31 December 2008

H.a.p.p.y. B.e.s.d.a.y T.o M.e

As the time is clocking and pointing at 12am on 31 dec, i take this oppurtunity to have a shout "Happy besday to Josh.. and now you are just sweet 26 with all joys...."

yeah, it's the special day to me coz my besday is quite unique as it comes along with the new year eve session. OMG, i feel am so lucky to have the date for my besday..Thanks to my parents for having me on that special day. And also to the god for the journey he makes for me along with those blessing on me.thanks yeah...Thanks for those who wished me and only the god will pay your goodness on behalf of me. So for this birthday, i wish upon the stars to have :-

a. a wonderfull life with my beloved parents, siblings and family.
b. a wonderfull health
c. a wonderfull dreams and be able to have my own legend which is be more successful in my consultancy biz. Then i can manage to buy SLK (wink2) and now am eyeing some semi-Ds...(heheh)
d. a wonderfull friends with a cheerfull heart
e. give more to society in term of supports and ideas
f. be less ego and obdurate
g. be more intellectual and articulate more so i can blog more then with lot and lot of bumper issues
i. be more merrier
j. learn to appreciate more than before
k. be more carring

xoxoxo, Josh

28 December 2008

Merry Xmas People

Hai dudes and jazz, i would like to wish all of you, MERRY XMAS and have a great holiday,with full of my heart's contents.
Here is our humble xmas tree

The more bling2 (shinning) the more merrier isn't it?

So, talking about xmas, mine was cool. Coz i did let my stomach being pampered with "evil" foods and guess what, from 63.8k now am 65kg. Such kind of "blot from the blue" i guess. I did "put a celling on" my diet plan coz i took only twice mee kolok during my 7days vocation for xmas. Kolok mee is such a fattening agent tho. Oh ya, before that i would like to tell you guys about my brother's weeding but then my head is fulled with wonderful events and hardly to get into the line of blogging. It was good to be at home. Oh ya, by the way let me introduce to u my lovely obsession pets or be exact my little brother's obsession actually (heheh). For some unknown reasons, we don't give any nick or name to these pets. (hehehe).This is my first time to meet these cute pets since they are brought by my brother and here they are;-

Here are the summary of my short yet sweet holidays,
Finally on 20 dec 2008, my brother tied a knot to end his bachelor territory. Sharped 8pm i guess, and the ceremony was started. We arrived then from the groom's relatives completed the common task-dealing with quatrain puzzles which made the evening much more fun and thrill. Then, my dad with my bro handed the dowry( as their following the traditional of iban's weeding as in the christian, i guess, there is no dowry and do correct me if i am wrong) and the exact dowry was 10k!mind you. So we entered the bridge's place and they served us with a wine.Then we sat and after the vow was whispered and enunciated then the even begin with the slicing cake and drinking wine. So, people from both sides ( groom and bridge) will have the opportunity to met up with each other in order to get to know each other. This state of affair is important in iban's tenet as you can keep the tight more closer among new relatives. So after that , the "makan time" took over the event.

The foods were fabulous and they were divided into muslim and non muslim foods. Living in a multiracial environment should make you be more and more vigilant to the common need which is not need to be told. by the way, sorry guys i cant put the pics of the weeding here coz i didn't bring a camera on that time but my cousin did bring it. Am waiting him to send those exquisite pics ya. so what did i consume? i took a little bit of frying rice and brown rice with steamed fish and a little bit of red meat (fried meat aka rendang daging) and lot of vegetables. i was a little bit drunk coz i don't really go for birs or any liquors . remember am shaping my stomach with full of lovely packs? (notty wink). So i did keep my self not to be engrossed with those "high sugar" tingys.

my plate..the green vegges is called as kemiding one of paku pakis punya family tree la.the taste is so sweet occay.

But i did loosen up the restriction. What a lovely memory and hardly to express it coz there are no pics with me at this moment and i promise to post em' later on occay? I was stand still till 6am in the morning tho.i did join the "poco-poco" dance.

Poco-poco at the patio side

another butt shaking at the patio
I did contribute my voice by singing one of iban's songs- flora by jerry kamit go and search it at youtube then. I sang with full of my heart's contents and i sang with a little bit of controlto voice. my pitching was out and shaky coz i did miss the time signature while listening to the rhythm. Hardly to get spinto voice to put some details on the notes coz i was drunk. NO counter tenor or soprano thingy! The event was fabulous and excellent to me. I on behalf of my family would like to express a warm gratitude to those who were coming to be a witness for the momentous moment of the weeding ceremony. Hope both of em' will live happy ever after.

The next day, i off to Belaga. it was for my business trips coz zul and i are too crazy to attack a fresh market in Belaga. Zul is my secondary mates-form six and also UKM mate. We used to get drunk together, went for sport activities together and now we do a venture together. A cool buddy tho. it takes 5hours by using express boat from kapit to belaga. what a long journey tho. It was my first attempt to be there. I lost my sandal due to the heavily flow of water. I was bare foot walked in belaga's town while helping my self to get a new pair of sandal. What a thrill thing. The at night i slept at zul's place and it takes in about 5mins from belaga's town by using a bot in order to reach the place. The journey was so vivid and cool. In fact you can smell the fresh forest air! awe-inspiring to me.I spent a night in belaga then the next early morning i headed to Kapit.Looking forward to be there again.

me, while standing on the moving express boat

zul and i
on the way to belaga

sungai rejang along belaga's territory

Me, during the christmas morning

Then, during Xmas, we had a small preparation. In fact my mum did all last minute buying cookies and those junk foods.But they were still so succulent to me tho. We had chicken as the main course for the xmas. Nice and succulent coz it mixed with brawny. Then i preferred to stay at home and visited only 2 places which are among nearest relatives.

On 26 dec,i went to sibu and i flew back to Bangi at 10.10pm. While in sibu, i loafed a while with my sister, regarding our plan to do a business family. so we took a place to "chew the fat". So we had pizza for the dinner and i have salad with thousand island for the dinner with to slices of pizza and a lemon tea for a drink.

I helped my self with a lot of tomatos and i do remain with those 80% vege meals (wink2)..

My sis plate..

The flight supposed to be at 8.50pm but it was delay so fuck la. I need to be back to bangi due to the fact that i need to do the correction for the viva voice. So the next day, kinnetic asked me out to hang out for clubbing time. Somewhere near in KL. I have been on the podium more than a hour. Thanks to Eron, fir, Helmi and Farhan for the companionship. The theme was in black. Been at home around 6am. It was just a ordinary outing and NO FLIRTING at all. All the way, my mind kept on remembering my lovely pembuat kek. Miss her so much and cant wait to meet up with her. Well back to the outing, we enjoy every single drop of the memory and happy hours. I guess i stop till here coz need to get back to the work then. I miss pembuat kek and am waiting the moment to meet up with her..so jiwang kan..so, i rest my story here and will be back with another new bumper issue.

standing still can feel the hectic feeling after doing butt shacking ....;p

Now am listening to the song- gonna be alright by shane ward and such a placid song tho. here is the link:-


Till then, xoxoxoxoxo

19 December 2008

The rose of ur heart..

Artist: WestlifeAlbum: The Love AlbumTitle: The Rose

Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love it is a hunger
An endless,
aching needI say love it is a flower,
And you it's only seed.It's the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken,
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live.
When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long.
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong.
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring, becomes the rose


P/s: it has a cool lyric and video clip. I guess this would be a prefect vows to those who are going to be married. Nice wording ad if you guys have insufficient wordings to express your truly desire toward you lovely ones, then take a chance and get ur gut to have a look on the above link. I challange your gut and felling toward that so-called love provocation. U do it or u leave it.

Oh ya, i will off to Sibu tommorow coz my brother will get married. So sweet tho. Till then, hope i will blog agian before i leave. I guess i will be back to KL before christmas and it is kind of a bit uneasy to be coz i will b away from my family due to some things i need to sort off. Till then, happy firday and spread the love around the glob people.

truly , xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

10 December 2008

Back to Bangi...

Hai peeps, sorry coz this blog has been pending for almost 2weeks. I was away to Kuching for a week for biz trip. I was too exhausted and my days were packed when I was in kuching. But I LIKE being bz like a bee! My days were packed and I have no time to watch tv. I am closer to my target and I want to get my dream car as soon as possible. I love with what am doing. I never expected that I would change my vessel of life to be in business line to what I usually call as consultancy. I never expected my seft to stay and live in Kuching. I termediously change a part of my seft to another new brand of Josh,. I mean, the mind set tho. Am glad for that. If you asked my close friends, you will know that am unenthusiastically to be involved in business and I was always end up with the typical mindset which is being a really good darn worker. By having lot investment on my education makes me to dream on lot and lot of materials and financial freedom. In more sensible of thinking, will I can be that so freedom even how hard am working to deal with my carrer? No matter how much I will get pay but then will it be equal (we always we can get much more benefit and payment more that we can offer and this is the normal trait of being a human) payment with equal effort we can offer? As u are an employee, how come you can struggle your boss or even demand more that what you can offer? At the end of the day, am thinking that the life of being an employee will never satisfy me. Coz no matter how brilliant I am, but am just a kind of person or to be exact , am just a kind of professional slave who knows HOW to do a task but my boss is just a person who just knows WHY he needs to run a business and since that he doesn’t have the idea of doing “HOW” to do it, so he makes so called fruity offers to those who knows HOW- just like me. So, here I am, standing up with my trusted partners and together we strive for the good sake of our dreams. It is not too late for me to embark my new pages compared to my previous one. I just want to be somebody form nobody. I am here just to speak my voice loud, to be heard and to be more respected compared to previous Josh you have known before.Come on, we are in the reality of life so i guess i just help my self without put any burden to others. Sorry to those who are a poletarian. Am not too blue eyes to the statments i have made. It is just my point of view. God gives us a pair of eyes which each eye has diffrent angel of capturing a views. Logically it may makes us think not from one perspective but then try to look for the whole if your situation and up to you in what ways will u tackel and comprehend the the reality of life. Sorry, no offence ya.Ok settle for that big resolution. When I was in kuching, everything was to a certain extent well and excellent. I strictly control my covetousness toward “kolok mee” which is so popular in Sarawak. It tastes “OMG” and I hardly satisfy by taking only a plate of it. So I always help my self with 2 plates of it. Oh ya, i met up with my 2 good buddies and I am looking forward to hanging out with them all over again. There are Zul and Loren. Gosh, I have been not meeting up with zul almost 4 years since 2004. He was my good bud when I was in UKM. Besides, he was the first person I talked with at the 1st day of my form 6. Loren is also a good bud to me. I have been knowing him since my primary school till now. Even though his is a bit cynical and mordant but then, sometimes he can be a good buddy to you. Both of them came to kuching coz we have something to be planned. What is it?Well, both of them will be my biz partner. We discussed about our next plan and how to work with it together. Loren is a teacher and he is teaching in remoted area so it is rather hard for him to be 100% with us. So pitty to him but then, I do believe that the whole lot can be settled without any suspicion unless you believe in yourself. Have u watched “the secret” movie? I read the book (the secret) but then really keen to like the movie compared the book. Such a rousing movie and book tho. It is same kind with “chicken soup for soul” but then believe me, the secret is so much out of the ordinary and laudable to have. Besides, it talks about the way u can embark upon your fear, negative tonic within your deep deep heart! No matter what and how hard it is, remember just take is as your low of attraction. If you want to know what is the low of attraction, then go and get the book or the VCD! It is kind of weird that I bumped quite a few of love probles among some of dudes and jazzes. Well, “The secret” is the best solution for you to virtually recuperate from the forlorn and despondent shadow which is above your shinning face. Remember fellas, being an individual is can be cool tho as you individually contribute your love to the whole world rather than to one particular person. Nah, take this wording to make your heart feels much more lighten up for the sake of your self. Ok, just settle for that case. By the way, I snapped some pictures of me and my buddies. This pic ere taken at Igloo and it is located somewhere in tabuan Jaya or to be exact which is near to The Spring!

We are the happy buddy..arent we?

From the left to the right: laurance, zul and Josh

I ordered this and the taste was not that supreb but it is still mouth-watering tho. I forgot the name of this ice-crem but then it suited me tho coz am not kind of sugar addict!Not good for my healthy diet regime!
Laurance ordered this and the taste was nice and heavently yet sweet.Nah, i rate this 2stars even though it much more delicious than mine. But it has lot of sugar!

I am addicted to this kind of healthy drink....especially with alovera flavour as it good for your inner development and recovery. It has green tea extract tho. Such a great drink for those who are trying to put their diet in a balnce and stay in shape with truly fruit flavors.The hot button is "rendah lemak" and it is a must!

Or even this. Am kind of milk hunger!
At this time, we were in a heaven of ice-cream wonderland which is named as Igloo near to King Center Kuching. Well, before I left you guys, I show you my new obsession which is…tada……

Am dreaming and targeting this and do try to gess what kind of wheel is this....i rest my riddle to you, ladies and gentelments.

Till then, excuse me ladies and gentelment, i need to rest my selft and off to bed. Hope pembuat kek will be in my dreams tonight.

I leve you guys, with this song- see the sun by Dido...here is the link


Here is the lyric and come do sing along with me..

I'm comin' 'round to open the blinds

You can't hide here any longer

My God you need to rinse those puffy eyes

You can't last here any longer

And yes they'll ask you where you've been

And you'll have to tell them again and again

And you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another day

Well I promise you you'll see the sun again

And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

Come on take my handWe're going for a walk,

I know you can

You can wear anything as long as it's not black

Please don't mourn forever

She's not coming back

And yes they'll ask you where you've been

And you'll have to tell them again and again

And you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another dayWell I promise you you'll see the sun again

And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

Do you remember telling me you found the sweetest thing of all

You said one day this was worth dying for

So be thankful you knew her at allBut it's no more

And you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another day

Well I promise you you'll see the sun again

And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

And I promise you you'll see the sun again

I promise you you'll see the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

See the sun again

Till then, do make me a room please.Thank you (notty wink)...

xoxoxo Josh

24 November 2008

What was my sunday all about?

It was the Happy time for me..

Hai peeps…Happy morning to those who are working today,doesn’t really matter if u are a proletarian or work by ur own . I wrote this thread around 5am but then i was so sleepy so i was unable to complete it at that particular time. A bit late for me to engrave something coz after coming back from outing i was so tense and busy to do a translation task. I wonder how i can mentaly so strong enough to take Translation as my minor when i was in my undergraduate time. Well, i specialize in translating mass media texts, scienctific texts and literature works. If i not mistaken, if you are about to do translation for scienctific texts, you would get a nice payment. You will get in about 10 sen for each 20words. A good translater should have more than 2 dictinonary and a thesaurus! A must and that is the main requirment even you are 100% master both source language and target language. Coz we are not dealing with word per word while translating any text but we are dealing with emotion, cultural, sense of accurancy and the semantic of any idealogies in those texts. Accurancy doest really depend on the word per word tho. Just cut that carp. Well, Am sure the mood of Monday blues is still with you. Am still bouncy and vigor even though I came quite late from outing with Kinnetic . Kinnetic is a bunch of my close friends and we do spend and share our times together especially during Karaoke-ing session. Since I left my undergraduate period, I hardly have close friends coz in my postgraduate classes, the number of students are too limited. I had an experience where there were 2 person (including me) who took a particular course. Oh, today Kinnetic went to RedBox at Low Yat plaza, in Bukit Bintang. Supposed to be there in about 3pm. But due to the unexpected thing, so we were late for the meeting. Actually, on Sunday I had something to do and would like to prefer an outing on Saturday. But then due to the fact that Helmi had to be on-call on that day, so we waited till he was totally free. Yeah, that is the life being a doctor and u totally will busy like a bee. Firstly, Eron gave a ride to his friend. Then when he arrived at my place to pick me up, then the car was hardly to get started. So, Eron and I needed to ram it to a parking lot before it can be sent to any nearby workshop. Both of us spent the best quality of our energy to push the car due to the fact that none of us took lunch. Such thrill imagery when you were so famish then you need to do more extra force in order to push the car with full of your heart's content! So, from my place both of us went to Eron’s place to get a bike by taking a cap. We were away in about 4.30pm to KL and managed to be at Midvally in about 5.30pm. Using a bike! hadrld to believe it, but yes we did! We were almost caught by heavy rain . Such an obstacle tho. So, Helmi and Daus managed to be at the mall by their own. After all were arrived, then we took a fast move to bukit bintang using a cap and it was so costly as we had to pay rm20. I barely cant comprehend that as now on, the hike of the oil is no longer being a horrendous tight spot to anyone else but then another way around happens in the surface of veracity above all those who are in the urban territory. Such a shit tho! I guess someone needs to use his bare hand and goes down to the dirt and fix all those knotty issues which encircle around working class people. By the way, back to our outing story, and managed to be at bukit bintang around 6pm and started to rummage around for the Redbox. We took in about 30mins to get to the place and once we were there, we rush to the buffet table coz our stomach were kind of playing an orchestra. Siap boleh main lagu Michel bubble lagi. So the international tho. Almost like an orchestra in the Albert Hall, mind you(wink).

Yesterday I helped my self to have kind of heavy meals. For the starter I had 2 set of sush, and also raw prawn with the decoration of Japanese style. The, the main course I had nasi goring, an oyster with chicken salad.

I took 2 set of sushi.The pic above was my 1set. The second set has been forgoten to be splashed with the lense coz in was too hungry at that time..(wink)

The main course. So sedap.

The desert, This was my 1st set tho. I was too busy to attend the 2nd set with the camera as my stomach wont alow me to do that. :) For the second set, i helped my self with a lot of tommatos cherry and carrots. Yeah, am so detail about what i consume.

Ate and sang. I guess now, i should be "gentel" to this ideology which is "we can do 2 things at one particular time with your full of heart's content". ( Me, Daus and Helmi)

Eron menyendiri dgn makanan

The mocha with oat, raisins and arlmond..the taste was superb and creamy. At least the oat helps to assimilate the colestrol in my body after sucking all those creamy, sweet and a bit heavy meals.

Then, for the desert I had tomato cherry, cucumber, carrot and they were dressed with thousand island cream. I did help my self with 4cupcakes with a Mocha Oat Shake. Then, before we left the place we ordered the last drink and I had Honey Jujo Juice. It had a simple look but then the honey and raisins made the juice tastes fabulous. What a prefect combination.The mocha was so heavenly first-rate and fantastic. Gosh, I was full. We went back with full smile in the face coz we sang the song that we love and adore besides our stomach were pampered nicely as in a paradise not only with those lovely food yet with the placid tunes and voices of us. Almost perfect to the professional singer tho. What comes to my supprise is, both Eron and Daus can sing using their counter tenor! Would u guys want to beat me? Dear Kinnetic, if you do read this thread, keep your laugh for your self ya (wink).


What a fake...

I guess, the price was resonable to me. I have a card and i will use it for birthday celebration.Since my birthday will be around the corner so why not i get the card. In fact i was lucky on that day coz i only needed to pay RM4 instead of paying RM50 for normal day.What a nice offer. I might use the card with pembuat kek during my birthday,perhaps.(wink). The, we went out from the Redbox around 11pm. So Helmi catched a cap from Bukit Bintang to Sri Petaling. Eron, Daus and I took a monorail to KL central then ed and i seprated with daus from there. So, Eron and i took a bus to Midvally coz we parked the Ride over there. Sharp 11.45pm, we hit the highway with mercy coz it was a light raining.We took 30 mins to be at Bangi. Gosh, what a day. Full of obstacles yet trillion of wonderfull colours in my heart. Thanks for Eron to give me a ride.

So, this morning, I had my breaky with cornflakes and low fat milk. I skipped my lunch coz am still full and am intended to cut down my calories intake due to my low metabolism acceleration. What’s more, I have not burn my calories for sport activities almost a week. Such an old school fashion to have such menu , dont u think? I dont really into Cornflakes, just that accidently i bought it yesterday. I thought i would like to have it as a sneak rather than to have it for breaky but then, due to the fact i was still full at this noon so i graped it without any doubt. Gosh, it makes me feel darn quivering! So i adhere the pics and I let them to speak for them eslve and narrate our great outing yesterday to all of you my silent redears. I miss pembuat kek deeply and at least with the happy time session ease the burden of feeling lonley. I really miss pembuat kek, miss her smile, her shadow and also miss to breath the same air with her. Till then, cheers!

xoxoxox, Josh

20 November 2008

The quicky of the early morning

Hai silent readers,

While typing this entry, my attention is captured by the lovely drops of raining from my window view. So sweet. What’s more, am thinking about how providential I am with all I have. Yeah, as a human being, we hardly being satisfy to our surrounding. Due to that particular instinct, god gives u a lovely yet intricate brain for us to be able to chase and do some improvements to please our ‘never ending’ desires. That is the beauty of being a human. By making improvements to improve the quality of your satisfaction across times and spaces. This kind of state of affair needs a complex mind to work on this matters. So, thinking about the desires, I have talked to my biz partner to do something which sounds cool to commemorate this coming new year. Celebrating the new year without archiving or getting something is not my type. So, now am thinking to take a big task from my biz partner which needs to be completed before this end of month. For any great job and performance will be rewarded. So my biz partner says that she will gives me an item of LV. Mind you. Can this state of affair be called as the serendipity in the context of mine? The cheapest LV item may cost you merely RM 600. So I challenge my self to give the very best of my performance to complete her challenges. Now, I have just finished my planning for tomorrow. Lot of people I need to give a buzz for update. Gosh, my postpaid bill will be in a highly hike! But I don’t care coz am not a kind of person who waste the bill talking for zilch. Wasting the saliva je.

Talking about the concept of contentment, since pembuat kek is not around, so I more homey. I have my lunch and dinner at home. Well, my meal would be the mix of peas, some salad, and some vegetables. NO RICE intakes at all. Out of blue, i love to watch Rachel Ray ‘s talk show at midnight. At that show, she came out with the “big mac” recipe. This recipe was attributed to USA Olympic Training Center which is one of the main meals for trainers before they were going to Beijing. So, as the recipe uses pasta for the main ingredient, so I was so tempting to have pasta. The next morning, I made my way to a supermarket to get groceries. So I bought pasta (I choose those with less carbohydrate), celery, onion, radish, carrot, white mushroom, onion leaves, tomato puree, blended of fish meat, half cooked of beans, and slices of sausage. I changed a bit of the main elements of the menu coz I strictly monitor my diet plan. The final touch, I mixed the pasta with black and white pepper. I fried those meat with thyme and herb with addition of olive virgin oil. Also, with the taste of mayonise flavour. It is a must for me with some drops of lemon juice. So it was smelled good. So here is the picture of my pasta and it was right away from my amature cooking skills.

It looks simple but full of flavor and scrumptious tho especially with my favorite drink It tastes so heavenly to me.. So i took pasta for lunch and dinner. Whole some of the pasta for the whole day~

Till then, I will update late
xoxox, Josh

16 November 2008

Spreed the love in the air

Hai peeps,

Happy Sunday to all of my silent readers. Today is a bit gloomy tho. In fact,I have been spending all my day from morning to evening at home, or to be exact, in my room. My housmates are busy outing with their couple. Pitty to me.I have not been in a track for almost 4days. So it means that i really really need to control my food intakes. Perhaps i need to take less then 900 calories per day if am not jogging, swimming or hit to the gym. So, i need cut less carbo and meat but put lot of vege in my meals. When i say a lot..it means too much tho. My buddies say that the foods i consume are almost alike to what the foods which are servered in a hospital. Nah, i dont really care, as long as i keep the shape and look fit and also attractive in the age of 25. As the age is increasingly, the body may have low metobolisme to diggest the food and that why, people keen to have a hike in their weight eventhough they take less food. By, taking less foods doesnt mean that it is an effective way to cut the wieght. You shoud cut less calories intake not the food. Knowing the calories for every food might be a bonus for you to loss your weight. I love vegetables and don't you ever say that vegetable is a "rabit's food". Pembuat kek was too busy for the whole week and in fact the weather is not really suitable for us to have outdoor activities. Today pembuat kek had her last paper so I had nothing to do while waiting for her for a lunch. Regrettably, pembuat kek couldn’t make it coz she needs to have a nap and rest. So we are be of the same mind to meet up in evening. As I have a promises to pembuat kek to help her to pack all of her stuffs. So, while waiting to meet up with her this evening, I am tryin' to engrave something on this blog. Yesterday, my internet connection was suck and it sucessfully fucked me up tho due to heavy rain. I was darn bored all day long( Pembuat kek couldn’t spend her time coz she has to do a final revision for the last paper). I went for Kajang to deal with my postpaid bil then while strolling around in a shooping complex alone, then something popped in to my mind. Why not I buy a gift to celebrate pembuat kek and her family coz she and her family will move to their new house. In fact, new year is coming, so I think that it is a wise idea to do “a whole sum” of gift for both celebrations. So I made a quick survey to all stores. But then nothing stroke my attention. So I called a friend of mine- Cecilia. She was my junior and also a dealer for aroma therapy things. The irony thing was, she completed her Master 1 semester earlier than me. She had a coursework modulebut mine was a coursework and research modul. So ,I bought a set of that particular thing from Cecilia. I made my way fast to home coz that time was almost 6pm coz i have a date with pembuat kek at 8pm.I wrapped it in a classy look.so here it is….Tadaaa…..

The Front Look

Side look

How does it look? So classy right? I wrapped it by using newspapers. The Star Newspaper occay. Still sounds alluring and glamorous. I used a purple ribbon to complete the touch of the warping thing. So finally, a complete touch with my armature warping techniques are shown to the surface. Yeah..so puas hati. A lady in an accessory stall helped me to choose what kind of ribbon suit to the newspaper look. I just want to have something which is classy and sentimental impression. So what kind of aromatherapy set I have bought? Rahsia k. But then, the cost of it is almost similar to a month salary for a fresh undergraduate. Even the wrapping looks cheap but the as the old saying says “don’t judge a book by it cover”. That what I told to pembuat kek. (Pembuat kek may read this post). Coz I was too rushed to warp the gift so I forgot to take a picture of it. Later I ask permission form pembuat kek to tak a snap of it. I hope the gift macth and suit the theme of their new lovely house. It is much better if the thing can make the shinning chandelier, which was choosen by pembuat kek looks luxury.

I took in about 40 minutes to warp the gift. It costed me a lot of time to choose a suitable newspaper backgroud to emerge the classy and elegant look. Well, after all are done, then i have a short rest and had my favorite drink (which is the favorite drink for pembuat kek too..so sehati dna sejiwa kononya) and here it is.....

It is a routine for both of us to have it after lunch and dinner. This is our favorite green tea with a lemon flavour. It has lot of benifits to have it. It helps you to reduce the calories intakes, reduce the ageing impact, and to avoid from cancer. I like green tea so much! Even my family also love green tea.You call should try it peeps for a better life style!

till then, have a nice day with a lovely heart in sunday evening fellas.

X0X0X, Josh

13 November 2008

I'm in the cul-de-sac thinking

It’s earlly in the morning and I still wide awake fellas.

Since I have plethora of time, then my nocturnal refuses to conquer my bed time. So what am I doing in this early morning? Well, I spend my time with my reading activities which is a part of my routine. So my times is used wisely. Am still waiting for the faculty to give my thesis for the correction. Hopefully they can give it as soon as possible coz I will fly again to Kuching, which almost certainly in the midst of November due to biz trips (agian and again). As far as I disquiet, the faculty still has not got any readers for it. Gosh! Wow, the time is moving so swiftly and the scariest thing is, we are heading to the end of year. Now, UKM is having its exams weeks. I will fly to Kuching once Pembuak kek has finished her exams. Pembuat kek has one more paper to go which is Statistics Methods- the subject that makes me not that really dull to the scientific calculation. After pembuat kek finished the last paper, then I have few days to spend with her. I’ll be in Kuching almost for 2 months. I bet I miss pembuat kek like crazy! In the mean time, while waiting for pembuat kek to end the last paper, I am spending my times to do my reading on several topics which I would start to engrave especially for the purpose of my PhD. By the way, talking about the end of this year, I find my self that I have been doing almost 70% of my plans which have been planned for the year 2008. For instance, I put my speed up to read more and more (even faster) for many issues and disciplines. I bet that am in the same track to the previous ‘Josh; (read my resolution for 2008 by navigating the December’s post for the 2007) who comes with the aim to become more independent all the ways he wants to be, especially, when he is being in the horizon of knowledges. So I think I can be more and more articulate to discuss everything under the sun compared to previous ‘Josh’.

Well, I have 2 rough topics to be chosen for my PhD proposal which are 1. Writing and Speaking development methods using Linguistics Tools (Under the filed of English Linguistic and TESL) Or
2. Sustainable Index for the rural areas development : The case study: economic and transposition index in agriculture areas ( Under the filed of Urban and Town Planning).

I have a reason for each topic I have made. I come with the first topic because nowadays we always face the old state of affair about people who have the problem to master the English. Some of them have a good sound of English but connection of the flow of writing with the vocabulary is almost suck. Yet, some of them are good in writing but then the connectivity of ideas and words used are so bored and a bit indistinctness (does this state of affair make you think that you are good in the language?) Let me count, how many years have you spend your time to study the language? Sorry for my outspoken mind- I was an editor for an instructor who has a Bachelor, Master and PhD from the UK and yet the English is so upside down! She is good in speaking but then in writing, the syntax is so upside down!The most horrible thing is, when the person is so educated then she or he keens to create unknown sentence structures which is going to be fitted in a page. Not to mention with full of the ambiguity of vocabularies in the pages.That why, we cant understand what the hell they are talking about. So, I come to my own entomologies of idea where, even you may sound almost perfect to the language but then when the flow of your language (words (vocabulary), meaning(semantic and pragmatic) and the flow of writing-the system of writing) is not strong or being in the “same page” with each other, then it means that there still a lack of English essentials in you. Am not talking am so good tho. Yet, am still studying more and more on how to improve my self. So, here I come with a linguistic device to construct a model which can help us to be more like “mat salleh” when we need to speak in English. Hence, Teacher Emy Kadam says that Linguistic has less prominent to gratify me with the future prospects. Eventhough Emy has English as her major but then she is currently not teaching English tho. So kesian kan but no need to me to dialouge her "kesian" in my blog..ahakss.Shall we go for the next line?

Ok, for the second topic, I do have an interest to create some new improvements to the rural areas especially how to preserve the rural areas, especially the agricultures areas, to make it more sound sustainable which be able to cater the future generations. Not to deny that agriculture sector has major impact on our economic development. The degrading of agriculture productivity due to the lack of sustainable actions will make your place hunger for raw materials and by the end of the day, it is not surprisingly that , for instance, we need to do a lot of export for those sands, solid and water (for instance). If there were no all these elements, so how can we go the nation of being developed country? How we can develope our manufacturing sector? In development, we will say that particular country has a good development by taking into account the facilities provided by the goverment and also by considering the human capital index as an indicator to measure which levels of development are we. Will the architecture and engineering disipline will be the main actor in providing the good infrastructure and other facilities while we are having the shortage of raw materials? Well, I wont elaborate more on this. So ,know am in the department of digging and digging more matterials to be read in order for me to be more articulate to what i am looking for and it has to come with passion to do the PhD. Frankly speaking i do it for pleasure and not for having a big cash. If you want to be a big spender then go for the bussiness line then. Who cares?

I am still in the mood of love tho. Thinking about pembuat kek. So sweet when out of blue pembuat kek sms-ed me then asked me to listen the song by Acha (sampai menutup mata) if I am wondering what does she think at this moment. Listening to this song makes me realize that Jlo’s dialing tone has the same melody to the “sampai menutup mata” song. OMG, baru I perasan that the song is so placid and the wording is so goosebumps. Gosh, I really cant wait to me pembuat kek tomorrow and in order to answering your question by using the song as your sweet metaphora, then I will certainly respon to you by saing these:-

In every romance, there will be times of ups and downs that test the strength of our love for each other. As I've learned, each downturn only makes me want you more.Having to part with you, even for a second, is really painful for me tho. In the course of times we have been together, you have changed me a lot and it makes me more sentitive to what you like and dislikes. You have taught me the meaning of appreication, patience and humility which above all, kindness that puts yourself behind others. I do not give a shit about how many admirers I have waiting in line. It is not them that my heart desires. It is you, and only you. I hope I have not been a disappointment to you. Warrpering my warm arms all over your body, with my nose being pressed against your cheek, coddling in your fragrance and softness of love, is the sweetest feeling of love I ever have.

Nah, i really cant wait for tommorow. My mind is keep on singging the quitoxic wordings.

till then, am off for now fellas.

xoxoxox Josh.

My feeling is tagged by this Buzz

My pembuat kek gives a lovely song and which has a total meaning of her heart. What a lovely melodrama thing tho. So here i am, i share and tribute this song to all of you my readers..

Acha Septriasa - Sampai Menutup Mata

Embun di pagi buta
Menebarkan bau asa
Detik demi detik ku hitung
Inikah saat ku pergi
Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
Berikanlah aku hidup
Takkan ku sakiti dia
Hukum aku bila terjadi

Aku tak mudah mencintai
Aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
Aku tak mudah mengatakan
Aku jatuh cinta

Senandungku hanya untuk cinta
Tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
Tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
Sampai ku menutup mata
Cintaku sampai ku menutup mata

Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
Berikanlah aku hidup
Takkan ku sakiti dia
Hukum aku bila terjadi


xoxoxo Josh

5 November 2008

Today entertaiment buzz- To make you feel my love by Adele

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your caseI
could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love
When evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you fell my love
I know you haven't made your mind up yet
And I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
There's not doubt in my mind where you belong
I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love
The storms are raging on a rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain't seen nothin' like me yet
There and nothin' that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
Make you happy make your dreams come true
To make you feel my love

*This song has a beautiful and placid arrangment. Yet, the lyric means so much as it flows with the rythme of love and cares. Gosh, it makes my senses keep on crawling to listen more and more for this song. I tribute this song to those who are looking for love, losing their love and in the making of love. Listening to this song makes i my seft, personaly, feel humble and 'down to earth" to the person loves you for no regret to what you are and who you are... This can be a really sweet song for the weeding scene. By the way, i tribute this song to my bebe-pembuat kek..Thumb up to Adele for bringing this song with a unquie range of voice. Good in making the simple yet nice placement of the tone and also the flow of the sound. Till then, enjoy of listening the song (by clicking the below link). Do sing together with me, will ya?


xoxoxoxo Josh

4 November 2008

Quicky posting

Cheer up

Hai peeps,

Today am feeling a bit release due to the fact that one of my projects has been done , successfully. One of my clients agrees to do the payment and am kind of waiting for the “fruit” with both hands. Need to work more harder coz too much things I need to settle especially to makes sure that I have enough bucks to support my PhD. God’s will, perhaps am thinking to buy some properties next year. One of my friends bought 2 Semi Ds and he merged both together. So great tho and am so envy on that. Am dreaming on a Mediterranean home style. But the most imperative thing, what I learn in business line, you need to show ur result then people will take it as a positive perspective on you. That why in the early stage of doing business people will put a little bit of their investment on a car. Picture this, let’s say that you are targeting a big project and it worth to you, and in fact you are totally qualified for the project. What would u do? To convince people that you are qualified, would u show your housing grad to your client to make an attestation that you are really a bizman? Or let’s say that your property is in the making , would u bring them to the “in the making” thing? Or just showing your bank account to testimony that you own almost 5 figure income in a month? That are so scarstic and show off things to be done. Just put this state of affairs in yourselves, would u do a business affair with someone who physically has not really convinces your gut feeling? For sure you are truly make your step vigilantly when it come to trust other people coz you don’t want to be called as an asshole who is effortlessly being cheated . Especially when it comes to a big cash. Me neither! So, hopefully this coming January I can get my dream car. I’ll talk about it in the next post once if officially have in. the clue- am dreaming about a first car which is above 100K. God’s will tho. Just be patient aite?

Not that really goose bumps thing but when you do something with your truly heart and efforts and once in a while you are in upside down, then you really be pleased about every single drop of your efforts. Nah, am not in actual fact be bothered about what people think about me. The most essential thing is “I really care about what I think about them’. Coz they don’t feed you when u are starving for a stable and cozy life. Those people won’t help you with their both hands for you to hold on. A good friend doesn’t even bother about what you are b rather than to know what is happen to you. Hardly to make our plans be in the line as what we want too. Should I say, not that unproblematic to make our plan in the same page with us, literally. But then, at least, having lot of plans will help us not to depend on one plan only. So it is excellent that we can straightforwardly do some quick proxies. Talking about “replacement” , am listening to the song “Irreplaceable” by a darn funny singer. The song seems to be a prodigy to the real one. Where a lot of funny and scarstic things towards girls. Really nice and cute voice tho even it sounds a bit taboo. So of people say it is sang by Neyo but I bet it wasn’t by him.

I just had my lunch with bebe. Pembuat kek looks nice today. Really nice and supreb. compred to the weeks where pembuat kek felt so tension with the surrounding around her. Well, pembuat kek helps me a lot and i tight my heart for you, bebe. (wink) Credit to u bebe.

I guess, need to stop till here. Will catch up with your guys again once I have time to reload some bumper issues for the next posting.

xoxoxo, Josh

3 November 2008

Movie of this month

It’s been quite long time for me not to update with any type of entertainment buzz. Well, today, I choose “Good Luck Chuck” as the movie of the month. Some of you might raise ur eyebrow or drawn when am talking about the movie. I have been watching the movie for many times. Dane Cook is a natural romantic comedian, I guess. My credits go to him. Also Jessica Alba is really good being ‘clumsy’ as the script wants too. Well, what I can say about this movie? It is so romantic, spectacular charming for most of its’ scenes, and sometime we may wish that we want to find a love as easy and romantic and what Cook and Alba have. The love finding is so “bed of roses’ I guess. It makes me be pleased about the love I have and how I wish to be in the scene of being falling in love at the first sight or during the first date. Gosh, the movie makes me to be in the castle in the sky where I can fall in love again and again, above all, when the first time u feel the angle of love shoots a love bow in a straight line to the center of your heart (wink).

Back to the movie, well, nobody will have such a significant chance as both Cook and Alba have. Cook, who is being cursed as what his mind tells him, finds his love in the most quixotic ways and totally hostile with the “terminology of cursing, literally. The traits of being gawky and klutzy of Alba makes Cook occupies his heart for her. Such a unique remarks which tells apart Alba with other chicks who only want to be fucked by Cook for the reason of meeting up with the soul mate after 1 fucking shoot. That makes the story becomes passionate comedian as both of them. Thank god that I have the movie in my pc. So I can keep on watching the movie for the soul rejuvenation. I like the song which is entitled “shut me out” by Aidan Hawken which is one of the songs for the movie. To me, the song has so simple wordings and one of the best words which create a center of attention the most are:-

If I could start all over with you again,I'd change the way the story ends.I'd try my best to help you along,If ever there's anything wrong,But I know you gotta be moving on.

Here is the link for you guys if you want to listen to the song. Believe me, listening to this song makes you want to fall in love again and again……

Besides that, Hawken has a soft tone of voice. His sweet chestura makes the song seems to be live and get to the line of the scene where Cook tries to fix the things and say that “the thing you love maybe needed to let go”. The voice which is a bit husky and it makes the wordings sound romantic to ears. Nice projection of the voice tho. Husky yet soft. Rough but with a soft and silky edge. He is not singing from his throat all the way and that why Hawken’s tone can be heard clearly even the song is so slow (melody arrangement). I am sure he uses his diaphragm more and supports his voice and this makes u can hear the full potential of what his instrument (Oral production organ) can do.

Bravo to the production teams and also to the greats romantic actors-Cook and Alba.

Loveeeeeeeeeeee it..


2 November 2008

Kickin' alive

Hai fellas,

So long that I have not updated my writing here. Seems that all bumpers issues are not longer a bumper issue anymore. Gosh..Sorry for the sleep through winter of me. Dear gentle readers, you all might wondering what has happened to me since that I have not rare to keep posted.

I have been so busy for my viva voice for the thesis. I bet it is so hard to do a research based thesis rather than doing a project writing. Dealing with data, descriptive and inference statistical analysis drives u insane. Accumulating till know, I spent almost 18 credit hours for the thesis or even more I guess. Gosh. So pain- money and effort. Not to mention when u need to focus to one thing only. So now, am feel so leave go of for that. Btw, in the time am so eventful with the viva voice and also post-correction after my external reader read my thesis, then I have a month to inclusive those correction. Hard to match what your supervisor wants and what the external wants. So the tag” life is hard to be pleased” is totally to “down to earth” to me. Many things happened lately and these things makes me hard to start my update. So many things I want to share with you all dear gentle readers. My housmate was a victim to the dengue fever and this taman perumahan is considered as the high risk of dengue in Kajang area. What comes to my curiosity is, my areas is filled by those educated renters and owners but then I cant imagine how come the area becomes dengue’s territory? Based on my logical opinion, in the case of town planning, it happens when the density is above the limit it should be and then, the area are too close to other suburban which means that, in my area, we have in about 2-3 “taman’ near by with us and we are separated with other “taman’ only with 500m (approximately). And also garbage facilities are still inappropriate plus the density management it so weak. Not to mention that there would be more than 15 unit of shop houses left near to our place. So intimidating and bloodcurdling scenario tho. Nowadays, the vector control will be here and there to do the forging. Besides my scary story which made me so buzy for hiding from the stupid dengue, I was demanding to be an adjunct to my babe for the furniture and lighting stuffs. Oh ya, I love chandelier, especially when it comes from Egypt and you can totally be able to figure out which one is made from Egypt by looking into the types of crystal shape and cutting. So one lovely night, a chandelier which cost RM 2,800 is purchased.

Not to mention that, since July and till October, I was to busy to fly here and there (KL to Kch) for biz trips. Lately I am so tired to be on plane. Busy with my consultancy project. My cool buddies and I are doing some consultancy biz projects. Well, so many things to be considered and glad that today, almost 70% of it are totally done. At this midst of November I will be flew again to Kch. During those period, July – October, I only had few times to pay a visit to my parents which was during hari raya break. I have just spent 5days with them. Managed to pay hari raya visit to some of my close friends and also my biz partners in crime. Even that I always drop to Kuching but hardly have adequate time to pay them a visit at Kapit. It just that from Kuching to Kapit will need you to spend 15 mins on a plane or 8hours on a bus or 5hours on an express boat. So just choose which mode u would like to use. Besides that I only have a week to be spent when I go for the biz trips.

Need to work hard now coz that I do put my self in a rigid time line. At least by the end of this year (my birthday) I have something to be proved to my previous dreams, hopes and desire. What would it be? Well, am targeting to have something extra cool. Well, I do believe that we should “berangan-angan” coz we will be driven by it. But then just need to put the dreams in the same line with the efforts you want to bet. Currently I expose my self in the world of business writings and journals which expand my mind that academic makes u more ingenious and imaginative to improve and create your own comfort zone but it wont makes u rich compared those who are in the business line.And most of engineers go for business line. So I gamble my “young” fro this. Coz, for all men, by taking a risk when they are 30, it is so darn risky coz once they drop then hardly to get a stable line coz at that time you will have lot of commitments which is family, parents, financial, house , car and so forth. Let’s start when u have nothing coz may not lose so many thing to be lose when you are getting “shrink” . Psychologists say that, in the age of 30, a man has a predisposition to regret more on what he has not done when he was young and hardly to stand firm when he has chaos at that age. Well, just need to be dare to face the risk. For me, I don’t really care about what people think about me but the important thing is, just think about what i think about them. That all.

I target and dreams are, before I reach my 30s, I wish that at least I have my PhD and also be able to expand the consultancy thing.Oh ya, own a SLK 2000. Talking about doctoral studies, I will prolong it next year (July intake). Now am currently converting my field a little bit. So I guess for this coming research am might do “ecosystem sustainable planning” or “sustainable town indicator analysis” or back to my pervious bachelor field- the analysis of English sound. Too much topics to be considered. Now am trying to do which one is the most interesting to be done. Frankly speaking, am doing this doctoral studies is just for the pleasure and satisfaction and also the title “Dr” will be useful for business purpose especially in consultancy. But then I have to own up that I love teaching line. Well, for me, the PhD thing is one of the backup. Just in case the consultancy wont work as what has been planned or turn into another way around then I still have something to be sold to the contemporary labor market. Nah, that is just a planned. Men need to plan more than women coz they will be the head of a family. Anything when a family is not that having a cozy surrounding then the men will be pointed for such nuisance, So scary right when you are growing older and older into an adult. If u are a man, the by the age of 30, people will oviously peep on your achivements compared to "how many kids do you have" at that time.

Oh ya, during the my holiday at my parents’ place, I felt so cozy. And I forgot to take the pics during that time. My mum baked my favorite cake but then am so strict to my diet. So till now, I am still able to deal with my weight which is 64.5kg. The last time I post my blog, I was 67kg, mind you. Even at my hometown, I do actively jogging and swimming. Same things happen when I get back to KL just that I hit the gym and on and off will be on the tennis court. Well, doing cardio workout will help ur vein to be able to control the blood preasure and maintain the stress among those vein. So aint easy to have a good shape of body which need a serious attention. Previously, i bought one of french "body firming lotion" for men and it was Rm 380. Recomended by one of my biz partner and gosh, it gives minimum effect to my left and right side of my abs..so i stop to believe any cosmestic product which saling a fake tag-"your body shape is important to us". So fucked up right.So people, dont ever believe any kind of comsestic product which tells u that u can remove ur fat abs away. Never! Just hit the gym and that is the best solution. In fact u an help ur heart, ur hormon and tisue to be more and more healty. Doing cardio, for instance will stimulate ur bone to produce more and more new stem cells which helps u to release any pain in ur mucles by replacing any damage tissues.

The baby packs.

Nothing much I have to say here. Will update later. Till then, have a nice day ahead.

xoxoxo Josh,

5 July 2008

Just a parody

Who says our English is LOUSY? Just see below - Ours is simple,short,concise, straight-to-point, effective etc......... hahaha.. is true oh~!!!

Britons: I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.
Malaysians: No Stock.

Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?
Malaysians: Hello, who page?

Britons: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?
Malaysians: S-kew me

Britons: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Malaysians:No-need, lah.

Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?
Malaysians: (pointing the door) can ar?

Britons: Please make yourself right at home.
Malaysians: Don't be shy, lah!

Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money.
Malaysians: Where got?

Britons: I'd prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.
Malaysians: Don't want la...

Britons: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you're
coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the issue.
Malaysians: You mad, ah?

Britons: Excuse me, but could you please ! lower your voice, I'm trying to concentrate over here.
Malaysians: Shut up lah!

Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time.. Do I know you?
Malaysians: See what, see what?

Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
Malaysians: Die-lah!!

Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?
Malaysians: Wat happen Why like that....

Britons: This isn't the way to do it here let me show you,
Malaysians: like that also don't know how to do!!!!

Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me
Malaysians: Celaka u (Fxxk u)

i acknowledge Andriana Joanes for these burlesque



4 July 2008

Quick Post

Hai silent readers...

sorry for the pending post and i notice that this blog is a bit lie dormant but no worries i'll back to nag in a short while. Now am in the department of waiting my Viva Voice for my Master Thesis. Erm, i will back to my normal life then. But i do miss my student's life. Due to the senario i am still thinking to persue my PhD. Well, i have had any clue yet regarding Doctoral Pathway. What field i will dig? Am kinda a multidisipline person due to the fact that my Bachelor was in English Language Studies then the Master is in Development Science aka Urban and Regional Planning. So what the PhD will be?What comes to my mind will be "Enviromental Managment" is the 1st place and will be given a priority to be in the 1st place. The 2nd choice will be Speech Pathology (under the field of English Phonetic studies). Well, havent decided yet but will do . It is friday and my Boo will be here today and hardly to describe the moment am awake in the midst of loenly night. Cant wait for her and what ever it is, she still 'the pembuat kek". Till then..nite


5 June 2008

Everything is up side down, just for a moment i guees..

Last Monday, I felt too depress for lots of things. I couldn’t meet up with my supervisor due to the fact that she is not around for a week as she is having a workshop at Cameron Highland. But then, this state of affair doesn’t not bother me much tho. I went to Equatorial Hotel in Bangi, to collect my data. The Human Resource Manager doesn’t help me much instead she gave me the website of Malaysian Association of Hotels. By the way, as I mentioned in previous post, I told you guys that my thesis topic is gender-typing in the development of culinary curriculum at UiTM. Due to the fact that I need to chease the time and in order to complete the thesis within a month (due on 30 June, june, mind u) I need to change my chapter 2-3 (all of the contents) and switch to the new direction which my supervisor and I think that it will put me in a safe way to complete the thesis within a limited time. So now am revoke almost 70% of my writing to another topic but then it still within the context of tourism and hospitality industry- Jobs segregation among males and females workers in tourism and hospitality industry.

Now am digging for a new analysis which kills my time to do so. Last Monday, I felt so depress, as I couldn’t get anything but I was all wet due to the heavy raining. Back to my place, I felt that I am going to bow out my study and just prolong with my current plan to do something which is relating to consultancy. At the same time I felt that pembuat kek doest not concern but me (in fact I have not told pembuat keke about my current situation coz am to egg to show my weakness, but then pembuat kek should ask more frequent about me la. Dah la dia jauh drp I. So it makes me a bit sensitive and want to question “where is ur concern ”haha) I was totally down to the dirt and thank god that Daus rejuvenates my spirit not to be effortlessly defeated by the emotion which not suppose to control our self. Credit to him. Totally I felt that I was in the midst of hypertension- felt want to vomit, and felt no mood to “makan”. Well, I can feel the vibe of gawai celebration. I am an Iban and a Christian. But then. Gawai is just an heritage or custom of being an iban. A traditional session where u will celebrate it with friends. Some people may sense it is just a believe or ‘pagan’ but it is not. But now, it is just a culture (some sort of remembrances about your own roots. It is same like having limau mandarin or pesta tanglong as the symbolism of Chinese culture, or having pesta cahaya for Indians and wayang kulit or wow, is the symbolism of Malays) where you will do an open house and serve people with food and have a toast of ‘tuak’ which is made from rice and sugar only (called as tapai in malay but tuak makes u feel drunk).Dancing in the midst of ‘ruai’ which refers a kind of veranda but then it is shaded and within the “rumah’ itsef. In nowadays verandah, it is outside the house tho. So, in Iban’s architecture, the unique thing about this kind of verandah is, each of verandah is emerged with others so this make the verandah is huge and u can run all over the place, especially during gawai. Most of the time, easily for us to serve lot of people (in case your living room is not that huge) with cool and fresh air. Hardly to elaborate it here but different people will create their own chic of architecture. The view you may saw in “rumah kebudayaan and traditional of dayaks” at kampong budaya Kuching is the very primordial ones. Due to the mass media thinning out , people have poles apart image representative about their own place of living.

Well, I feel so empty due to the fact that am alone during gawai celebration, plus the tense I have from my thesis writing and the time pressure are really put me to the level where I need to work extra harder and if cant, I need to turn my seft to be an incredible hunk! Till then, I need to sign off for now~

xoxo Josh

31 May 2008

Selamat Hari Gawai Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai and Selamat Pesta Keamatan

I would like to take this opputurnity to say" have a toast during this gawai celecbration to all my srawakian friends and selamat pesta keamatan to my sabahan friends. An to all malaysians, happy holiday and enjoy the vibe of the celebration. Am feel so glomy today coz my mind is at my 'kampung" and lot of my close friends are going to celebrate our reunion, SPM 1999 on 3june. Well, due to my thesis, i need to stay back. Besides, out of blue i miss my late grandmother. I saw her in my dream, yesterday. This is the 1st time she appreared in my dream since she was passed away last september, 07. In that dream, i cried so hard as i was the most closer person to her. She spent lot for me tho! Hardly not to feel regard due to the fact that i was unable to bring her to walk around with me. Hope she will rest in a peace place.

Have no mood to blog but then i am really glad that having gawai celebration with multi-ethnices, races, and believes of sarawakian and hope this will last forever and ever..

Selamat hari gawai gayu guru gerai nyamai lantang senang nguan menua (happy gawai dayak, and have a pelasent, prosperity of life and also full of great blessing in this beautiful this world)

~aram kitai ngansar ke kaki, awak tertungkap angkat baru kaban, udah "ndai' alu ngerau kaban~

xoxoxo Josh

27 May 2008

How would u measure the meaning of love?

525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure,
measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In
inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes - how do you
measure a year in the life?
How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of

525,600 minutes! 525,000 journeys to plan. 525,600 minutes - how can you measure
the life of a woman or man?

In truths that she learned, or in times that he cried. In bridges he burned, or
the way that she died.

It’s time now to sing out, tho the story never ends let's celebrate remember a year in the life of friends. Remember
the love! Remember the love! Remember
the love! Measure in love. Seasons of love! Seasons of love.

~spread the love all over the world, especially those you love most~

xoxoxox, Josh

Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight

Listening to this song makes me remember the time when i was in secondary.I love this song and havent listened to it for ages!

26 May 2008

I feel i want to dance in the moonlight

Life is not that easy but it may have lof of beautifulness within the difficulties it offers to us..

Today, cant believe that I still can feel “easy” and happening. A short meeting with my supervisor and there is another huge change which is, I need to “vessel” my research agenda to another new platform. As I told you guys in my previous post, I am conducting my thesis fieldwork at UiTM Shah Alam. Hence, I drastically need to toggle my platform to other podium. OMG, I don’t really be aware of why doing research is so hard. If I knew then I would have a preference to do full coursework module ( as I am considering my self to do a PhD, coz if you have an unyielding understanding of doing a solid research and your will be able to ring a ball to be in the line of scholar or educator) and by having such mode (coursework) you just need to have a dissertation which may need you to carry out a small fieldwork or even scrutinize the primary data (most probably you will do a review). I guess I am impervious to the sweeping changes which happen in last minute time. So what I have learnt tru this journey of doing a research with my supervisor, I can adopt the changing in last minute time and able to react to the current changing without any delay or involvedness but of course the tense is all over my mind tho! So here is my desk pic which is taking the 1st place after I woke up from my bed.

I am in my critical stage now as I have only a month to complete all things. Meaning I would not be able to in Sarawak during this gawai celebration. Most of my close friends are there during this period of time. My supervisor says that too much thing to be counted as I will have my viva so to avoid my self and her self from being questioned by the committee of school of social, development and environmental studies, so we need to be so very detail in each line of my research. I have told about my thesis in prior post as I mentioned that I have only minor changes but then today after re-considering all aspects which may sound not really solid or sound so flimsy to be debated, so once again am being a victim to such situation. To be honest, my supervisor has 2 master degrees and one of them is a master in research science. So I bet she must be so detail in every aspect of conducting a research. She is one of the killer lecturers and I am choosing her with my full of heart content. I choose her to be my supervisor coz am not that cleaver so hoping that by being supervised by her, at least I can be very scrupulous and detail as she is and also being more articulate to debate in any research arena. For me this is not a disaster but I take this kind of occurrence to be my beyond price of my student’s life and this kind of thing will be counted to be my “old-grandfather story” later on.

Some of people may handle their nerve-racking head with their own ways but for me, I will head my self to a karaoke center. Today I had a good time to sing all songs I adore with. This is my first time to be alone or without a duet. I am not really enjoy to be alone by my self as I be devoted to to be in a group and that would be so fucking happening. I didn’t tell pembuat kek about my current condition so I be so reserve for my seft (at least for today). Besides that, I will not full my seft with having a heavy meal due to the stressfulness . In fact, I will have some light exercise or workout then write something. Oh ya my guitar is out of its voice due to tune hitch.So I feel so lonesome for not hearing the music of my soul..hehehehe. Tonight, after a light jogging and doing some workout, I had a light salad. Now I have changed my predilection of drinking habit by taking tea with honey instead of having 3 in 1 Nescafe. As the age is increasing I am monitoring my food intake seriously. If you happen to hear this “beauty is pain” then welcome to the new prototype fellas, charming is excruciating! More often than not, I will change my dinner either taking oat or salad. Here is the picture of my humble meal for tonight. Walau stress pun tak de makan bagai tak ingat dunia ok. Dah la tak jadi balik then need to stay alone at home.
The cute cup. I had humbel mixed salad with, egg, fried bean, bean sprouts and tomato are hidden by the salad leaves, honey, mayonise and olive oil.The after the dinner i had some bananas. A very healthy meal. Oh ya, as i stricly monitor my diet so today i find my seft with a nice weight which is 70kg. Those who pump the mucles in gym will normaly have the weight at least 70kg. But then i stop to take any suppliment to my muscles then i trim the body shape so it can be lean.

This is the 70kg look. The highest weight i have gained was 75.5kg

Previously, i said i had the big mac which is advertized in the media. Here is the look of it and the taste is not that mouth-watering to me. Every time i had fast food i will feel guilt to my self. So i will put extra efforts to get the calories being cut down after taking those fast foods.

Ed told me to have a bunch of dudes who may sound gracious and their brains have the same craziness level with us, at least be able to join a beach party by wearing all white.yang pemalu2 tu siap korang..so no worry coz I and ed will put in order a module to edify those shyer!It may sound as ragging but no worry fellas as we will “stand by you” all the journey of those ragging agendas. Ala2 induksi pulak.So Ed told me try to organize a group. The theme for the group will be “sharing is caring”. So, without any question I nodded to him and not because he treats me with a rusty knife but because of the idea is logic and helping each other from not feeling empty soul for nothing. I agree with ed the ged2. So he sms me told me to make another blog for the purpose of this “group wanna be” and for that he by his power and hereto, to choose me to handle the blog. Ala2 HR le aku ne siap buat marketing lagi. Ed is the founder and our 1st member is daus the ged2. The next dice will be telling us who will be the mystery candidate and just be patient waiting the ball being rang by me ok Ed.

Ok, I guess I need to off by now, as there are lot of things to be done and being procrastinate is really me tho. Hopefully I manage to settle my thesis as soon as possible so I can be at home sweet home immediately. Sounds so promising huh? who care? ~

Tought of today, which one is you? In this situation, there will be some sorf of hypothesises which are :-

`being controled by the finance to have wonderful meals, so you can have an extra badjet to pay the loan of your housing, car, personal loan payment, ect.

`being controled by a tight diet

`being controled by the foods themselve which they might not seem to be fucking attractive to ur nafsu makan..

xoxoxox, Josh