21 April 2010

a quater of the year

Holla my silent readers…
Wow, what a day to blog something about my personal ideology, estinmology, ontology and methodology of life..I was very darn hectic lately due to the obstinate seclude. In fact, due to such hectic courses, I sometime neglect pembuat kek, my family, my studies, and also to my friends. So sorry for those so called as an iniquitous attitudes of mine. Sometime I hardly to watershed what is the most prevalence thing I need to put more details onto it. Am I so boorish? Well, what I have done so far? Now, this 1st 6 months, am too busy to generate the database for ours “Energize Station” in Bintulu and Miri.. To all nations- miri nad bintulu, do get alert to us for the officially launching- 1st and 2nd of May. The photos, I’ll post it here :-

Miri Station part 1

Miri Station Part 2

Bintulu Station

One Mini E-Station Bintulu Grand Opening Ceremony!!! High Tech Wellness
has been hitting Malaysia hard since its introduction and now, its here
in Bintulu!! We welcome you, your partners, family and friends!! Hi-Tea
will be served, there will be prize worth RM1,800 to b...e
won!!! 1st 55 entry will get free complimentary E-Life Treatment.Block
your calendar on the 1st of May 2010, Saturday starting from 4pm to

So, the real consignment which will be made by The One CWW, will be started very soon and that why we are so busy like a bee.

The next coming plan of mine will be- a very new Energize station which is handled and fully organized by me and the project will due on August 2010. Really I put a very high determination to carve anew route to be more outstanding from others. Such ideology really needs me to spell my temerity over the time, other factors and my youth! Well, a draft planning with other Energize station co-partners is to have a vocation in Bejing, Clubmed Bali and Honkong in this year., I cross my fingers for such plan. I really need to get back the sense of life style restitution before it far away from me and becomes my substitute.
Owh, ya…btw, we have moved to our new rent place- much more cozy and peaceful and the most important is- no haunted thing!

Occay, what are my coming agendas?- be in Jb on 24. The be in Sibu on 29 and head to Bintulu and Miri until 2nd of May and then do some recap of the April with my team and then get ready my self to dismantle my time and space for the Teambounding at A. Farmosa- Malacca from 6-7-8- of May, then maybe head to kajang- my lovely rent house and then meet the kinnetic and the most urgent thing I really hunger to meet them up is to claim my belated besday present for Ed, Dau and elmi- ( en. Ed aku dh mention nama ko)…Then before I head to kuching I might need to pay a visit to my lecturer for a while.

Gosh, I really like this life… work hard with the sense of conscience and enjoy to the fullest while u can and still have the energy to do it. Okies, the new updates will be posted later on. I need to get my self ready to meet up with my partner in crime- Maria to get some latest updates.

So people, I catch u up very soon occay?

The word of the day “
HOPE AND END is always there for everyone. It is up to us how we deal with them : A HOPELESS END or AN ENDLESS HOPE."

Josh, x0x0x0x0x0x0x