27 March 2008

Janet Jackson: Just A Little While Music Video

Am in a shot term flu! Hate it. Cant have my mind to function well- more evenhanded. tho! Am missing someone here. The person is out of town. Am have just finished doing my lesson plan and my favorite topic is Skills in Grammar”. I have doled out to edify the subject to B.Sc Comp (UPM franchise project) and tomorrow I hope I can encrust a complete lecture for “Combining sentence” within an hour! Have no mood to engrave tho but then just try my best to bring up to date the blog. Am trying to silhouette a rally for a class of mine due to the fucking jammed last Wednesday. I missed a lecture which was supposed to be attended approximately 60 students! Well, after vacillating the suitable time to have the replacement, then I guess I’ll make an effort to make it tomorrow but then I haven’t submit the replacement form to the head of school! Gosh! I was to hurry to get back to home after I finished my lecture at 2.30pm. Yet, I needed to meet up with the head of school to elucidate some nondescript state of affair that I would like to inform him as soon as possible. The rally was ended quite late till 4pm. I reached my place at 5pm and get my late lunch. Due to the late of having the meal so I skipped my dinner and now in front of the PC am eating my bread with peanut butter and chocolate milk stripes as am listening to this song! This song is so fucking placid tho! A bit hanky panky, instead! I am too hectic this whole week and to my supprise I have been skipped my dinner for 3 consecutive night due to the late lunch which takes place almost at 5pm! So now before am getting to my bed, am intended to watch a movie. Will back to u all fellas. Have a nice day.

what will you say for this?

During the sunset at PD

200 words on the keyword "beach themed wedding favors"

When we talk about marriage, people will come up with lot of mental pictures and they can be portrayed in vary ways of imaginary. They can be magnificent or petrifying imaginary as different people will have diverse ideologies of perceiving the term “marriage”. The way how people pick out how the significant of marriage can be influenced by scores of factors. If we asked those marriage couples what is the best thing in their marriage which is hardly to be erased from their memories? I guess that many of them will recall about how or when they met up with their spouse, the first time when they spent time together or most probably they will bring to mind about their the day they are knotted as a couple for the rest of their life and for sure it is about their exquisite weeding ceremony. In this modern days, people treat and pay different attention toward how is their weeding ceremony will be look like.

Cultural awareness is the most influencing aspect to create the vibes of the ceremony itself. As the world is widely gyrated upon to global cultures, so the need and interest to create own weeding theme will totally pole apart with others. Beach theme for weeding favor is pretty much effortless yet it counts lot of romantic vibes to the a couple who have pledged to start a new life as a husband and wife for the rest of life. It such a wonderful idea to have lot of quixotic vibes which will make both husband and wife will never forget the day they are called as a legal spouse to each other.

Beach theme is quite infrequent in Asian, especially in Malaysia dues to the lack of tremendous concepts about planning such theme. It may sound economical but then, it brings much more fantasies to the bridge as they are expressed their love word of honor being seen or witnessed by the nature. Sounds as in a drama or the most outstanding romantic love sharing is “Titanic”. The lack of suitable weeding outfits or event planning for such concept may be the factors why people keen to have their weeding in a hall rather than in a beach. The climax of Asian may be a minor factor, which hampers people not take it in their menu board of selecting and choosing their weeding theme. Believe me, having love vow which is declared under the sun, standing in the floor of nature, with shining beach, the sound of wave, with some prefect menu of foods and great witnesses for the weeding is so much sumptuousness to me. If this question bumped to my ass, then my answers will be like these "For me, all the nature elements; air, wind, and soil are the complete package for a weeding scene to start a new life with someone I fall in love for the rest of my life". So "what say you? (grammatical sentence)

xoxoxox, Josh

Life is like this...

My mind is empty with morpheme of words. Been to library today, and seems that at this time being, UKM library is updating its services by introducing seft servicing for borrowing books. Last few months ago it comes with Thumb scanning in order to get to pusat sumber or a main library cyber cafe. My head will easily get "hang" when new thing comes to the library. Well, the library is big tho then when new thing comes, and at the same time we are not really prepared for the new thing and at the same time we are cheaasing around the clock, so this will make us feel a bit melancholic. Why dont they do the "updating" times when the students are not around? Arh..such a stupid imiganition. When the fucking day that the library will not be filled with students? The next issue is, Pembuat kek is out of town at this moment. So dry for nothing! So what pops out to my mind is, out of blue am thinking about hammock!I wish i had it now!

Outdoor hammock is such a great thing to have. It is usually associated with the beach view or it is a must for you to have it if your place is near to beach. For me, even we are in the modern life styles, but then the pleasure of having it in the prefect scenes or in the castle in the sky theme will be much more priceless to me. Above all, it can be one of curative tools to lose some tense in the mind of a person. The hammocks may come in different shapes or materials used but it is not a main factor to generate the pleasure of having it compared to where will it be located. Having it in your balcony, front yard or near to any shaded places would be an ideal or preferred scene. If your place is near to the beach, then it would be awe-inspiring idea. Have a nap on it or having a breakfast or tea time, reading books or chatting with some good friends while you are enjoying your sunrise or sunset view will totally make your mind to be rested for a while from any nerve-racking agenda of your life routine. It is just the most cheapest way to get yourself rid from any uncomforted moments even for a while.

xoxoxox Josh