17 December 2010

you who give me taste and my inspiration

hola peeps...

Today i would like to share with you a sentimental tune which can be sound therapy instead of aroma therapy. It is priceless yet costless. Any clue? Well, save it for the last tho.

Okies, this is a very easy tune for me. Kinda sing a long song! Yes, am reffering to a song tho.

It is a Malay song and the most important is, it has a simple wording yet the taste of it is so remarkable to me.

Every single wording means a lot to us. It has wide meaning not so specific to love ones. Hence, the elucidation and turn of phrase of this song is so predictable which enables us to sing along..kinda “lala lala” thingy.

The most lovely wording to me are” when you come to my life, my heart has lo longer worry for nothing…you who is love for me and by you, I can feel the taste and …it makes me feel so beautify. Am so sorry if am not that prefect enough to you… to love, to miss and to have you till my last breath, and you are my inspirational..”

It is a lovely tune, isn’t it?

Okies, do click this in order for you to comprehend the sensation I am referring too. This will promise you with less of absurdity state. I wont translate it coz i dont want you to loss the taste of its originality. Keep you heart smiling people. Remember, you give me the taste and inspiration of love, care and tender.

By the way, thanks for reading up my personal egos and do visit me again then.

xoxo Josh