10 August 2007

Dudes minus Chicks -so what these dudes will do?

Zouk- Here we come

Occay boys and girls, the story goes like this:-

Thursday night- ladies night, we hunted for some clubs in order to burn our nocturnal longing (young desire).We supposed to have our night on Wednesday but some of our friends were to busy and at that nigh and there was a fustal game! To have it Friday might not be a good reason as Joanes’ parents will be here on Friday and for sure we never deem to be caught by them.Going to club like you are burning your money to the hell (Insaf sekejap). As we were late to depart from Bangi to KL as the time was 12am, then we decided to vessel our night heading to Zouk and for those who are not aware about Zouk, then, am so proud to tell you that Zouk is the most famous club in Malaysia and if you were still “hanging in the sky” then you can visit http://www.hitz.fm/ (clubbing) site. I was not been there for quite long and am so bolt from the blue that Zouk seems to be darn congested and I think the floor is not that big as few months ago! At 12-1 am we were hardly have enough spaces to dance and I was darn perturbed. So from 1- 3 am, people started to be laid back and we (active dudes and jazz) burn the floor with an assortment of boogies! People, if you want to know the most hottest club in the mean time, then you can browse hitz’s site. As usually, I can bet you to be on the floor direct 3 hours none stop! As today was ladies night, and I bet that a lot of hot chicks were mingle around. One of my buddies had change to get the “spot light” by a fcukin hot chick. Joanes, you were lucky man! This could be bonus for you dude- a graduation gift! Oh ya, I got nice kisses too I had no idea why I had lovely one! Maybe she felt i was too good in treating her while in the floor! (wink wink wink). We had an offer from some chicks but then we were not that cheap to be lame for such offer as in KL, anything can be happened and not to be so revelation it those hot and nice chicks are trying to make use of you to get rid from big fish, authority or police ( we never know if they were involved in some syndicate and once you woke up then you might find yourseft in "action"). I guess, the best part of being social might let you not to be so “perasan” or easy to “turn on” if ladies tried to make use of you feeling for something and this will create some awareness to you! Practical experience means something! Well, I have some pictures to be went halves to all of you. The surrounding in the club was not that bad. The cool gratitude was given to Dj Uno and Joe Flizow (Too Pahat) for dropping the enormous beat! After coming back from Zouk, as usually we went to Resturan Pelita and for sure you can easily be acquainted with some people (at least 60% of the customers) who were hooking up over there. I guess the restaurant will have to put up a white flag if there are not “clubers” mingling around. Well, economic cycle is related to People-entertainment and need - those who are running business- last but not least it will affect the economic policies (as we are in the epoch of globalization, you can see that some of the policies have to be “lame” and bent to the social need especially those foreigner as we need their spending in order to keep the cash floor in the harmless flow. If you read the a book by Noraini and Sumit “ globalisasi– pemangsa dan mangsa, then you will know what am talking about.Gosh, am feeling so tired as I has just clean my room, did laundry, mop the room and now the room seems to be fresh with detol odor and apple fragrance. Okies, here are some of the pictures. By the way, Next week, Zouk will be having Mambo Jambo night (retro 70, 80 and 90s) so we will be there- for sure I guess! So now am thinking to get some classical stuffs especially the suit in order to get the feel of the night. People, be there and done that. The entrance is still reasonable. Will upload some pictures to all of you and those who are reading for more, get in touch to my page ya. Mike Harrison, I bet you will bent your knee while browsing some of theses coolest pictures. Till then, Josh is signing off!


~i love this song~

~ behind the scence with the simple look but the butt is ready to show some tense moving and groves.

~ before recieveing the calling from the floor, and Mr. Joanes was hiding from the spotlight,at the back~

~these butts seem to be in the top "great" list while being in the floor~

~ we still stand firm even though we were "burnt out"~

~am too exhausted for being in the floor and we feel really fit~

~Mambo Jambo, here we come to hunt you, \w/ (he he he he )