29 July 2007

Just a view

Don’t make u to be Fooled

This is not to be called as advisory parental coz it can be happened to anywhere, including You. Okies, maybe because of my dark side makes me to say such ghastly AKA dire but yeah, what you have learnt before will help you to “sharpen” your visionary to see anything around you, unless u are aimed to be such a submissive creature. Okies, this intro seems to be “not down to earth “ huh? To make this ideology sounds short, my friends and I went to Titiwangsa to have a great twilight while watching the some people who were really know how to enjoy the “weekend night” (most working people will be very happy for this). Hey, am not saying that people who are not thinking about “Titiwangsa” in the 1st place are dumb for not being there. I am talking about people who really been there for “enjoy” than making some sort of “home (bed time) time spending” I guess you all know what am trying to talk here , right? Oh ya, taking about The Eye on Malaysia, I am totally disagree with the provided toilet as it is not that pretty expediency enough on term of hygiene and “assessable”. It is too far to be ceased ! As the place is the focus of Tourist then it should be pretty convenience in term of hygiene and fulfill the basic needs. It is not merely to have a nice ambience! Well, have nothing to nag here. By the way, I do have a nice Video Clip for you which is from Gym Class Heroes. I love em’ so much. Man the lyric is darn Goosebumps. Till then, take care :


x0x0x0x Josh