25 March 2011

we colour u wso you turn to be a gold occay?

As nice as this pure-NEGATIVE 24carats
A gold then has its new playmate
The gold colour means happy to everyone who know how to appreciate it in some unique means

...the one and Only, it is about a feeling to appreciate what do we have and feel.So come and get ur paint bursh and colour your day with your true colour of LIFE

x0x0x00x, Josh

24 March 2011

as cool as milk coffee( yummyyy)

As sweet as this milky thingy
As happy as this king and queen of LOVE
As cozy as this shelter
As good as this delicious menu
As tiny as this TIME lover

as complex as this memo

..but nothing compare as nice and great live OUR precious TIME coz with time we can change everything...

x0x0x0x, Josh

23 March 2011

a poem to my beloved mother

My beautiful Mother

sweet as a flower
Never asks for anything
Always giving
Always smiling
Never frowning
Caring as a teacher
Never too busy to give advice
Always there by my side
Always helping
Never neglecting
Understanding as a counselor
Never gives up
Always does her best
Always shining
Never quitting

yesterday i had an argument with her and i personally will feel so sorry to what i have caused and that would not be a wise man as i wanted to be.

written by: Monica

xoxoxo, i LOVE my dearly mother


18 March 2011

Life means a lot, at least to some people

holla peeps..how are u today?

so sorry for the late reply. Just that i was so busy to get my hand on to this blog.
Well, it is time for me to pay this thing..right?

A life means a lot

Recently, we have heard a tragic news about the chaos that happened to Japan and it is not only a “monopoly” aftermath to the world yet is devastated the world’s system which leaves a strong remark to the whole nation in this world especially from the area of economic. I bet such callous ruin may cause a long term aghast to all, especially to Japan. So sorry to their lost and they grotesquely feeling. Well, out of blue, a cliché “love while you can” is becoming a new agenda in nowadays sentiment either in books, magazine and also other printed media. As far as I concern, the turmoil caused the lost of 1300 people( this is the current death toll from the earthquake in Japan).In fact this is the biggest earthquake in Japan since 1990 yet it is the fifth biggest earthquake in the world since 1800. By looking and reading some news tru online and newspaper medium, I notice that Japan city seems to be a swampy area tho. All vehicles are jumbled up here and there due too the flood. As the city is affected badly, for sure due to this the city seems to be a bit of topsy turvy tho! Well, I really sure that the city will recover very fast and will be much better than before.
It is quiet a shock to hear about the explosion and the issue of the wrecked 4 reactors in Japan. Seems that the human civilization in at the stake of fragile. Pray to all and hope everything will be fine as it supposed to be.
Well, by the time a writing this entry, am sitting in the most higher position (literarly) as am in the flight. Along the coast I did not feel to sleep as what I used to be, coz the head is still working on the new agendas that should be finalize by me and the team before this end of 1st half of this year, 2011.
Well, there is still plenty of time yet it is limited sources to tackle the “time” as what have been planned. Well, now it is a new way for me to get a new brand day.
I spoke to Maria lately after I have got my head full with so many new gists for our marketing and sale planning. Lately I read a very nice and useful book. It is extremely resourceful tho. Worth to buy. I love to be a person who gives new raw ideas then let the others to simplify and re-structure it nicely. That’s total me! I can accept any ideas as long as it has strong connection between Who- Why- How- When?
Now, am in Johor, after working at 5.30pm , yesterday I headed to Johor because there is some personal-cum business consultancy matters to be addressed urgently.
Okies, peeps, I let u guys to listen to this most wanted song of this entry- Gone by Kelly and Nelly. Such a prefect combination tho! Wish you guys luck and have a pleasant day ahead people.

Xoxoxo Josh

12 March 2011

hide and seek with some stories

holla readers,
it is 4am in the morning and i have just had my shower. What a day for today.
Most of the time- while in class, i was almost fall a sleep. These 3 These 3 consecutive days made me so raving mad like there is nothing can be controlled. ( kidding). Well, I was to busy doing 2 writing papers for Performance appraisal and compensation system analysis. Gosh, not mention , need to get my self with personal consultancy and working regime. Really made me dry at all times yet I do happy with this coz I barely make my self dreaming instead of working…Ipad Samsung, here I come..do you here me..( winki2). Not, 1 more task need to be done which is LESSON PLAN.I guess, I will do it before I get back to the office then.

a random browsing to my work station, at home

Okies, today, I do have class from 8.30am till 5.30pm then heading to Wisma seberkas, Kuching coz there we will have wellness booth- wellness out reach to you, so do come as we cater for free health check and also therapy which it may cost you few dollars in daily basis. Those who have health problems do come and support us as we care for you.

Attention: if you are in Malaysia, to be exact in Kuching, we do have special promotion to those who are suffering with immune , bone, high blood pleasure, high cholesterol level, diabetic, skins problems, and obesity problems, do let me know as we do have special rate for those who are suffering from those problems..the promotion is valid until 31st march 2011…hurry up and give me a ring fellas.

this is an organic water- main ingredient is ferre feric salt, it is good for anti rotting,cancer, anti bacteria , boos up your immune system, strengthen your bone, combat calcium antogism which may cause micarrige due to exceed clasium. You can drop few drops in your drinking water, direct context to your body, wound, holes or anything which apply to it. Anything? yes it is as it is an organic which is rich with anti-oxidant and it is so call as cell food! it is good for those kids and besides if you happen to have migraine, do apply few drops onto your eyes, then you can feel a very fresh new you for few minutes.

or you can have it with any kind of cup and it will be fine then...

By the way, as I am representing my language center , those who want to enhance their English language skills- business English, communication in English and English in contexts, do let me know as we do have special promotion for you guys- kiddy to adult, as the promotion will be ended until this 31st march 2011. Well, a part of teaching team, I do represent myself as an education consultant. Wow, sure you guys will need to listen so many “ consultant” nouns here. A favorite noun for this month or in fact it might be for the rest of my writing days…

Okies, I guess, I will engrave more interesting story in this blog ,perhaps by tomorrow, cos I do have so many things to be shared here..

by the way, if you guys in Kuching , happen want to get fresh prawns, do ring me a bell coz i do supply this too with my associates and here is the picture to prove you that am not bluffing you guy.

tadaaa....this is A gred, and we supply it to market with the price of rm 38..

here is B gred and we supply it with the price of rm 28 per kilos..
we do supply these prawn to few places in Sarawak, Malaysia with few amount of prawn, around 30 kilos per week..So, want to try fresh, sweet and long lasting fresh prawn, do let me know k. It is no harm to try as they are fresh from a farm!

by the way..it is time to:-


well, for that sigh, i do have a new toy here:-

this is mean for men at play with his new toy

so till then, have a nice day head and do meet me tomorrow at wisma seberkas Kuching, at 6pm.

Till then,

Xoxoxoxox Josh