26 February 2008

More than words

this song i ddicate to "pembuat kek". Dear pembuat kek, i hope that ur trust will be mine.
xoxoxo Josh

22 February 2008

Greeting to all from knightlicious

No touch up, very plan face as it was early in the morning. That is just a testing for me to do something diffrent to my blog, till then, have a nice day.

21 February 2008

Runaway Love-The absurdness of normal mentality

The absurdness of normal mentality

Absurdness?? What does it relate to??heheh..well, i use the word just for the sake of giving you a signal toward the reality of “human”. Okies, let’s to straight to the dirt.Yesterday, I talked to a friend of mine and we have talked so many things- under the sun, as there are lot of unravel things, this state of affair makes both of us have a predisposition to be loquacious. It was fun. One of the most electrifying topics that we have conversed about is about “an acceptance”. As he played the card to start the talk so flow was started with a topic “an acceptance” toward everything. Sounds general to talk about right? But the topic was calculatingly to be so in order we can dig and dig the topic until we find the underpinning of it. So, I love to scrutinize some ideas with those who really have a critical thinking in order to have some “give and take” – we learn something from them and so do they, from any discourse. So at the end I can map out what do I have in mind toward the reality. Ok, the conversation started like this-what do u understand about “an acceptance”. So my answer is, I will accept anything either in state AKA abstract or concrete chemistry, regardless any barriers as long as I can mingle and kindle some of “coziness” with the new elements that I have met. So, the chemistry that I refer to is-in term of thoughts and deeds. So his answers would go like this- acceptance + reason. As he mentioned, no reason we wont do nothing (this makes me think about cost benefit solution, hehe iklan kejap) For instance, to accept someone to be a friend, we might have some reason for friend-close or just “a friend”; for financial ; for fun and entertainment; and so forth. So, as he mentioned, most in human life (as I make it short into a conclusion) there is an approach 90 %vs 10% which means 90% of our daily routine including actions and thoughts are be in command of us. So this state of affairs can be sounded as “nothing comes for free”. If you failed in any friendship or relationshipp because of chaos or some stupid pleasants then, dont get easy to be alarmed and blame our destiny coz it not because of destiny unless we are talking about death and life! Even in relationship or friendship we hope some “feedbacks” in term of caring and concern! Even animals do have such so called chain toward each other in order to be safe and able to survive in a wild surrounding! So the morale of the story, even relationship with our parents is also controlled and we have a reason toward the acceptance about them because we come from them and our admiration should not be questioned for such relationship that we have with them. So the moral of the story, be nice to people who are really nice to you and be liberal to any circumstances that happened to you (am not including any nature orders here). Once you feel that your existence is not appreciated then do be that down but take it as a challenge in order to understand human’s obdurate toward some logic and about others’ feeling!so be there done that. Will come back with some issues to be shared with.Sometime your are bleeding and eating your inner side from your inside but just be positve at all time..Cheers! :) So, listen to this song and it's about "Runaway Love".Try to compherend the lyric and try to understand the nature of human and why sometime the world is so "cold" :)

19 February 2008

Umbrella (acoustic)

OMG..this is fcuking darm cool and it makes me drooling..the song is hard to be played trust me but then as i bumped to this clip i guess i have some ideas how to do a little bit changging to make the tune a bit reachable.Well, i havent tried it yet. Listing to this version makes me orgisme..ahaha..till then, njoy fellas.
xoxoxoxox Josh

With You (acoustic)

people...what "say u" (grammatical erros which is so common to be used in public) about this clip?i love acoustic...the song is can be die for...thanks to ed gedix for the intro about this song..credit to u

xoxoxox Josh

16 February 2008

Wilhelm Kempff plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3

Another more theory…

Holla all.My mind is a bit congested but still sober as usual. Today, I master 50% of music theory. Fuh, at least I can read some notes here and don’t try to guess weather I can compose a song – which means in more theoretical and pragmatic ways, I guess I am still at the department of polemic to do so. Lots more things to be studied and understand. Well, once I guess I am ready to put lot more effort to study something am looking forward to – studying about music, then I will make another avowal here. This Video clip is nice but then am still confusing about its time signature before it goes to the other notes. Does it 3 :4 or
4 : 4? As far as i concern, only waltz will have 3:4 and the rest surely will have 4:4.

well, it needs lot more earing practices. Till then, enjoy the clip.

xoxoxo Josh

John Lennon stand by me

i love this acoustic song. I wish i can master all its keys. Indeed, acoustic impresses me tremendously and am just in the rudimentary level. So, this is so placid for being the theme of this valentine cycle. Guess this song is not too old to be heard but i find it is so congenial to me. Here i am, sharing what i have here with all of you dear gentel readers.

xoxoxoxo Josh

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine friends

I love this song and thanks to Helmi for indroducing this song to me. Sounds placid and mellow.Really makes me down to earth. Enjoy and cheris the moment we have while we are recieving the air and the sunny day....happy valentine people..Spread the love to all

8 February 2008

My heart is tagged by a love bug

I am in a happy mood now. Coz i smeel love in the air. I talked to my self and keep my self to remember about the person who trusts, loves and has passion is the person who deserve to have ur heart and trust. I dedicate this “love wave” to si pembuat kek. Oh ya, pembuat kek gave a chocolate. Even the chocolate seems to be undemanding and common to you all , but it is really mean to me due to the effort which makes si pembuat kek thinks about me and bought me the chocolate makes me really appreciate sayangnya! Deep from my heart, I would like to say, My rasa "syg" and care goes to si pembuat kek. Wah, jiwang sikit malam nie tapi janji jujur. That sounds cool and I give credit to pembuat kek.

I ate this chocolate with a full of contented heart. Lot of romantic ingridents which are embeded in the choco.

x0x0x0x0, Josh

precipation -breaking the resilient of reality?

precipation -breaking the resilient of reality?

Life is not just about a “black parade”

Time: 11.15am, I’m reading a blog which belongs to one of my friends. He talks about “Malaysia-Reality or Fantasy”? Yeah, am more to what he says. As I do love this topic as most of my readings are based on globalization and third world nation! Before we get thru.Do you agree that some thoughts say that Malaysia is -1st class facilities (KLIA, SEPANG F1, CYBERJAYA,TIMESQ, ect “but” 3rd Class mentality??? Well, I let you to think and react to it by our own expense as I don’t have precise answers for such insightful issue.) So i leave you with this hot statement. By understanding the statement, at least we don’t feel very much “alarm” to what happen to us in our daily “precipitation” toward reality. In class, I do open up my students’ horizon toward the reality means that what they learn in their English Classes in not merely about the language but I more to “language in context”!! My explorations of life are happening everyday as am passionate toward everything. As my lungs keep on pumping then my mind will take its part to think rather than sits and being submissive to surrounding. “Thinks and react to it carry” are embedded with “poles apart” in term of meaning and embedded semantic senses. So, “Think”-u just think about an issue whether you are digging the issue critically or not but as long as you concern about it then I mull over that u have a brain to think about it and much better than nothing. “React” means that your are sensitive to what your are facing at, and your action might be “subjective”- react with an action or react with a “thought” which balance to your state of affair so people wouldn’t say that your action is cheap than your thought! Okies fellas, get it done erlier- I’m more to this as I know am not unaccompanied in this world coz I notice people keep on reading my blog, so at least I have some issues to be scrutinizes together in this horizontal medium of interaction which might be interpreted by you (readers) in your own way and this makes us matchless to each other as old saying says-10 heads are better than 1. Now u can see for the outer surface as there are some of “shake up” issues to be highlighted up. Malaysia-reality or fantasy, It’s about attitude-the most things to be discussed in his blog (one of my friends) Yes, he highlights some issues which are related to attitude, mentality and the sensitivity toward development (heheh, My pleasure to talk about development). Lack of sensitivity toward development will hamper the nation to gain the full status of “2020” . Yeah, no channel to have such discourse but hence we still have this media to share the knowledge and perhaps we can come out with some thoughts among youths. My contribution is not that big to the nation but at least we have something to be shared with and those from diverse fields and gist are also encouraged course we are living in the same world. As the matter of fact, we are depend on economic circulazation !so what reason u may say that you are not related to these at all??By understanding what is the exact thing happens in this paradigm will “reduce” the tense that our nation leaders have, which comes from “comments that sound loud”! Ifro people who just know to complaint for nothing.I have browsed some articles and blogs and my conclusion is-we tend to comment a lot rather than take part on it! Yes sometime I do think that I was 0r is grouped in such group-know how to comment but no action. so let me break the osculate orthodox by starting to open up this issue then. At least we alert to what happen around us and no more complain without nothing fellas!! However, we need some “advocacy” which can kindle some fresh discourses to be mended(by taking into account about the past) and explored the new things and issues in a professional and morale way. a strong ceasefire is a moral thought! However, all are about moderation in term of thinking and reacting. No need to be prevailing in order to have an unique tough but just be a person who has small idea but keen to look forward more and more unique ideas with high ontology, etymologiy and methodology of thinking and this will make you more "embellish" person.

Till then, excuse myself and my harm thoughts. We should proud to be a malaysian as it is a place like no others.

X0x0x0 Josh

Spread the joy around the globe

It is almost 3am in the morning. Cant sleep coz I have just done with my editing. In fact my mind gets so tired and physically is not that really brawny and unexciting feeling due to the tiredness. I jog for about 3km today and that is not really “me”. Burn the brain cell to digest what I will and need to type. Holla, we are in the midst of semester and lot more to be typed and prepared. Sunday night I slept at 11.15pm due to the tiredness for the whole Saturday and Sunday (that why my YM seemed to be not available for those consecutive days). My weekend was so superb as I can smell love in the air. Today, I guess I did nothing to my exercises coz I ate Kueh Tiau as suggested by “Pembuat kek” But then Kueh Tiau is not that bad tho. After jogging we stopped at kiosk to get something for dinner and that was the time when Kueh Tiau came as our main course for the dinner which came along with some jeruk, frying fish ball, prawn, and sausages. I passed a stall which is operated by a brawny mum who is working hard for her girl. I saw her daughter was sleeping on the floor which was only wrapped with a mat and canvas. I felt so ghastly coz nothing much we can do so I stopped by to buy something from that stall. We just can help a bit but even it sound pity and simple, once u open ur arm widely just to show some feel affection and caring which are covered with honest and sense of humanities, at least you can give spirit to the person who is working hard with his or her own barehanded to survive in this world and I am proud with such sovereignty. Good luck and god bless to those who are working hard to get a better life. Pembuat kek smiled to me as I assumed pembuat kek has the same intention as I did. Well people, lets come and spread more and more love. Help those who ahve effort to survive then the rest let him or her to decide where should they vessel their life adn remember the world will not giving any conciliation to those who are ro dependent to others.

X0X0X0X0X0 Josh

meaning of appreciation

I almost lost a love from somebody but then i managed to get it back. At that time, my heart was beating so fast and my tears almost came out but i managed not to let it splited out. Recieving hugs wich are embroided with the sence of love and trust will make you understand more how deep is the feeling and how lucky you are as u are being loved by the person who cares and loves you and accepts you as a part of themselve. Thanks for the person(yg pandai membuat kek kononye) because of the love and trust i have been gained all these while. Selamat menyambut hari kekasih people..I prefer to call it as "hari kekasih" rahter than valentine because not all people (as it may not be accpeted as a global meaning of celebration fo love) will accpet valentine due to the history beyond the name of valentine.

xoxoxoxox Josh.

Good Morning Malaysia

Holla and good morning sunshine (dear gentle readers), one again I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Chinese friends- Happy Chinese New Year and hope this new session will bring much more peace, prosperities, heroic of the heart as what the red is substituted with, and lot and lot more “ONG” to all Malaysians. It is cool to be a Malaysian as we have lot of merriments and tenets to be commemorated with. We all know that, lot more festival celebrations mean lot more holidays…yeahh..

Ok, what should I nag here? Am still dizzy actually because am having headache, the heart beats a bit fast so can I consider my Plus is having the same state as the beat? I am having controllable dehydration as my lip is getting red, my gastric acid is a bit elevated than it should be and my body is carving for cool water( which is not that taken too habitually by me rather than lukewarm water, unless I hook up at stalls or restaurant). So what is the diagnosis for the state of affair? After doing the symptoms taking then lets start with the grounds of the above indications asn the story is begun:-

We supposed to be at Port Dickson for camping and the last time I have been to a jungle for camping was on February, 07. Omg, it has been a year? Well, my housemates and some bunch of friends will be my partner in crimes as always (loveeeee my sporting housemates and on of the reasons why we are so ‘click’ to each other? because we do love guitar and that is rock! we are hunger for acoustic noice here....anyone?) However, due to unpredictable supprise, some of our friends couldn’t mange to come so after we had a round table decision making, then we came out to have BBQ together. Guess what? The plan was not that bad tho coz the last time we had it was November 07. As usual, I will take over the bar and all are in my pocket. What a piece of cake to be a bar tender. HeHe . So what was the menu for that BBQ? Well, the first round was started with Mealot for the appetizer opening and the Volka was served after we had done with the appetizer. I smell some happening moments in the air! I mixed the Volka with green grapes, a punch of salt and sugar (but please don’t take too much of sugar coz it causes u easily to be drunk as well as other carbonate sodas), some syrups of lemon grass with the ice and mint leaves- all of these were blended together. The taste is superb! Do you ever heard about “ Chef Bar”? It sounds weird isn’t it? But yes it does exist and if you want to know more, then u should watch channel 704 (Asian Food Channel). I am so resourceful in this part. Hehehehehe. Next time I wish to deal with Margarita and Bacarandi. Well, we are not that alcoholic tho. In fact am to meticulous and finicky about health and diet. Once in a while should be no harm but then make sure you take lot more water because your body will need to work hard to digest what you are taking now. We finished at 1.30am and I managed to stay back at 2.30am for the sake of writing some paragraphs of my thesis. To be honest, my mind will get a bit active if am semi- drunk coz I easily digest what I have read and learn. The same state of affair also comes across me when I am in my controllable fever (sometimes). I guess, I do start to take alcohol when I was in high school, then I would be a good student huh?

I woke up at 7am then I jogged in about 35minutes. This is the way for me to burn all the things I have taken during the BBQ. Yesterday we just had some fishes and some sausages. I guess I didn’t take much calories except for the “sweet and sour frying fish”. As long as u know how to balance what you are taking, then it should be no harm to have BBQ. But if I have red meats, then I have a preference to blotch them with some lemon juices (put it a lot than the lemon grass) and lemon grass syrups with white wine, so the meat should not be that harm to my cholesterol level. Fuh, enough talking about the food. Sorry guys because I couldn’t manage to take some snaps because I was to busy being a bar tender.

I ma waiting my other two housemates to wake up because we will come down to KL. However, I notice that, it is only me who are still sober at this early morning and others are still in the “Alice and the wonderland” cruise. Well, I guess it is time for me to log out because I need to type some paragraphs for my chapter 3 before I meet up with my supervisor next week. Oh ya, am still waiting Zatil to give me a buzz coz we will be at UM for educational Expo. Till then, here I am, come out with the reasons why I do have the symptoms as stated in the begining of the story.You all might courious why am highighting those words and paragraphs? It helps you to have a simple mental picture to what i am talking about. Overall, it is kinda a sumarry techique to help you to have a glimpe on it. Happy Chinese New Year Malaysians….

Xoxoxoxo Josh

5 February 2008

Another new breath

Hai people. Happy Monday to all of you. It is a great day right when we feel that we are still alive and still stand still within the depression of heart and world conflicts. By having the chance to breathe the same air as yesterday, living under the same sun and the ability to depict our surrounding, are something to be credited with priceless of enjoyment. So should we think about us first before we can spread and share the love and joy we have with people we care and love with. Sounds a bit drama right? but all these above lines are really mean to me and I am proud to have chances to know the world and also to know you.

I watched another Indonesian piece of works – Love is cinta which is proposed by Is. Well, for me I take it as a very general way to appreciate what I have now. Today was the first time I watched this movie. Wow, the movie tells us about how auspicious are we in this universe to have a life compared to those who lost it but in the movie “Ryan’s wish has been granted by the angle of death, which is he has the last chance to live in the world but he has to live in someone body, just because he has not doing something important during his life time- saying that he is falling in love with a girl named Cinta. He has been giving 3 days to do so before he has to return to his creator. At the end of his days, he manages to express one last expression – love, to his parents and the way how he convinces his parent that he is “Ryan’, is so totally heartbreaking and overwrought but the he manages to use the days he left wisely but full with wretchedness and awe-inspiring scenes and moments.

Is tells me that, apprciate what u have and if u happen to have someone that love then that is the worthing u should not lose to coz not all people have the chance to be lucky as u are. The ideas are granted by me. Thanks Is.

xoxoxoxoxo Josh

3 February 2008

It is a good when u have lot of friends

It is Sunday and what is the significant of having Sunday to me? Well, nothing much I can elaborate more about my Sunday. But I fond some blissful and being a bit reserve for the whole Sunday. Yesterday I went out to have some performances and auction activities. The vibes were not that bad coz lot of fun and joy. What came to my surprise was, people who were in the hall need to be in a black blazer? Sounds formal yet classy and urban. I grasped the opportunity to be there even I came with some fruitless mood and ideas at the inauguration of the event. It was just a temporary ones. This could be cool. Thanks for my frends such as Maria, Jocely, Jeff,Sharol and some of other bunch of great friends. Well,Criz and Odee cant make it. Maybe some other times guys.Sorry coz i didnt take any snaps during the moment.Oh ya, Ct performed her new single piece of mind- Cintamu, during the event.At the begining of the song, the melody is started with the fine tune of opera (i like opera esepecially sperano or counter tenor).Yeah.. nice to be at my room again..i mean in Kajang..hehehe. Oh ya, not to forget to greet Helmi’s friend because he is just being a “pengantin baru”..hehehe. Selamat pengantin baru and semoga berbahagia selalu. Thanks for the invitation ya. The invitation has been granted with full of contentment of my heart. Sorry coz I cant make it. Sunday, it was raining here but for short only. Humid and I cant jog or do some work out activities due to my region lumbar pain. Gosh..it is so tense and makes me not that contented at all even when I am sleeping or sitting.

Wow, Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner and I would like to take this opportunity to wish my dear family, friends and my gentle readers “a happy CNY” hope the color of the CNY will bring lot more and more prosperities to all of us and nothing will cross the wish and blessing of us.To JC, hope u will b fine and keep well very very soon ya

Ok all, need to log out for now as I am going to prepare the dinner. Catch up with u later ya. Out of blue I get my mood to enter the kichten and I am ready to be on stage to perform vigorously as Jamie Oliver and my hands are ready to be used maximally. As usual, I am going to prepare some vegetable menus. I cut down my meat diet. Till then, stay tune.

xoxoxox Josh