21 March 2008

Be there done that

Hai people….It has been quite long time for me not to engrave something here. Well, too busy with methodology acquaintance so my ideas are hardly to be expressed. As I hushed, doest mean that my words are too numb to reveal my emancipation about the days I have been thru. Last week and this week make me too pack all day. Countless of happiness and joy I have gained. Nothing extravagant actually coz I spent my all days in campus (most of times) either in lab or in library. I have a good company to be with, especially all the times either in stress or joy but then I still enjoy to have my student’s life. It won’t hamper me to crave lot of fun, wisely as ma not a nerd! Thanks to “pembuat kek”. Oh ya, I learnt something new from pembuat kek which is “transformers roundabout”. I wonder where the word comes from. Well done to pembuat kek. I was impressed when the word was slightly riveted by my ears. I am so be pleased about to what pembuat kek has done to make me happy and which myriad to me. Last Saturday, we went to banting. The coast is not that happening and eye-catching to me as the view has no vibes which can kindle my exhilaration but then pembuat kek was so cool at that moment. We changed the plan to go and hound more for food when we were in banting. We had a nice spot to enjoy “char kueh tiaw”. Really kick the butt tho! These few weeks, there are so many things have been shared ( those old stories and past memories) between me and pembuat kek. It makes me realize that to love and accept someone we need to accept the past of the person we are purely trust and love with. I admit and keen to such affirmation. Back to few years ago, I was kind of too ego to accept those past memories of someone I am interested with. Now, for me, that such thing will not be a thing to torment the bliss and the heart. Well, i am so happy nowadays as i bring up my days in lot of smile and joy. I thought that i am so lucky coz now i am in what i really look for! I wish all of you will be joival as what you dream for.

The day before i went to PD. The mind was so cramp!

Banting beach

Today Is and I went to Port Dickson which was unplanned activity. But it was so cool. IS told me that, the more u plan, u have to be dare to face unsurprised hindrances of carrying on with the plan u have made. I am totaly "see eye to eye" to what he said. I went there with no spare of T-shit and short. Even any boxer! We had tent and we had wonderful evening at PD.

we had a tent
behind the screen of preparing the tent
Am carving it for more next time. Well, I really enjoy the evening! I am not that good in road as i hardly can memorize where is the exact path i need to head. So we were "try and error" in order to be there. So many things to share here but then as it was late, 12.50am (Friday morning, 21/03/08). So i guess i need to stop by now. My brain has lot of At 9am i need to be at campus with pembuat kek. Well, i will be back to u shortly ya. Nite2 fellas.