29 November 2010

Chic and Quirk

Holla peeps,

What do you all up to today? Today, a quit relaxing for me compared to these few days ago. Today, I had only few things to be done. Let’s I do some self check up:-

a. Submit few proposals- DONE

b. Send mass messages to clients and my team- DONE

c. Reminds people about our next coming event- ONE BIGGER LOSER- DONE

d. Promoting and advertising for our new projects- DONE

e. Meet up with investors- Semi DONE

So, there are quit productive days for me and I take pleasure in all these day. A new year is coming and now we have a blast Christmas mood here and there. What nice vibes- apart for having new-fangled mood for resolution, home decoration to commemorate new years, welcoming new family members- get a new life and get married, perhaps, school holidays and having tones of work to be sorted out before the year is ended! See, this is the colour of life! Am always think positive toward life no matter I get ups and downs, bruise and make mistake! Get your self a life tho.

Okies, apart of cherishing the life , shall we be a bit tolerate to help those in the department of having a sexy look?

Here we are ONE KUCHING TEAM, would like to offer you a special threat to get the most gorgeous look- if possible, for those who are hunger and sexiest binge!

So, get your self out form slouchy muscles and tissue to be rejuvenated, replenished, repaired with a healthy micro vibration, healthy nutrition and friendly sliming workout for a MONTH! The grand prize is waiting you people- WORTH RM 2000 just only with a single entry!

Dare to join? Does this sound chic and quirk to you?

If you are- nearby, kuching’s areas do give me a buzz or hola me with your message in the chat box or you can directly email to me. The due to submit this game is before 12th Dec 2010.

26 November 2010

let's try agian..

people, no matter what you do, never feel that you are lost in the sea of thought, passion, believing and productivity, you will never be alone. It is just a normal passage to be passed by. It is a sign of maturity and nothing is "short term platform" to be won.

People, any upshot will not just be so plain yet it may require many disputes to us. Get your self in to picture a sole PRISMA- a white platform yet generates a beautiful formation of rainbow.

Let's have a look on this simple states: when you have something to do, then you had a dateline to be complied with, so you keened to force your self then you found that you are in the cul-de-sec, then you started to loss your focus and direction.As a result, you started to force yourself yet nothing much can be done, then stress is increased to a crazy level it may be.Yet, nothing much can be seen nicely yet you work yourself like hell. Finally you got your self out of tune and you keen to reckless to other orders and commands then your productivity is declined and few uninvited symptoms like back pain, muscles stiffness, fatigue, hard to breath and insufficient of air to the brain will enormously quaver your focus on what you need to do in life , especially in personal and in working vibes.Due to these state of affair, you keen to be frustrated and be iniquitous to your personal welfare. And believe me, nobody will care or concern about these unless you self get ur bare feet to fix these.

so, people, do listen to this and hope that you feel much more radiant and gay with this song..till then..."let's try" and remember..do it and be unstoppable! Come do sing along with me.Yeah, we are heading to end of year and it would be stressful and hectic days to be passed by. Well, get you yourself a nice threat and elevate
your stress in a optimum level.Sometimes we need stress to drive us but in just a very minimum spark.

xoxox, josh

22 November 2010

let's smile together

holla beauty and charming people....a prerequisite for you before reading up this whole entry. Do smile exactly as the above icon. I am totally mean it.Thanks.

today mode: SmIlIng.....if you with me, then hola me by givin' me a very big smile .....

beautiful inside and outside,

is Utmost glare of publicity to be rewarded for you…

It is doesn’t mean to speak a word..just u and me..looking to each other..

If I smiled and you should do the same thing to me..that is the rule…

What a world then, it would be a better place for each other…unquestionably no disarray

What smiling can bring to you..it makes you go up and fly high to the sky…

Neither I’m a rich man nor charming ones yet I do have little bit of DNA of Charming smiling..

Only one smile…it makes you feel you are the most sexiest creature in this whole universe..

Nah, don’t deny such feeling..it is the utmost sexiest gratification it can be..

Lets it be natural and let’s the vibes come into you…

Then get your self to the floor as you will be the center of attraction by others…yeah others who you admire with..what a bonus tho..

Nowadays, people are to sensitive..it is just a barrier between you and other wonderful folks.

let go all those sensitivities which make you feel tight...

Get your lip and face a bit lose then ..and I can you your smile is there…give me one more big ones..yeah…that is the way you rock your days..

So, people regardless you are the stressful, ugly or charming..just keep your self smile and let’s people get them self in the state of phantasm..what a such guilty pleasure it can be…

any other reasons why we should keep on smiling? okies, get this on then..

Till then..dont you feel attracted to me?by the way, just cut the crap, hehehehe

Am smiling to the top

Xoxoxox, Josh

20 November 2010


the world has it own unique colour.....
yet you wont get your self to understand the colour until you definitely walked by and then realize it is too late to be true and too good that it is you or me...

then you feel you will be in an empty hole and wanted to move quickly to another day by thinking off to have another new place..yes a bright and colourful one.

remember, every step you made will be a single step for you to have another yesterday as time flies fast.... the yesterday and wont be our future to hold

appreciate what ever you have...anything over the rainbow is merely for you, yes you..appreciate it and hold it..

xoxox, Josh

19 November 2010

have a perfect figure..would make u feel like a star?

hai friends....

It is Friday, and time moves so fast.

Well, sorry for late update. It is my apology. Before that, i would like to wish all muslim friends " happy eiduladha...and to all Malaysian, let's u pay them a visit, will you?

I my self paid my self a reward by visiting my muslim friends and ate with full of my heart ( sounds so extreme right but u know what, due to habit anything i will take in a moderation although during saturday and sunday). The main focus to pay a visit is of course, not about eating time yet more to business relationship. In business line- eating, talking, meeting and gathering are A MUST yet endorsing new concept of healthy life style, new ideas to promote the sense of awareness about self health conscious and generating new tag line for another mobile event. Everything has to be done passionately coz sudden results wont be a honor guest at all. Anything has to be " passion is the art of hoping" as long they may take times. By the way, i urge So, beware of you self inebriated coz due to dealing with people you will find your self keen to have a big appetite yet less workout coz you will be so busy as u need to entertain people. Your working regime seems to conquer your life styles. It is not a fault in this modern days.Trust me. Most of us may trip up and upon to hectic life styles.

Due to hectic life styles, instinctively you keen consume more or deposit more toxic into your body in these 3 main factors:

1. the food you take, and the condition will be much more worse if you keen to have a snack just for the sake of rushing or to get some bite! Snack consist of MSG and it will generate in about 2 times of calories level inside you. If you are one of hard dine fan for "spicy and exotic smelly food such as belacan(preserved paste of prawn), cincalok (preserved prawn) or curry thingy YET these are appealing to many of us, they you may jeopardize your colon and beware of it as most of Asian people keen to have such terrible state.
2.your skin is in a dysfunctional state.Why? coz, you may have less time to sweat and this seems to be worse for your body as those toxic waste which is called as sweat hardly to be flashed out. This may due to your body metabolic is weak and slow so hardly to get back to a normal state. This can be due to the no 1 state as mentioned earlier. So such waste will deposit inside your body and treat your akaline blood into acidic blood which would harm the function of colon.
3. you are being polluted by electro magnetic radiation- from electric suppliant or device such as laptop, aicord, tv and ect.

Such main 3 factors mentioned above would be one of the other factors which lead to colon cancer. Due to colon dysfunctional state, then you will easily gets:-
a. weight gain coz not all toxic will be flashed out from your body and it will stick to your colon and also your big intestine.Finally it will threat your metabolism
b. your faces might stuck in your colon and with no doubt it may be absorbed again to the body and finally intoxicate your blood which cause many threating illness such as cancer, tumor and also affect your kidney and boot up your cholesterol level.
c. due to your blood is acidic, so your skin will become much dull complexion, aging and skin pigmentation

ok, these are those symptoms that may indicate whether your colon is having a problems or vice versa:-
a. you keen to do big business once times within 2 days
b. your faces are sank
c.it is so smelly ( the healthy one would be less smelly) even it could kill any files.
d.it should not that solid yet smooth and easy and the shape should be like a banana
e. your bloatiness should not that so smelly
f. you keep on gaining weight even if you are on diet as your metabolism may get slow and weak

so then, if you happen to have one of more of such symptoms then you should get your self a help. Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you think prevention costs you a hole in your pocket then you should try illness then. Well, for any info or doubts, dont hesitate to let me know as am a wellness consultant and i will try my best to pay my attention to your needs and concern.For more detail regarding to what kind of service i can offer to all of you, please kindly click to this link " human energize service and consultancy" and remember read it up so you wont throw a very big puzzle to your head.

finally, remember, love your self before you lead other to do the same thing to you. Help your self before you ready to lead. Would you like to have a great figure like a super star? then the above link can be "a shoulder for you to cry on" when you in rush to get rid of cholesterol level, improve insulin sensitivity, low down blood pressure, improve your skin and sustain your colon with a great prebiotic management as all of these are packed in a sachet and ready to be carried out at any time and any where!

xoxox, Josh

15 November 2010

it is numerical

Dear beloved family, relatives, friends and other half- u know who you are...
if you loss in the midst of sea, then what should you do???

counting to me and you......like 1 2 3.....

if you find that yourself cant fall asleep, i will sing you a song beside you....

with my very best, you have a shoulder when you want to cry as i wont let u go and say goodbye....

count on me like 123 and i be there and i know when you need me...

so can i count on you like 432 and will u be there? is that what a friend suppose to be?

to all, thanks for being with me....bare and care about me...

xoxoxo, josh

14 November 2010

activate your mind and keep it healthy..

May i ask you, when is the last day you supplied and pampered your brain with a healthy massage? Yes, massage is one of other approaches which can be used to rejuvenate and to replenish the brain with ample of nutrition thru a small and micro wave, directly to the brain. This is the latest and modern that we can draw on and be relevant by now. Yes, we do get some or few supplement for the development of brain but then do such supplements really go straight away to the brain?or they have to pass by few processes and will such state of affair would be resourcefully as the processes may take time?

So here, i give u a very widespread circumstance : when your blood is acidic then it causes your hormone, on the whole likely to be in the state of unevenness then for sure, the imbalance thingy would cause few cases such as- the mood is not occay, then the level of cholesterol is in a hike silently then you might have a problem- hard to breath easily which can be associated to the plaguing of artery which at long last causes the heart to work inexplicably . High blood pressure can be associated with the acidic blood which finally can be linked to the potentiality to be caught with cholesterol accumulation.

So, here is one of my suggestion to you, a mind solution- so i suggest you all to get a closer look and study this device before you commit to have it. Any question or doubt, be free to ask me coz am one of it dealers. Go, and google this device” Mc Square” and read about it. It is a new device and a new wave will come to surface very soon which is called as “ a high tech mind”. Read it then you’ll know how does it work( via delta, alpha, teta and beta wave). Each wave has it on function and affects the brain differently.

Now, as the device is completely distributed by our High Efficiency in Consulting high tech services, so it is named as “ Energize Mind OR e-mind”. It also has a function to control pain management- such as migraine, gastric and helps you to get well soon especially when you are in the state of complexness of ill or weak. Coz, it help your mood to be much better when you are weak. Dudes, when we are weak and sick, our mood keens to turn down and this will amplify the acidic blood then finally jeopardize your immune system then for sure you will less recovery or even it may take time to have a complete recuperation. That is the main reason why doctors really counsel you to think positive and that why some private hospitals do give permission to their clients to embellish patients’ room as cosy as their own home which psychologically boost up the patients mood. This device also good for those who try to improve and stimulate their kid’s mind and brain as it defragment the brain to be much more efficiency and alert especially for learning purpose, can be considered a good device to be used for pregnant ladies and expose their fetus to listen to the wave( one of realistic ideas why those who are exposed to music will be much more alert, creative and brilliant compared to those who are not doing so). So besides that, i do assume that this kind of device would be a wise solution for those who are suffering from hyperactive, atheism and stressful patients. Apart form that, this device is strongly recommended to those who are in remedial class.

.........one of our dedicated instructor..............

....this is how we can use it as simple as it can..so handy yet a superb device for the brain.................

So, people, read it up, think about it benefit and get your self other testimonial and opinion form those who are using it then it would be affair to your body and brain if you reject or accept the device for your new pair of other devices you may have. It would be totally unfair if you rebuffed such thing at the first place before you have a wise analyze about it.

till then, keep your brain sober and healthy. Be our partner to create more and more high tech youth around the globe who have a very healthy and productive mind.

a great health comes from balance of physical and mental state

xoxox, Josh

11 November 2010

Gigantic players are next to u

have you ever know how these giant cooperate businesses such as COKE, AIR ASIA, MC DONALSSEVEN 11, Microsoft and one of the successfulness social networking channels- Facebook can become a very giant enterprising ?

These gigantic players would not start with a very big step yet they come with trillion of secret recipes for us to be shared.

Now, am looking forward to study these players for the purpose of understand what they have yet i dont have and what makes differences between they and me.
xoxoxox Josh

10 November 2010

quick questions

holla readers...

as some of you may read my entries, humbly i would like to say " thanks for ur times and attention" to each of my entry.

Well, as writing is about my personal ego so i engrave the ego in a more easy way- no nagging no swearing and no body language will be interluded.

Basically, via writing will enable me to have self reflection to what am i holding now- normally it is about the ideology and philosophy that reshape my personalities.

Occay, enough said. Now, as am in costumer line, i to a certain extend to have problems to handle with a good negotiation and marketing skills when i happen to meet new arrogant yet potential clients. What would you do if you may happen to such state of affair?
Basically. am not from business education background and counselling philosophy tho. So, i am humbly really need your feedback regarding to what action and skill or tips i should take note in order to have the guts to have an effective way to do some follow up skills, negotiation and meeting skills- especially when i am in the regime of so-called cold hearted clients?

Any suggestions you may email it to me or just shot me with your ideas and comments this entry. Your concern and responsiveness are very much appreciated.

xoxox, Josh

9 November 2010

a healthy attempt

Today i was eager to have my self a DIY checkup.

Thanks to private consultant: so called Dr. DIY aka David

Due to my hard struggle..yes a very uphill struggle and by the end of such thrilling struggle, so i managed to get these results:-
age: 27 YEARS YOUNG weight: 67kg( with a full dress up)

a. Body fat percentage: 17.8%
b. Body water percentage:60.2%
c.Visceral fat rating:8
d:Basal metabolic (daily calorie intake:1587) an adult man supposes to have in about 1500 calories per day) (metabolic age:23 years young)
e. Bone Mass : 2.9 kg

so, my target is to get a perfect and a goose-bump figure for this coming Gala Dinner and Dance. Mari expresskan dirimu( come and express yourself to the fullest). So, keep your self hale and hearty and trounce the others.

xoxoxo, Josh

8 November 2010

an entry

what life is all about?

nothing much can be explained to what have been happened lately.

full of anger, disappointed and betrayed yet rejoicing all opportunities which are given to us. Yeah, another way to be more mature and more responsible to yourself. A great learning process tho, indeed.

These few days my friends and i were busy like a bee to distribute flayers from one coprate places to another and also from one domestic place to another. Being chased by dogs and stared by others would be our so called bread and butter. Aint cost anything for those tasks tho.Life is a game so play with it. Life is a love so enjoy it and life is a struggle so complete it!

talking about this coming GALA DINNER AND DANCE, would be a priority among girls around me. Gosh, they are excited and exhilarating by themselves. That would be a proof to show that their female hormone conquers the world. No offence tho. An array of thought at the midst of night.

What i have done last week? I was in UKM for personal reasons for 2 days. Gosh, i miss my time coz pembuat kek was with me tho. Wink-wink. I managed to have my self satey kajang and nasi briani gam with pembuat kek. Thanks a lot for such great things dear. Will be looking forward again for such treats. Will you?

talking about dinner, am in the state of confusing- what should i wear and to liaise my personal desire and budget. Am so inundated!! I am wanted to have an average tone to be wore and yet it sounds fabulous. Not that too high or low, yes it is just right in the midst. Here am searching few things to be wore:1. an average look with" tuxedo with a simple scarf. 2. a tuxedo with a bow tie.3. a blazer with a shining and striking thin tie yet a plain white T. 4.a slim leaning suit for weeding.

Okies, since that am still distorting my self with huge of choices, so let me show you in what state am i.
However, i wish to have these outfit "fabs thingy"

well, all the choices are enlivening and heady. So,i will blog again then. c ya fella.


5 November 2010

always remember you...

to our late gradma...

you are always in our heart...

sorry for not next to you when you in the state of pain and suffer....

xoxox, take care k

1 November 2010

crossing a bridge...

Crossing a bridge?
Would it be a subjective resemblance to social tenets- “an option” for you to get your “desirably destination” of life?
Talking about life opts, would be so nerve-racking to those “school leavers”. Even when you are in the age of 100, you might be considered as a school leaver? Or even you might not be graduated on that age. Gosh, this sounds so thorny. Okies, I’ll simplify this state of affair to you then. The picture is like this :School does not portray “literally a school” but it would be a imagery of social education domains- culture, social living skills, survivable skills, and the production of physical and mental quality via maturity process. Such domains is called as a maturity school.
After you reading the book- Cashflow quadrant by Robert T.K, they you will know and understand yourself- in what flow are you? E/S/B/I? what do these abbreviation all about? Squeeze your effort and get the book. Read it and you can get along to this entry. Trust me coz this would be a bit “not touching the ground” if you fail to grab those metaphors which will be used for the whole entry. This is a very serious entry of life which I want to share with you but you simply write it in a very abstract and absurd way. So the get the meaning of it needs you to really get your mind outside form the glass box( a modern connotation) A glimpse of this book would help you to comprehend in what flow are you. The flow is about how to get yourself to get a perfect combination of survivable learning skills that you got from maturity process of learning PLUS with your great efforts. Reading the book, and trying to implement it makes me able to understand what is my truly opt and how should I be able to tune my self so I fit myself in with the opt I have made. To fit yourself to what you are looking for is just a way to go. Yes, A WAY TO GO. You really need a bare way buy not even a BAY to get thru. Yet the way you really want to take it aint that easy to get. Searching, trying and doing “try and error” would be the finest elucidation to have a clue of “a short cut “ to get to your desire destination of your own life. Perhaps, there would be NO EASY SHORT CUT tho.
Yes people, you need a SMART BRIDGE. But do you dare to cross the bridge? This is a very big so called “big bang” question to your head. Unless you are a death fish then you won’t take it hard when It bents to your head. Walking alone the life roads would give you certain bridges that you would or rather leave it away coz you fear and really freaking anxious of walking on it coz of the height of the bridge. The higher is much better. No to say that, the lower of the bridge will be the worse for you but it is just an opt tho. The higher will be risky yet will promise you with a super duper security and satisfactions for the rest of your life. The indulgence of life or the binge of satisfactions is there people. Satisfaction would have a wide meaning to people but for those who are below the age of 30, I guess we may have the same desire and inspiration just that we cant tackle those desire into a proper channel. Just that the fear, less competitive driven and plain mindset yet overwhelming dreams will never be together in most of people and this would result the state of “partition” basically from the opt of bridges that they choose. So the question, would you be dare to choose and not only by choosing it but would u dare to have your bare feet to cross the bridge of your own in order to get your own destination of life? The bridge is a SMART SHORTCUT which is not that easy to be gotten. Get your self stretch and out from your cocoon and then tell me what do you have in order to be to the bridge you really want to. Remember, believing is a power of life regardless you are in the department of love, career, and maturity process.

Xoxox, Josh