3 January 2013

Hark! We are still kicking and what a “boo” to Mayan’s figment of the imagination.

Good day dear gentle readers. I’m so glad that  the myth of “ we are going the end of the world” doest really sound lunatic, at least for this time being after few of  lineages  of humanity are being haunted by such myth.

Talking about  2013. Well, it shows me some positive tonics that keep on circling around me. It is a good sign and I must say that this is leaded by those last minute miraculous cum unremitting results for being work hard and smart.  One of them, I have a trip to Bangkok, somewhere on  February 2013. Not to mention that I rewarded my self with S3 after being hard work to strive for a target. I told my self that I will go for it if I can archive that particular target coz previously I will get a  thing for granted which is at the end of the day I felt nothing. Also, I managed to extend my circle of friends and for again day by day I can be able to get closer to the closed friends that I have. Thanks guys for your trust. To those who have doubt on me, and making themselves away from the state that I’m standing on, well, I can’t further argue on  such state of affair as I’m nobody neither to hold nor to beg. To dodge in other life or not too, it is everyone choice seems to be nobody business. Yet I always welcome people as I always tell myself that, I love darks , of course, coz it shows me the stars.

Well, every day is a gift for me. Now I am so thankful to lot of people who share their experience with me about life, handling emotion and think wisely by being able to channel the anger and strong aura to an appropriate route.  For instance, when am too dull and kinda wishy-washy  then I will go for sport and make a run which bring me to several meters. Those fat asses get burn! Mind you. When am in the state of loathsome or rampaging for nothing- which is the worse ever, I go and meet clients which at the end I enjoy for being so energetic to get a deal which is worth, at least some reasons. Well, good things you can apply so at the end of the day it may fit you well, yet the so called “plain advice” you can just walk away and leave some comments for me to improve, at least.Deal?

Guys, how was your Christmas? Mine? i will post some pictures which I let those pictures play their role faultlessly. Mine was a blast as I celebrated it with my family compare d to last year- I was missed my flight back from KL to Kuching. Not to mention that I managed to catch up with few friends and we shared those days from evening to early midnight and the perfect phrase to portray this is- going out till you drop in nowhere! Overall, this Christmas does remind me of not to neglect my service as the servant of god and the more we keep on closer to him, the more we can get the scent and whiff  of saints. The feeling is kinda beauty as diamond, ruby, emeralds and lot more which bring delight to your inner side together with the music of Aeolian harps. It is also like something that there is a vortex that makes you being whirled and the sudden arrest of your motion, seems that you  will be able restore such beautiful feeling and state I try to describe. It is epic, isn’t it? With the  velocity of time, we are sometime careless to those how are in the need while we are enjoying our “ folklore” of life.

                                                          See, how beatiful the life is!

My beering chicks

                              My cake!!! it is so wonderfull and full of love. Thanks and credit to my family! xoxoxox

Till then,

Have a blast 2013! Dare to explore the blank of each page of 2013 and enchant your life to meet the disenuendo of life’s tune.