13 December 2007

Humid all day long

Today is quite blue to me because I have noting to do. I supposed to be at KL to settle down something before I meet up with Maria this coming Friday. This weekend will be a bit pack to me (Friday – Saturday). As planed I will stay overnight at Chris’ consign so easy for me to go to TS at the early morning with Odee. Hope this will be as has been planned. Need to settle something before Xmas comes to knock the year. Yeah, people all around Malaysia are celebrating the sales here and there. Such an electrifying and stirring yet uproarious scene. Ok, today I wished a friend of mine with “a happy besday greeting” but then I got negative feedback so I feel a bit scratchy because I can feel that the person don’t need me to be his friend. Then, noting much I can do. Sometimes, you will feel so disconcert when people try to avoid from making friendship with you. It can be he or she hates you just because something which sounds stupid. Or you are not that ‘somebody” to such person. Come on, I hardly to reject people to be my buddies or friends. For me, if she or he comes from virtual or real world, I will never ever treat them poles apart if they are so “ngam” or click to me! I treat them as equal as I can. But I cant understand why people so choosy to make friend? Differentiate them from which group they are coming from either from real world of virtual. Sometime, people hardly to be friend with their exs? Am not being judgmental here. For me, friendship remains more. Just attach importance to the moments we have, namely it is love, friendship and joy. Well, if people treated me bad, so I try to follow the flow of their games. Not to say that I am too good but then what my zodiac tells can be almost true;-

Loyal and generous. Patriotic. Competitivein everything. Active in games and interactions.Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential inorganizations. Fun to be with. Easy to talk to, though hard to understand. Thinks far with vision,yet complicated to know. Easily influenced bykindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves tojoke. Good debating skills. Has that someonealways on his/her mind. Talkative. Daydreamer.Friendly. Knows how to make friend.

Starting from now on, I will follow the flow of people. Be there done that. I like the song background for this blog. It makes me cool and I do appreciate more what I have written here, especially while listening to the song. It makes me more down to earth! hehe. All of them are my unspoken voices which I hardly to express in face to face context. I am so sorry for that. So sorry for the words i have not said while in the reality appreance..Feeling that I am missing someone but then I still try to put it in a lower tone.I still believe in love friendship and all goods of human kind even sometime it hurts me cos i need to accpet it! Am just a human, i have nothing except my feeling and my family, i can be someone to some of friends yet am not a somebody! ~listening to kenangan terindah with a guitar ~

xoxoxoxox, Josh

11 December 2007

Love tips

Dudes and Jass...i have this from one of my friends and i post it here for us to realize how far is our preciption and mind's eye toward the standard that we have made when the love thing comes to surface and compare it to the reality of love....the story goes like this.......

Anda mengetahui yang anda merindui seseorang apabila jantung anda berdeguppantas ketika teringatkan dia. Dan walaupun sekadar "Hai" daripada diamencukupi sebagai penenang.

Ulasan: anda mungkin menaruh hati kepadanya, cuma anda tidak menyedarinya ataupun anda tidak mahu menerimanya sebagai kenyataan.Jangan jadi terlalu baik, saya akan merindui kamu. Jangan terlalu mengambilberat, saya mungkin menyukai kamu. Jangan jadi terlalu 'sweet', saya mungkin jatuh hati kepada kamu. Amat sukar untuk saya menyayangi kamu jikakamu tidak mahu membalasnya.

Ulasan: seseorang yang membuat kamu jatuh hati kepadanya sebenarnya menyayangi kamu lebih daripada kamu menyayangi dia.J ika seseorang hadir dalam hidup kamu dan menjadi sebahagian daripada kamu,tetapi atas sebab tertentu dia terpaksa pergi, jangan terlalu sedih.. kenyataan itu dan sekurang2nya dia pernah membahagiakan kamu.

Ulasan: Masa akan menentukan segalanya, jika dia ditakdirkan bersama anda, dia akan kembali.Jangan melarikan diri dari 'cinta' apabila ia berada di hadapan kamu. Jangan melarikan diri daripadanya kerana suatu hari nanti, kamu pasti akan teringatkannya kembali dan menyesali perbuatan kamu itu.

Ulasan: hargai orang yang menyayangi kamu, bukan mudah untuk mencari orangyang menyayangi kita, yang paling berharga ialah hati yang ikhlas.Penyesalan terbesar dalam hidup ialah risiko yang kita tidak ambil. Jika anda merasakan sesuatu itu akan membuatkan anda bahagia, maka teruskan. Ingatlah bahawa kita akan melalui semua ini hanya sekali, mungkin tiada lagi peluang kedua.

Ulasan: Masa tidak menunggu kita. Jika anda rasakan anda telah bertemu dengan orang yang sesuai, maka hargailah dia, jangan biarkan dia berlalu begitu sahaja. Jangan bertangguh kerana takut. Cubalah dahulu atau anda akan menyesal kerana membiarkan ia berlalu begitu sahaja. Tiada sesiapapun yang tahu apakah yang membuatkan anda benar2 bahagia.

Ada 2 titis air mata mengalir di sebuah sungai. Satu titis air mata tu menyapa air mata yang satu lagi, "Saya air mata seorang gadis yang menyayangi seorang lelaki tetapi telah kehilangannya. Siapa kamu pula?".Jawab titis air mata kedua tu, "Saya air mata seorang lelaki yang menyesalmembiarkan seorang gadis yang menyayangi saya berlalu begitu sahaja."Ulasan: Tiada sesiapapun yang simpati kepada orang yang sengaja membiarkanpeluang pergi begitu sahaja tanpa berusaha untuk mendapatkannya ataumempertahankannya. Kita selalunya tidak menghargai seseorang yang hampir atau menyayangi kita sehingga dia pergi meninggalkan kita; kemudian kita akan sedih dan menyesal mengingatkannya.Terdapat banyak bebintang di langit tetapi hanya satu sahaja yang begitu menyerlah sehingga dapat menarik perhatian anda. Dari kalangan yang anda pilih untuk abaikan ialah sebutir bintang yang sanggup menyinari anda walau di mana sahaja anda berada.

Ulasan:Bahagian 1: orang yang bersama anda ketika ini mungkin bukanlah orang yang benar2 anda sayangi.Bahagian 2: terdapat orang yang tahu dia tidak dapat bersama kamu ketikaini tetapi masih menyayangi kamu sepenuh hatinya, fikirkanlah.Lawaknya bila kita meletakkan standard untuk orang yg bakal kita sayangi, tetapi jauh di sudut hati, kita tahu yang orang yg kita sayangi itu terkecuali daripada standard itu. (don't be too choosy!)

Ulasan: Kita amat kritikal terutamanya kepada orang yg kita sukai atau sayangi kerana kita mahukan yang terbaik untuk diri kita. Tetapi sebenarnya kesempurnaan dan hubungan terbaik dapat dicapai dengan berusaha bersama. Ia bukanlah terletak kepada satu individu sahaja.Cinta itu membuatkan anda gembira walaupun ia sering melukakan. Cinta itu istimewa jika ia diberikan kepada orang yang bertuah.

Ulasan: Jika anda bertemu seseorang yang benar2 menghargai anda, maka diaberhak mendapat kasih anda.Menyayangi/mencintai itu umpama bermain piano. pertama, kita bermain ikutperaturannya. Kemudian, lupakan peraturannya dan main ikut hati.

Ulasan: kepercayaan terhadap pasangan adalah amat penting. Untuk mempercayai seseorang yang anda sayang/cintai, anda mestilah membuat dia mempercayai anda dahulu. Yakin terhadap diri sendiri dan pasangan anda. Jangan buat mereka ragu-ragu terhadap anda dan jangan ragu-ragu terhadap mereka.Apa kata seseorang memberitahu anda ini "Saya tidak percaya dengan courtship (mendapatkan perhatian bagi memenangi seseorang). Ia cuma membuang masa sahaja.Jika saya mencintai seseorang, maka saya akan meluahkan isi hati saya kepadanya. Tetapi, ada pula pengecualian bagi anda, jika anda mencintai saya, saya akan 'court' (sentiasa cuba memenangi) anda selamanya..."

Ulasan: Cinta itu memerlukan masa untuk disedari kehadirannya. terdapat cinta pandang pertama, tetapi ia masih memerlukan masa bagi pihak satu lagimenyedarinya. Merinduinya apabila dia tiada di sisi, mengharapkan beritadaripadanya apabila berjauhan...Adalah lebih baik untuk berani mencintai walaupun akhirnya anda kecewa daripada tidak mahu mencintai kerana takutkan risiko atau cabaran yang bakal mendatang.

Ulasan: Jangan berputus asa apabila terdapat saingan dalam percintaan. Adalah lebih baik untuk anda mencubanya terlebih dahulu; kerana jika anda berjaya, kemenangannya itu teramat manis. Tetapi, jika anda tidak mahu/berani mencubanya, anda mungkin akan kehilangan orang yang anda sayang/cintai selamanya.Anda tidak pernah kalah/kecewa dalam mencintai/menyayangi. Anda cuma kalahjika anda bertangguh.

Ulasan: Jangan takut untuk meluahkan isi hati anda kepada orang yang andasayang/cintai. Beritahu mereka dan biar mereka buat keputusan di pihakmereka. Salah satu perkara yang paling indah dalam hidup ialah memberitahukepada orang yang anda sayangi betapa penting dan istimewanya mereka dalam hidup anda. Dengan itu, anda akan rasa lebih yakin dan puas. Dan anda akanrasa bangga terhadap diri anda kerana anda telah menunaikan tanggungjawabanda terhadap perasaan hati anda.Jangan sesekali mengkhianati perasaan hati anda kerana akibatnya, hanya anda yang akan sengsara; bukan orang lain. Salah satu cabaran paling sukar dalam hidup ialah mencari orang yang tahu segala kelemahan dan kekurangan diri anda, tetapi dia masih sangup menyayangi anda dengan sepenuh hatinya.

Ulasan: Cinta itu adalah berasaskan tolak ansur dan pengorbanan. jika dia tahu kelemahan dan kekurangan anda dan masih sanggup bersama anda dan lebihmenyayangi anda, maka andalah orang yang paling bertuah! Dia layak mendapatcinta anda.Ruang kosong di antara celah-celah jari kita dicipta untuk dipenuhi oleh jari-jari orang lain.

Ulasan: Bukalah pintu hati anda, benarkan orang yang anda sayangi masuk, jangan ragui tujuan mereka kerana keikhlasan itu dapat dirasai dalam hati.Dalam percintaan, terdapat beberapa perkara yang perlu disedari. Apabila anda bercinta...... Ia bukan 'passport' untuk anda difahami; tetapi untuk anda memahami. Ia bukan 'passport' untuk anda mengambil itu dan ini; tetapi untuk anda diambil. Ia adalah untuk anda mendengar; bukan supaya anda didengar. Ia adalah untuk anda berkorban dan bertolak ansur; bukan untuk anda meminta itu dan ini. Ia bukan untuk anda berkira2 atau mengukur; tetapi untuk anda mencintai....

Josh's note: I love all the words.It speaks (those highlighted pharses) of behalf of me toward the person i like. It is one of human traits and at the end of the day we should be dare to have or else we will lose it. Life is just too short to be choosy tho. Few times ago, i used to put a standard to fine a prefect match but then the result was not really fine . In fact hardly to make a first move!! Hence the more expriences come acrros my preception then i realize that be dare to try regardless the shame u will face but then at least u wont feel regrad for nothing....appreciate it!


10 December 2007

What was my sunday all about?

the lovely story goes like this.........

For the first time I went to a gym with Chriz and her muse, Odee. Chriz used to ask me to be in a gym together ( last year) and we have just made it and was yesterday (Sunday),2007. OMG, it was so long to wait such moment to come. Sabar je. So, boys and girl, be knotted and together when we hit those work out machines ok. I felt pain all over my body above all on my lumbar. And my hip seems to be scrawny coz it was quit a long time I did not manage to hit the track mill with 10 speed within 50mins. The result was only 450 calories were burnt. Gosh, with that speed, I used to burn 550-600 calories but that was few months before and now seems that my resilience not that in it’s higher peak. So need to get some tonics which facilitate me to hit above the latest figure I have. So sad huh! As usual, once I have the result on calories scanning, then I articulate to myself- it is darn fucking hard to lessen the calories but to take it such an easier shit! Just see in your mind's eye, mee goring mamak has 250 calories!But then, I can say almost 2 years and half I have been trying not to take Maggie mee as a part of my diet plan (but if if I did, I can say that I have just had 2-3 packet within a year ).Even now am a bit vegetarian when it comes to my diet plan. Okies, the easy way to reduce the weight is- roasting yourself at a sauna and that I try to do it over and over again. Oh ya, it was funny as odee, chriz and I were wearing red. Gosh, it was just a coincidence which fallen on that day. Okies, guys at least red can trigger off our self to be more and more key up while being in the department of gaining a healthy life style and nice shapes as well.”wink”

It is mind-boggling to me even the boy who was at the gym’s counter as he showed his curiosity because of the red theme, we were all red and this is such a unique picture because the faces look bigger that it suppose to be. This is the look once you just had your sleep then straight to the gym!Me with un-fix hair!Natural beauty occay!

We come and conquer. I love its sauna.Cool and comfortable.

After 16mins in the sauna i decided to take a snap. So sweeting but we tried to focus to the lense. I was thinking how would if be when die in a burning? Just do it to those who are rapits!

Before squeezing the fat in the sauna so i have take a snap for the proof either i look much beter or vice-versa after heatimg my self.

After "roasting" myself...My lip was so dry...

Here we go, Christmas is around the conner and i love the sesson because of the decorations and the gigantic trees we can see in any malls. The sesson also reminds us bout the new year is comming soon so do us ready with a new hope and new aim as the age is moving on?Gosh, am talking like am a old man. Should i just cheer up with my life and have every single moment with a joy and jovial?Stop nagging jerk-off!

After hitting those gym machines, the we mingled around at KLCC for a while. KLCC is not my port while outing or loafing during my free time or when my wallet is gaining its weight. (wink). I have no idea why sometime I not into KLCC for the rationale of window shopping or meeting people. Oh ya, when I was at a Starbuck, I was a blur and not showed any curiosity while being there. However, without any silent intention, once I touched it, I can feel the beat of my heart but I did not split it out to Odee. Once it dropped to my tongue ..i was orgasm without any sexual intention embedded on me. OMG, how I wish I were full naked and let my self be able to feel the aura of sexual by the silent and cool craving!I am abit shy to tell you guys what made me to be so here is the pic of such devil thing….

tadddaaa...............here is the thing.It is only for christmas sesson. Be there done that !

Odde told me that he has tried this once and the feel of having it so darn luscious so I dare to taste it and it is just RM13 for a regular size. Gosh, it is truly nice and mouth-watering. Once it melted on my tongue with the crunch, cream, ice-blended and the latte itself, I feel my face becomes numb and feel that the world is mine. Out of blue, one of Christmas songs was played but the melody was so sad and blue which caused me wanna cry while heaving it. I have no idea what the hell is the name of the latte that I took. However, I name it as a heartbroken latte. I felt heartbroken when the latte (the coolness of it) flew to my chest which made me almost cried because of the delicious if it.hehe. Sounds silly huh. People use to express the happiness while they are having some deleicous and “yummy’ food. But I dare to make some differences here which for me, I feel that I am so guilty and wanna be good for all the journey of mine so god will give me lot more opportunities to experience lot more and more lip smacking food in future ..hehe. Does it sound cute huh? So people, I would like to encourage you all to have a one stop step at Starbuck and try to taste it. Do split your comments out while u have tasted it. Oh ya, today I am a bit keyed up coz I met up with someone i like and regadless if the person feels the same but I will keep it at the lower tone and try not to be too excited. hehe. Managed to talk to the person in a very short time but it was worth I guess. Till then, take care fellas…


4 December 2007

Back to school after a long break

Back to school…..

After 3 weeks I have been missing in action from UKM (hehehe) , here I come. I come to conquer and to redeem my joy of being a student. Seems that now I have my passion back to do a Phd. Now still working to create a career development instead of self development. Well, my current research area is about human capital development tho.Okies, just recap about what I have done these few days. Today (Monday) I woke up at 6am because I thought that I had an appointment with a dentist but then I was wrong as it supposed to be tomorrow which is Tuesday. Gosh, i remembered that I was so in vague impression while be in the counter and be informed that it was not today. I supposed to meet a dentist last month (1st week of November) but then due to some of their nuisance matters which upon to my stoppage visit. Not to blame them as I was informed by them but then at the split second they made a call, I was busy and hardly to soak up all those changing. Well, I will not nitpick more for that and they are too busy tho as dental services here are just like a hot cake but then thanks god it will not lead to the epidemic of the black market occurrence.

It has been a long time I didn’t not have my breakfast or lunch at Zar’s Bakery. It is one of the most happening food services at UKM due to its lighten up vibes and lavishness foods yet with evenhanded price. The second hot spot will be at the Nescafe Kiosk. Being at the Bakery remains me about my old those good times while in my undergraduate point in time however was not able to capture those moments as to busy with daily routines I guess. In fact, at that time my hand phone camera was not able to give a sharp image due to its low pixel fine-tuning. But then, those memories will not be confiscated by the times as every second we are heading to the next period of time. Oh, I just notice that it has new scrumptious meal which is ;-

I have no idea how to call it but it is so darn mouth-watering. It is just RM5. On the upper surface, it has melted cheese which is a bit crispy with some onions. The most temptation part is the inner surface which is rich with a fine cooked beef, tomato, pasta, and some other ingredients which I have no idea what are they but what I can say is, the so called- pasta may make u to drop while looking at it.

This is the more evil part to me.In my level of apprisal to the "evil" food, it has juicy meat and the inner layer is so superb to be tasted! I cant resist my seft to think twise either to take it or not (due to my diet plan and now am taking meat 3 times in a week and most of it will be vegetables). It is tempting my loyalty to my diet plan!It is so "nyaman" and 'mengenyangkan" as i took it for my "brunch and i was fulled till night". At night i took no meat for the dinner due to the "evil food".
I need to work hard to reshape this shape so it will look more muscler. Hitting the gym will not work out if the diet is not in a appropiate manner.hehehe.

As i am talking about food, so here we are. This is not from the bakry but then it is Marybrown's recipies. Nasik Ayam Marybrown si so delicious and the taste is so amazing while it comes to ur tounge. I like its soup and the sos. These make it more diffrent compared to Sugarbun, or any other nasi ayam types in any other fast food counters! Thumb up to Marybrown.

I went to a library today and it has been quite sometime I have not been there. I keen to have online journals rather that to have a book. Infact you can get it more faster and they are not that thick as a book. I just download and save it at my PC or else I will print it out at the faculty which is no cost at all. I was a bit blur when I been at the library. Lot of things have been revolutionized including the photocopy card. I intended to Xerox some journals but then when I entered my card then it was unaccepted so I referred to the counter and they told me that the new card will be released soon. OMG, how many cards we have to deal with? So I need to do in in a cash. 70 pages cost me in about RM 6.00. So pricey tho! Shame on me, coz I don’t really know about that. I felt that I was a new comer to the library. No worries, anything will get fine and I get used to it within a second.

I was so blur in few seconds but then i managed to get the pic with the so called academic sence!hehehe.

Well, I have no ideas what to nag about but then I try my best to update my blog day by day as I used to be before. Till then, thanks a lot to my silent readers if you are still reading for more. Oh ya, it is december now. So, am counting on a day which is so special to me. I like December so much not because of the Zodiak Emblem but then as it is the end of year so it makes me to recall back what i have done previously so this makes me more down to earth when it comes to make any decisions esepcially about the plans for the next year. OMG, am moving to the next age then. To those who will get marriage during this month, i am wishing all of you, happily ever after and this goes to my brother and my sister in law. To my friend, bread a.k.a teacher Siti Zuibaidah (wah macam nak panggil time perhimpunan je), i hope that you will have a healty baby and hope both of you will be fine all the way you are. I know you are counting on your due date to deliver. Congrates to you and your hubby. Hey, i miss our college times! Yeah, PPBL( school of language and linguistic) is rock as it is! Till then…..


30 November 2007

The lonely days

I have been alone for 2 days without roommate and it is so lonely i bet. Sounds so sad huh? yeah it is. I am not having cheerless symptom tho. As usual I browse the yourtube and guess what the song of this month is ‘pick it up” by fergie which is her new “tour de force” as it is really nice coz I love the melody, the goes to it guitar. So classy yet the wordings is so ‘acraddabra” a.k.a magical to me. Nothing much I can say here. Darm, I was too lethargic to update my blog because of no reason and am still waiting my feedback from supervisor and it has been 3 weeks for me to wait. Gosh. I am so worry about that. She must be very busy I guess. Oh ya I watched “Enchanted” and the movie is just lovely for me but it does not really up to my par which indicates the highest level of exhilaration of watching it. Overall, it is uproarious yet melodrama. I guess I am crash on someone. Yeah, but this is still in the earlier period, about the such feeling, to be acknowledged but time will say it to me on behalf of the luck and destiny to be together with the person I am referring to neverthenless am still working on it but in a lower tone. Feel so desolate and barren because of the humid and muggy weather but then no harm for having rain as it helps to temperate the world climate. Yeah, as human being we keen not to appreciate the nature order. Once it is draught then we are showing the tense and again while we are in the season of heavy rain then we keep on blaming the world and nature because of unpleasant situations. Well, what should I say? Human is just a human and s/he will never out from his or her satisfaction rings and because of this, we keep on carving and complain for more.


16 November 2007

I'm spelling out true devotion of unspoken words to make it clear and loud...

Unspoken Voices…

Lately, I felt I was totally down (am talking about sensation disintegration). Yeah am always say, cheer up the life and believe in what you have. Once in a while, I do feel that I am to weak to hold my own philosophy toward the reality of life. Lately, i saw (I guess it was my paranoid emotion driven) people came to adjacent to me. I sensed so insecure in my own cage. Yeah, we are just a human being and no matter who good u thing you are, once in a while you may feel so immensely defeated by your own optimism, inclination and your inner sides. It was caused by unspoken words which are entrenched in abstract potray of me!

Last Tuesday, Zatil came down to Bangi and we had a short meeting. Just a while1 I miss those days with my BALI bunch. Zatil came and we went to our previous school. Lots of changes there. I made some slight check on the school. How I wish I can render null and void my undergraduate paradigm. Zatil and I had lot things to be talked and discussed all the way we were as we were mingling in UKM for a while. Well, in our faculty, Zatil is one of vogue friends to be with, more than ever, to have some cool agendas. Sweet Zarina dropped me a line. Well, I told here that try to find another suit time to meet up together and perhaps it can be this end of month! Where will it be? Try to have it at All Star-Midvally. Mike, if you read this, how many years do we have before the reunion thing to come to the surface? Sounds scary huh? People will be in the very best outward show they can be. I am still in school. Sounds sad huh? I am listening the new song of Spice Girls- Headlines- friend forever. Cool. I devote this to all my friends namely to my 1st degree of friends, second degree and even infinity degree of friends. I welcome all of you to eavesdrop and all the words in the song will be my appreciation to those who acknowledge me to be their friends. I cant post the video here so I give you guys its link ok. So have fun and enjoy the song ya. I quoted Zatil's saying- your friends are the reflection of yourself and now i get what is the meaning of the saying.



10 November 2007

Movie time...

Felt cool and enjoy while chillin’ out on Friday night. Just to hunt the mission to have a mid night movie, i made my seff to be at Salak Selatan station for the 1st time ever since almost 6 years i have been here. I express my gratitude to ‘decrops” for his companionship to watch the late movie. Creepy movie tho yet give me a patty impact to shake my emotion fortification compared to “Jeepcreapers. Correct me for the spelling as I’m not that sure how to spell it exactly. We went to watch it at Midvaly and now there are quit some good movies to be hunted but I manage to promote 2 for you all after I have done my taste screening on those movies- Enchanted and Bee. I manage to get the pic of ‘Enchanted” which is for the purpose of promotion. It is quite unique in the way it is promoted in a popcorn box.

It looks as a book tho! Well, Overall the movie – 30days of night is quite cool but then I don’t really like the ending of it. Well, that all for now. C ya later.

xoxoxoxoxo Josh

9 November 2007

Be here agian.....

Hai my silent readers, it is quite a long time (I guess almost 2weeks) I have not been updating my blog. So I pay the all the silent today. Ok, what should I say here. I was a bit demoralized and had no mood at all to write. The emotion of mine is getting to be recovered but I still in blue.The life is so misty but because of saying so don’t get me wrong to say that am so schmaltzy for all these. So I take some remedies to get rid from this. The remedies are not from chemical thing but it is more to innate constituent. Ingredients of soul? Yes they are! One of it- by listening to Jazz all day long. Huh? I’m into Jazz tho! In the age of 25, I am still new to be one of it fans. But then, music is universal tho and no boundaries at all. Well, my fav song of jazz- Stardust! Gosh, the song is so outstanding and aint request to against it. I almost get having forty winks while listening to it. Pretty much mellow and placid to be heard and picked up by those art of ears.

Today is Friday, then if the day is fine and everything will go well, I will go to watch a movie with “cropz”( u know who u are). So hope the evening will be fine and appealing for the remembrance while watching a mid-night movie. Sounds thrill huh? Well, I don’t have any morpheme of words to be expressed here but will be here again when I have all those craps to be shared with.

31 October 2007

Life is complex yet sweet to be re-called.

Out of blue am thinking of what will I be for the next futures. OMG, am not that old yet the age is keep on moving. I have 5 more years to go to get the PhD if I am still have the passion for that aim. Okies, stop talking about school.Lat night, Alf and i went to KLCC as we were intended to watch a move but hell no! There was a robbery incident which was straight in front of us. A Proton Saga was broken in and what came to my supprise was, where the hell are the gurads? KLCC is one of very well-know places but this is highlited to be a major curicial and thwarted enviroment, especially to those foreigners! Gosh, those security bodides shoule be more prompt in order to be a real "security crew"! Cut the crap for a while. Well, nothing much happened to me today (it is Tuesday tho). Am waiting this weekend as my friends are asking me out for some clubbing activities. Huhuh..No really want to be freak about all those disco and clubbing moods but then just to enjoy the time with some friends. In fact, socialization will edify you how to distinguish the world in more established ways if you really know what I mean. Don’t just think that everything is nice as you may not know about something so this can be leant tru human interaction. So, my meeting up is not just for the sake of hanky panky (but yes it is a bit kinky) as some of us come from different background so I bet lot of things can be shared. Just don’t sit there and mix with your own group only. Believe me people, this wont help you to be out of ur boxes! Try to be ‘noninterventionist’ and recognize the distinctive elements of world by not only sitting in your ‘cozy” zone. It is roughly 4am so I guess that my bed time is just coming so before am being up to the sky, would like to which you all a very happy Wednesday fellas.


25 October 2007

Resilent Voices

Resilient voices…

It has been for a while that i have not updated this blog (i hope that this topic after the previous one- egg and chicken, will help you guys to be a bit calm down as it might be a bit tense to be digested. Just that i am to eager to create and arise so deeds to be shared with). Some of you, dear silent readers might have a big query what the hell is happening to this blog as it seems to have lot of spider’s webs, then shall not let this to be a remark which represents the slothfulness of a person. So here i come, to pay the "silent" with a more relax repricoral towards what i have encounterd for few past days. I was a bit busy like a bee but then I did spend all those precious hours with some of close buddies. So I decipher those inconceivable times and moments that I have had within these past few days in these ways:-

Last Friday, Went out with Zif and his friends at somewhere in “Jalan P. Ramlee”. Those who finds irresistible to have some boogies assortments will know what is the noteworthy of the road. Nothing much I can do while in a club. I guess it was the first time ever in my life as I was not taking part on the floor! Just sat and talked to Zif all night long instead of watching others who came out with some hot agendas. Yeah, he will migrate to London next year as his parents are there and most of his time were in London. We don’t that often to meet up with each other as he is currently in Langkawi. I stayed a night at Zif’s place after went out from a club at 3am and hooked up for a while around Bandar Tun Razak till 4.15am.I woke up early in the misty and cool morning of Saturday at 6.30am as I intended to attend an interview at 12pm. But I declined to be there because too frenzied.

Saturday- my housemates and I had a party (FYI, we have had 3 parties within a weak). As usual, I have in-charged to take care of bar tender. Yeah, anyone would love to have margarita? So New York huh? The vibes were so cool and erotic and because of that we received a black mail from one of our neighbors because of the tense and guttural songs and clamor. We apology for that!

Today, am very happy because I have just emailed my supervisor for some few chapters of my writing. I’m having writer’s block here. Lot of things to be shared but then I have no initiatives where should I start. Lately I just feel abit keyed up to have party. Study smart but Party harder! Rather than I am keep on saying something like a crap then It a better for me to move now( I mean from stop keep on writing crap for today) but will get back to you soon once I have some striking chronicles to be spreaded!

Xoxoxo Josh

guess what??which one has come 1st?chicken or egg?

Yeah it’s sound so witty coz the above matter have been talked so long and now, I hardly hear any explicit and implicit avowals for the above bewildering query.. Damn with it!!!hehehe, don’t mean that I am so called impudent huh? Well, many of us are not aware regarding the above query and it’s sound so tricky instead of so wicked (come n la, how can chicken comes first before the egg-can u envisage that the chicken appears to the surface without having the typical process of hatching? And how can the egg comes before the chicken- no chicken means no mitosis process which creates the cell of future chickens. if there is no cells so how can they live? Or the chicken just made to be appeared in the surface without the means of science itinerary?

I see this title in the context of global market evolution. 1st of all, I will talk about matter- “chicken VS egg” to speak for today’s world view in my own perspective…those who are interested or may NOT agree with me,well, u can respond to this writing then…the voice is urs and I don’t want to colonize ur mind and VOICE- to speak 4 indecisive issues without having any chance to speak it up!

Let’s get this conversations started then. Today we are living the world of technology and we are surrounded by so plenty of modern living style- conversely these kind of living should be are called as “post-modern” rather than modern. Today’s improvement is more better and advanced compared to the past. Do u know how this happens? and what is the source of the improvement in human’s intellectual institution-which produce so many fields like social science and pure science? The answer is because of needs. The human’s needs become more complex and the insurgency of economic comes to the board.. The economic affair was and is the main pillar and remark to human’s civilizations. Need+Economic=CAPITALISM.

I‘m sure that some of u might not agree with me however, I have ready with some of my explanations for it. Okies let’s look how capitalism operates it system and absorbs in human’s norm. Llet’s start to talk about some philosophies .Let’s begin to start from the epoch of rebellion of industrial in Europe. During this era, there were more to feudal system where human (labor) are being recruited by the well-to-do people who have lands to work on. Then this was one of the stages where the sagacity of economic comes to surface. The labors were isolated from his boss coz they were working class and most of them were poor people. Then after the foray of industry insurgency, Adam smith sees the world by taking into account the macro level-the labors as Adam sees they should be separated from each other (professional vs unskilled ).Hegel – a Germany idealist says that human need should come from his consciousness and the idea of consciousness was driven to the belief of god.

Hegel believed in the world of spiritual which driven human consciousness. The moral of the story, human should not be too greedy and just fulfill his need rationally rather than to have a plenty of it coz after all, it will keep apart human from the god-. Again this is the sense of alienation (a part from each other). Hence, K.Marx sees this situation should not happen coz the impact was more on the labors themselves rater than the bosses. Marx believes in logic and scientific idea and he opposed to the idea of Hegel. For him, everything which were happened to human’s nature were not happen without reason and there should be some structure or rigid explanation for certain problems which wrapped human’s cycle. This was a kind of humiliations and it seems to T-down the labors. So Marx rose up to speak for the labors that these should not be in this world. So, he increased to change the situation by breaking the concept of depress among labors. the labor should work hard in order to gain wealth. This can be happened if state has good organization skills in order to control the economic affairs. Coz in Marx’s history, he lived in a poor situation even his father was a lawyer.

So dishearten and humiliation can be exiled. Means, that state should provide facilities to his nations, equally and the facilities should be same to all of them. He hates the sense of alienation among labors and the bosses have to do with this. Here, alienation refers to a situation where , for example, if u work for someone and u give him 100% efforts for making a shoe, but at the end u will not get pay as what u should have and u are being deployed unequally which is out of human rights. what's more, u cant deal directly with the dealer of the shoe…so your boss just take the shoe and he will deal with the dealer 100%..Means, that u don’t have 100% contact with ur product-how it’s being sold, being negotiated and so forth. No doubt if some labors were cheated in phrase of the salary they should get compared to the value that the boss has by selling the products. so u can see that ur efforts and abilities are not shown into the surface……so u are seems to be voiceless.

Above and beyond, the thought of alienation also mirror the micro level of human’s society basis-in the concept of gender. For instance, leadership hierarchy was controlled by males rather than females. Females tended to work as a derivative pillar to the past society. In the past, their economic activities were not too commercial as males do. If males were leader, so females will substitute to males. This shows that females always being a shadow to males especially in the world of industry. Then, the concept of patriarchy is coming the board and it might/might not be in this meantime...depend on how do u will analysis the social impact assessment which is around you! After Marx’s idea, there were so many ideologies came to the ground of earth such as neo-liberalism, modernization (based on western’s ideologies, to be a modern people we should leave the past and change our journey to something new, which means that neglect religion concept as in past religion was the major pillar to human civilization-not many people love to be called as modernist! mind that), colonial (western bring along the concept of modernism out from No doubt if some labors were cheated in phrase of the salary they should get compared to the value that the boss has by selling the products. so u can see that ur efforts and abilities are not shown into the surface.

So u are seems to be voiceless.Above and beyond, the thought of alienation also mirror the micro level of human’s society basis-in the concept of gender. For instance, leadership hierarchy was controlled by males rather than females. Females tended to work as a derivative pillar to the past society. In the past, their economic activities were not too commercial as males do. If males were leader, so females will substitute to males. This shows that females always being a shadow to males especially in the world of industry. Then, the concept of patriarchy is coming the board and it might/might not be in this meantime...depend on how do u will analysis the social impact assessment which is around u! After Marx’s idea, there were so many ideologies came to the ground of earth such as neo-liberalism, modernization (based on western’s ideologies, to be a modern people we should leave the past and change our journey to something new, which means that neglect religion concept as in past religion was the major pillar to human civilization-not many people love to be called as modernist. mind that), colonial (western bring along the concept of modernism out from Europe ), post-colonial (resistance in holding the era of colonies) and last but not least is post-modernism (started on 1970-today and it perceives varieties of ideologies together and there should be balanced between science and spiritual ideologies).All of these ideologies are driven by the sense of Capitalism!!!! In capitalism- we can compete with each other without any restriction. so the poor will be worse but the rich will live more merrier.

Thank god that our country has ekonomi-campuran where public sector will monitor the grow of private sector. But we should remember that, because of capitalism ,we face the issue of alienation! Does it happen in our norm???? Let’s I give u some hints. we tend to replace our task by producing robots. Yeah I do agree that we need technologies to make our life more easier and meaningful. For instance we can reduce our working hours by letting the robots doing our jobs. I do agree that we need to replace human’s responsibilities which h can cause harm to human being by replacing human with robots.

However, for some serious situation yes I do, but we are to depend and relay on the gadget. Once day there is no hesitate that we are isolated or alienated from our job even our own products-and society for the reason that of so many intellectual “fake” human which will turn to primary creature rather than secondary ones. So where is our position then? I will not bolt from the blue if they are much cleaver than us coz we make them cleaver as human being in order to make them understand our needs and also to replace our position. Mind that!we can keep on depending on technologies but make sure that we should not too much giving hope on them to be or equal to us and make sure that we are not a secondary master to our own creation. This makes sense-we should not try to be god because god is more powerful who makes us to be what we are rather than what we are going to be-we have to work hard for our future. I do agree that we should be bendable and must have give and take in our life and this is what post-modernism all about. Keep it hip hop and real!!! heheheh..

So get back to the above title…so tell me where is ur position in this world? are u in the position of chicken-human’s nature is very important or egg- (capitalism)need is really important? Remember..if there is no human, so there will be no need but if there is need which comes 1st then there will no true “ human” also as human is driven by needs (technologies)!!!Are u isolated or alienated which resulted by choosing human or the needs as ur top list?? If yes, so since when? the moral of the above explanation is:- No human so no capitalism but also no capitalism so there will be no ADVANCED HUMAN as nowadays. especially as u!!!!?Juz think about it then. Accept what is relevant and say NO to what is not!! be transparent, honest, natural and rational.. Finally I can explore the implicit of the issues which relay on the spicy and dazzling question “Which one comes 1st? Chicken or egg?”. So do u get what am I trying to say? till then adios amigos brabados.


18 October 2007

Be out of your own box, please!

Yesterday, my housmate and I went to Sg wang to fix his Handphone. Then we went straight to the Pavilion. It is so nice and cool mall. Impresive than Berjaya Time Square or Suria KLCC. I mean the shopping complex. Yeah, I am proud to see Malaysia is getting much more advance in term of architecture or enginnering even it may bring or import some of foreign workers, for sure. Thumb up to all Malaysians. Today is almost prefect to be called as a bit dim. Nothing much can be done. Woke up at 12am as i had slept around 6am. Then I went straingth to the bathroom, bathed, did some laundries, then went to have some food for dinner. The weather is still overcast and it makes me not that prolific enough today. About my writing, I am almost fine with some corrections. It is just to recheck some reference pages which must be not left out and should not be taken lightly as that may jeopardize your accountabilities to act upon your intellectual expression.

A usual, I will spend a day to read some journals. Today I read some attention-grabbing yet sound to be frighten issues which are related to human delivery process. OMG, I cant believe how hard will it be. I did comprehend some of the techniques to realize, to be sensitive to the need of preggy (it is a jargon here- pregnant) ladies, and how to take over the situation where there is no medical supports and personnel. Besides that , the online learning does edify us how to be aware of and read the ultrasound in order to identified the sex of a baby. Okies, am not that good but then at least we know something about some pieces of this unique knowledge. Belajar sampai ke Negara China. Hehe. That saying may be counted to the best drive to the ideology of having “masyarakat madani” aka Glocal Citizen.

Talking about masyarakat madani. It is a good word to start mode of 2020. Many things can be considered as a focal point while we are accrosing the Malaysian's civiliation here. Many issues to be addressed. Okies, lets start with some agenda here. Today people busy to keep their eyes on the our astronaut. As a Malaysian and UKM-fella to the astronout, I am so proud of him. Regardless age, gender, social status, race and believe, we should be able to shore up the concept of integrity and do not look at the negative side while we try to build the nation more than ever to put Malaysia in the line of prestigious arena. I am a bit pissed of while reading some comments on the astronaut. A bloody and stupid fella who gives his commnet on the your tube says that , the astronaut is doing something which not good as he is sitting together in a rocket with those Christians. Why dont he just takes care of his asshole rather than keep on nagging something which may sound stupid and fucking absurb!!!He is aint that smart to say so. His asshole is too smart over his brain. Hey, am a Christian but all this while I never take this state of affair (age, gender, social status, race and believe) to make friends or limit my boundaries to get close with anyone yet I prefer those who can think and act GLOCAL. OMG, if we were having such accepted wisdom and stupid attitude. So how long will Malaysia takes to be in the same bulk of international norm? Will we be remain in the cycle and series of having 1st class facilities and 3rd class mentality? If we were in this kind of mentality then will we be able to get the real objective to be a modern country?or we just hit the date line (2020) but the concept of “masyarakat madani’ will never ever reach the society! God darmn it! People, could you please don’t be so bias and do something that may hamper the concept of integrity? Let's be bounded up together in order to move from the old paradigm to the new and fresh era which may not harm to any of us! Be fair, be cool, and don’t be so optimistic yet be a bit more realistic as it will teach and funnel us to be charitable to each other. Well, we are Malaysian so just keep this at the safe tone- Be peace always!

x0x0x Josh

16 October 2007

Kisah kelasik untuk masa depan

I was on my bed at 4am after watching 2 movies for almost 3 consecutive hours. I watched Date movie- gosh, it is so irony yet uproarious and then the next menu was Prefect Stranger- darn, the movies made me a bit mystify when I came to its end of resolution lines. I was not in the mood of writing yesterday so I spent my time to sleep and hook up with housemates. Yeah, they are my buddies at this time being as my batch are not around. Nah, how I miss my undergraduate batch here. Schooling is for everyone! I was woke up again by a sms- from Jlo aka Idok..hey peeps, it is not a food which may taste as cenkodok ok. if it was a food then it more fucking tastier that it. Darn! Jlo told me about having the sense of missing all members. She said hardly to have such buddies nowadays. Yeah bitch, to form a friendship takes time yo! Not to mention, it costs you lot of “give and take” availability! Well, everyone has his or her own out of the ordinary company but mine is fcuking overwhelming! I have some reasons in order to be a bit conscientious to what am I trying to say publicly about my buddies. Why: we are fun but sometime will be able to get into the mode of semi – retarded when we want to fall someone into our jokes! How: I guess the chemistry to be able to get retarded together is the hot button here and this makes us be able to be on the same wavelength to each other PLUS we are so “close to home’ among each other. We were not that so nerd and always pay the visit to the library just for sake to get close with notes or books tho. Well, while being in the library, i do remember how 'bitch" the girls who are from my team. Jlo, if u are reading this, just take a minute to think about what u have done last few years back to me.Do you feel the sense of guilty knocks your heart? hehehe. Darn!!Studying is not about to passionate about notes and books which may hamper you to enjoy the life and some crazy jokes with some crazy friends yet a bit brainy. So the brain will get balance “pro and contra’ chemistry toward the universe reactions which may result some resilient acuity towards other human’s behaviour.When we was in school. I do still remember that there were few NERD classmates who were get tense with you as we were to loud. Well, at least we were still in the list of being “occay’ while in the examination. Hehehe. I do still remember the time when we had our semester breaks, we used to have some communion and chat all night long. We talked about our university life and the most only one of its kind thing is - our sharing and caring can be seen unilaterally as we share about anything even sometime those sharing are crap. Well, these can be called as ‘kisah kelasik untuk masa depan”. Doesn’t it sound cool huh? Then, Ilat told me that just be prepared to pubs at this end of year. I wish all of us will be there and be clustered as we were. Need to do a reunion in the worst way here! Someone may have be chairman to make sure all the gathering progresses come smoothly as planned. No, as the age is on its move to the next, then most of us are relay “on the job” except me, I mean at this time being. Well, will nag later as I need to invite the novice – Jlo in my friendster. Will catch ur eyes latter with some craps ya. Well fellas, do listen toGraduation- Vitamin C. I dedicate this song to all people around the globe especially to my friends and not forgetting to my silent readers. Let's recall some old good days together, shall we?

x0x0x0x, Josh

14 October 2007

What is my sunday all about?

Hai peeps. It is the second day of Eid. Hope those who are celebrating it will get pleasure from the celebration to the fullest. Today I went out with a friend of mine-Andrew. As he went out today, so tomorrow, as in “token” to his wife, he will take care of their home as his wife will go out with her friends. Great deal huh? Today, we went to The Garden. It is a new mall which is beside Mid-Val. The atmosphere and vibes are so out of this world. It is not that huge as Mid-Val but then I love the art and decoration of it. Compared to The Berjaya Time Square, The Garden has my big applause and it is much more sophisticated and can be called as a “chocolate box “ which represents the aura of this contemporary gilding and beautification.Okies, here are the pics:-

I love this vibe.The littel lights on the roof make reflection to opposite walls. Sorry coz i forgot to snap some of the walls as my proof. Well, overall this is what i call as an art.

The bridges are too cool!But i feel insecure and my heart was throbing drasticly while standing or walking on it as it seems to be not solid and flimsy coz i can hear the sound as it was crack.

I would like to give an immense appraisal to those architects but not to those engineers. Why? Okies. Let’s cut this crap. As today was raining all day long, The Garden has been leaking for quite long which the rain was pouring and flowing via its roof and also the ceiling flames. OMG, can you imagine how danger it was? Not to mention as the flames were on! In fact, we were having our tea time in the café which is near to the leaking. Okies, here is the proof;-
MINUS the butt, can you see the leaking? Too bad to have big dusbins ( they were clean and not used to be a disposal disbin tho) in the midst of glamorious and nice vibes while having great meals.

Gosh, it is so perilous and will jeopardize those who were at the ground level. By the way, The Choic (If I am not mistaken) café also has two sections which are divided into two part portions- inside and outside. So those who were having their meals at the outside were a bit pissed off because of the unpleasant bombshell. We had a nice English breakfast and I like its so called – sushi (it has it name actually but I cant remember its exact name). The salmon is darn cool appetizing. Okies, here are the pics:-

The cafe is decorated with a modern touch but the services are too weak as they have less staffs! Such a bad contradiction which agiants its beuatification! It is a lame tho!

It has mix of expression here.

This is the English breakfast which are taken during the late evening. Sounds not that practical to have it in such time huh?Overall it has my words- Sweet tho as I love the pink pudding.

After we had our tea time, then we walked to man’s department at some of boutiques. No mega sale ladies and gentlemen. So sorry for that. But guess what, I noticed that Hugo has its new collection- Hugo Selections. It has nice and sweet smell tho. Some of the outfits are reasonable but still not that worthy!

I'd rather to get close to the mirror than killing my heart to do some window shooping for those grand outfits.OMG, my snikers are cool tho! Just over realize (do we have such word in English? ;p) about them. No harm ya.

In my way back to my place, gosh I am figuring out about something here- why there are so many foreigners here? Are they legally come in to Malaysia or another way round? Are we having the concept of American Dream where the dreams are every where and people can have it with their own dream machineries..Being here with untidy stance will makes us to be a scapegoat in the eyes of those “first class” forigners. Oh ya, I went to MPH today and I saw an interesting book – “If from third class to 1st class”. No harm for these people to be here but it would be much beter if they can be a bit tolerate (even somethime there are to bitchy even local people have the same attitude.) What ever it is, just achive our dream and do not hamper other to achiver theirs too. Be abit tolerate and responsible to the city and please DONT throw the rubish all over the place and please be a bit concern while in public transports! DONT just rush in or hop in for not considering about other too! Dont be such a jerk and dumb-ass.Well, the book will help us to be more susceptible to the nation of being a modern people of a third world class. Are we still swollen with pride with this remark? I let this to all of you to comprehend it from your own level of indulgent about such ideology. Okies then, since I have no words to nag here so I guess it is a time for me to sign off. Will cater you guys with lot of info with some proofs (pictures are enclosed here). Sayangi Malaysia.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo (the longest hugs & kisses i ever had in this blog)

12 October 2007

It is quite a dry day to me

It is lovely Friday but it seems to be so silence at all. The neighborhood in my place is so empty, indeed. This state of affair should be a nice environment to proceed my writing. Hence, it is another way round. I can’t focus at all. So I turned on my MP3 player and listened to some classy and relaxing songs. A this particular of time, am listening to Baby face’s songs There are two of my favorite songs from the group which are Fire- makes me keep on repeating its verse and Every time I close my eyes- featuring with Mariah Carey. Oh man, I love the tune of saxophone as in Every time I close my eyes song and it makes the song sounds immaculate. It makes me so relax and be a bit motivated. Gosh, if you were listening to the songs then you might give the same level of appraisal and allegation as what I am saying here. Well, music is kind of a personal belonging to each one of people. We be acquainted with and be pleased about things by in view of them from different angles before we can say or throw out our judgment toward something which be driven by our serendipitous social experiences and background. Well, to study about this, the issue of sociology and anthropology will take the place. Well, just tkae it from there (social expriences) in order to undersand our own intrest toward some particular of music and hobbies.

I did send some sms’ greeting to some of my close friends and not forget to my ex-bachelor thesis’ supervisor. Yeah, sometime it is good to sms those we have not been in touch for a while. Well, to all muslim friends, am wishing all of you a happy Eid and minta maaf fizikal dan mental. Hope all Malaysians will enjoy this session to the fullest regarding who you are. Keep the world at a peace tone! Btw, I would like to suggest you guys to watch a movie- the employee of the month. Sounds hilarious and side-splitting tho.I am keep on on listening BabyFace- Fire. Yeah i will take it from there in order to cheer up this "empty' day and transform it into a nice ans wonderful day. No words to nag here. Have a nice day people.

x0x0x Josh

11 October 2007

Some tonics of a life to be addressed carefuly.

Holla Peeps.. Today i would like to share something which are simple yet very realistic to tackel some predicaments in relatinonship and patch up your life to be more relax and a bit lighten up. The story goes like this:-

Hope these will be usefull for all of us. I deem it to be the coolest thing to be shared as we are always mingling with this kind of dilemma. The choices are straight in our daily menu board of life..till then, XOXOXOXOXOX

10 October 2007

feeling so good by JLo

holla beb...it's 4am. Feelin so good. Just came back from party-ing. Release all the tense for today. Cant think more for thesis writin. Feel drunk and high so i cant think wise to write some words here.hahha Well, enjoy the song peeps as i fucking like the beat of it.

9 October 2007

Enigma - Return to innocence

I love this song. It makes me feel that i'm in my own santuary. Can you see that all the above elements are reversed?what is the significant of fruits? Why there are old people in the vein of the song? It is not the begining of the end. Okies, take a close look to the video and what tringles to my mind is, it seems to revolve what has happened or similar to the "eden garden".Correct me if i was wrong but that is how i inteprete the vibes of the song and scence.All elements of earth are straight in the menu board of the song..if you get what am trying to say then do spot it if you can?hehehe...

A joke for today

Hi Boss,

People who do lots of work...

make lots of mistakes People who do less work...

make less mistakes People who do no work...

make no mistakes

People who make no mistakes... gets promoted

That's why I spend most of my time sending e-mails & playing games at work

I need a promotion by making less mistakes to u.

Nice to have it as a light release for today..Me? well, i am still writing and completing my academic writing which caters me trillion of dryness for this whole semester. Sounds that all universes are boring to me as my days and joys are sucked by the writing! At the same time i have to prepare my seft for next interview as an editor. Agian? Okies, i take it as my cup of tea. Am listening to "Return to Innoncence" by Engima. It is a nice and placid song, indeed..Just click the above tube if u are listening for more.


8 October 2007

jiwang le....

Yesterday, my good buddy called me up –Mike. We chated for a while to kill the time for no reason. He is so bitch lately. Nothing much can be done tho. To Mike- dude, sik kacak la girlfriend ko ya carik je yang lain! Talk about the chat, it was an unruffled chat and miss those old dense and crazy agendas! Then, today I was woke up again (up to that time, in the previous post I told you guys that I was woke up by an by a bewildering sms) because of a sms from one of my good Univ mates. What I can say, 70% of our time while in college was reserved for arguing with each other and as usual I always cool in debating! One of December baby’s traits? Sometime I do miss those “arguing” moments. In her sms, she said that, last weekend while she cleaned her place then she found those unadorned yet consequential notes which are from me. Erm, I cant have down pat which one but what I can say that I was ardent to drop some lines to those I feel comfortable with, especially during their important dates or so forth but am not that freak to drop notes devoid of reasons. Well, for Cecilia, I dedicate the song -1985 by Bowling for soup! It has some analogous stories with what we have now. I love em’.

Oh ya, I have my own poems and writing though and I keep it in my “book of shadow’ . Such an inventive and schmaltzy soul I guess. But then, don’t get me wrong as u may think am too “jiwang” aka passionate for nothing. I have 25 assortments of live and death poems! Most people feel taboo to talk about death but then without knowing the meaning of death how can you understand the meaning and feel the joy of life? Now am thinking of having some meals at Chillies . I have not been there for ages! Nah at the same time, Starbuck is cool tho.Am confusing which place should I to release my farmished. Yeah, am going alone! I guess am having writer’s block!!!! Am off for now.

6 October 2007

Hunting will never end

Sounds scary isn’t it? Nah it has no connection to the history of headhunter. Well, until now not all people are really understand the meaning of headhunter. Honestly, I have found few stupid fellas where they bumped their foolhardiness to me by asking “eh, you guys are still hunting for a head. Don’t you?” To my surprise, they have been living in a big city for quite a long time but then I still don’t really understand why they cant open their eyes to see the world around the globe? If they have problem to study something out of the box because there is no coverage facilities in term of broadcasting, then I am totally will point my fingers to them because they are JERK and i keep on saying this - your are Fucking asshole man, on the sly. Sounds stupid like a pig isn't? This state of affair really makes me on the warpath.

It has been alomot a week I have not updated my blog coz I am busying to hunt the time to complete my writing in the nick of time. Okies, let’s we see what stories I have for you guys to be went halves, shall we? on Wednesday, I was so hectic for job assessment which was at Puchong and it is freaking far from my place. I went out at 5.45am and reached the place at 8.00 am. The assessment was started at 8.30am as everyone was right on the schedule and the assessment lasted until 5.00pm. Oh man. the company has nice offers to those who are selected. I am applying for Town & Urban and Landscape Planning. I love landscape and environment so much. It makes me think and appreciate the world that I am living with. To my surprise, most of the candidates are a master holder. Gosh. I bet it is a competitive hunting. There were 400+ applicants for the post. After a rough screen test, then only 23 candidates were selected for the assessment. Then, at the end of the assessment, there are only 9 candidates had to go for the behavior interview including me.hehehe. I really hope to get the job in order to enhance my MA which I can say that I am a fresh graduate in the field of urban and town studies because I have no working experiences in such area if not in teaching line but I guess it is a time to change from teaching line to something new and ‘kinky’. What can I say here? I really wanted to have an itch to be in the line of the company’s rapid growth.

On Friday, I went to Cyberjaya for my second interview and it is for the post of an Editor. The company is also not that bad. One thing that I feel in the vein of in a publishing company is, they can wear what ever attire the want too. Means your office attires may not be formal but is should be tidy and exceedingly grand. This is my second endeavor for the post. As usual, I was given 3 set of tests which are 100 word sub-editing test, critical editing test and an essay. Well, I have no problem to deal with these two tests; 100 words test and an essay (I was doing a movie review and I have chosen Chuck and Larry to be disparaged). But the jumpy came to the surface when I need to deal with the critical editing. The text which was given cost me lot of time to think carefully in term of suitable vocabularies, grammar, speeling- am bad on it!, reliability, semantic- author query, and so forth. Besides that, the text is more specific to what the company is dealing with and it is a bit similar to legal texts! Mind you. I hope that my application will not be crossed out. I did my interpreter practical training in a court though but still hardly to understand those legal texts. It is really kicking my ass to digest the and download those fiddly and thorny words as the language is not that near to the common standard though! But, I still cross my finger for the post application. If not then I have to dare to play with the music yet i hope that they take a cake on me after checking my tests!My hunting for carrer and life will keep on 'rolling" bebeh.

Till then, will cater you guys more in the next other times. Have a good and nice Saturday fellas.

X0x0x0x0, Josh

1 October 2007

Am smilling all day long..

Recap for Sunday- Monday (today)

My buddies- 4 of them, and I went to Mines to have “wayang” time. Chuck and Larry was picked to be our “menu” for that day. Supposed to watch white noise but the ticket for the movie was sold out. Macam loteri pulak. But aint give lot of grievance much as the movie is cool, far-fetched and side-splitting yet it has realistic issue to be addressed by the world of globalization. It is about friendship, human right and social support. Without these, the concept of “anomie” will come out and this will kill the human kind. If you want to know more about “anomie” then try to search it from the internet or try to ready Durkheim’s work. He is an anthropologist. I am currently reading his book fopr pleasure. Hehehehe. Okies, that all about the movie.

Monday-today, I went to Dental Clinic. Besides that, my college is having elaction week so you can imagine how pack and busy the situation. But i made my way straight to Dental Department. I was overslept and i supposed to be the 1st patient. Luckly the clinic was not that crowded. I made an appointment a month ago. It is just to fix my front teeth. The teeth was chinked because of stupid leathery beef. Sounds asshole huh? huhuhu. I lost my confident to smile and meet others. Hardly to sustain my self-assured within a month while waiting the appointed date. Finally it is over! Gosh. I have to wait another month to fix some of my teeth. We have 2 doctors in duty and to my surprise, once we hit our age starting 20s we keen to make dental checking as a routine compared to us when we was a kid! Dentist was ‘inhuman’ at that particular of time . But now, starting with the age of 20s, people are getting knack of having good look and smile to burst and patch up their confident and dentist is become a friend who keeps their beauty. Hahah. I used to do dental checking once a year. Can I say, beauty is pain? Yeah it is. But I guess girls have it more than men. Glad to be a boy! Okies, I have no ideas to nag. I am hungry….yeah…will get back to you once I get my brain is filled with many ideas to be went halves. Even I can feel the pain on my gum but finaly I stepped out along the paving with a long and nice smile- perasan kejap

Xoxoxox Josh

30 September 2007

Glenn Medeiros Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You Lyrics

I ddcate this song to all lovers- especially to some of my good fellas who are going to have a very great day- Enggagment. Illat Stoney and Feddy and also not forgetting to my brother, all of you are the hero of this year bro. Cant wait to meet up with your girls! Cheers frend!

29 September 2007

Small reunion means a lot to me....

Small reunion with fantastic stories to be went halves

Today, I was woke up by my phone call and this is not supposed to be my “alarm clock”. Honestly, I will automatically wake up by my self after 6 hours of sleeping. My biological clock is set for 6 hours of sleeping only and it will have no conciliation of having extra time..hahah. College mates are here and they are coming down to KL without telling me. So I was like “in the worst way” to get my self clean in a very short time as they are rushing to hunt some places. They are spending their time off to recuperate their “old good days when they were still a student’. Lucky for me as am not in the same group with them, I mean for this time being.

Gosh, how I really love the times we had together and it was 2 years back. The time where we never give up the ship when we lost in the middle of KL , especially at the night. Heading to somewhere without specific location. We were too bad in driving at that time as all of us dare to bet our time to have “try and erors” for finding direction. So taunt and heroic. Bazir minyak kete je. Doing practical jokes among each other, especially during April Fool. They are not just a joke tho. Friendship is the theme for such thing to be sounded as a jovial commemoration.

So, I do hope that they will keep all good days from not getting into thin air, as I do still keep them with me. Memories are considered as a precious measurement to quantify our self about how deep is our exploration toward the universe. Memories of being in this unique universe are too personal as we have poles apart of category , qualities, matchless and remarkable of the life experiences while we are still breathing under the great sun.

I received a good news and one of my very best friends will get engage end of this year. I am glad for the news. K.Stoney, if the news is true then I wish you trillion of cheerfulness and contentment buddy. Nah, sometime I am green with envy when hear such news. The envy comes from my part tho.I wish i can turn back time and get the feel of having"bed of roses" when you know you have someone special next to you. Holding the time too much will kill you, yet it is a must to evaluate you and your spouse for the sake of goodness. Well, that is the rule of the universe- as we are created to this world we need to love, hold, touch and breath the air of love from someone we wanted to be with. Just a crap of mine. Besides, What Beyonce has been citing in her verses- dangerously in love, are all true, indeed! Tomorrow, My mates asked to hook up for “wayang” time. I threw my suggestion- horror movie is the menu for tomorrow. Cant wait to be there and start the things we have left for few years back, all over again. Well, my dear Sunday, here we come. Will update this blog more with some other stories just stay tune if you all are reading for more.

X0x0X Josh..

27 September 2007

Landscaping is a wide spectrum across the universe…

We are living in the big space which may be accompanied by some other elements of earth (water, fire, air and wind). These makes the universe seems to be so exceptional and matchless especially when we are talking about living things, Human per se. I am looking and searching something which sounds paranoid or paranormal to all of you. Bermuda triangle, UFO and USO- uninditified Subemerge Object, are something that am intended to know with more detail. Talking about these, I do believe that we are not living in this world alone as there will be some other creatures who are walking along with us or may be breathing the same air with us. We are living not in a condensed space so there might be some possibilities to have them together with us. I have browsed some information on the internet but I rather believe on National Geographic Channel coverage because it seems less fake compared to the way it represents the details. This is one of the beauties of the universe. Not to say am too freak about them but then as am looking and searching for some information about them makes my mind to see things from many other aspect and wont accept thing without any solid elucidations. Nah, searching and reading about them is just a hobby for me and it is become a light reading to me tho. At least I can make my reading becomes more myriad and diverge from previous type of reading by expanding the scope of reading interests. Now I am so keen to read up about landscape. It could be nice if I were from landscaping or architectural background. If I had a house I would like to have a touch of Mediterranean style or Modern Contemporary. But for the kitchen decoration, Classical English will be better I guess where we can see lot of ceramics and some inconsequential plants which give u a great touch and mood while having your meal. Yeah it is just a imagination for future plans and will keep the aim of having such beautification till the day comes to the surface. ;p

x0x0x0x0 Josh

Dry rose is so unique isnt it?This is one of my classical Collection interm of some Cosmic Pictures.Just take them as my light hobby to appreciate any thing under the sun.