3 February 2008

It is a good when u have lot of friends

It is Sunday and what is the significant of having Sunday to me? Well, nothing much I can elaborate more about my Sunday. But I fond some blissful and being a bit reserve for the whole Sunday. Yesterday I went out to have some performances and auction activities. The vibes were not that bad coz lot of fun and joy. What came to my surprise was, people who were in the hall need to be in a black blazer? Sounds formal yet classy and urban. I grasped the opportunity to be there even I came with some fruitless mood and ideas at the inauguration of the event. It was just a temporary ones. This could be cool. Thanks for my frends such as Maria, Jocely, Jeff,Sharol and some of other bunch of great friends. Well,Criz and Odee cant make it. Maybe some other times guys.Sorry coz i didnt take any snaps during the moment.Oh ya, Ct performed her new single piece of mind- Cintamu, during the event.At the begining of the song, the melody is started with the fine tune of opera (i like opera esepecially sperano or counter tenor).Yeah.. nice to be at my room again..i mean in Kajang..hehehe. Oh ya, not to forget to greet Helmi’s friend because he is just being a “pengantin baru”..hehehe. Selamat pengantin baru and semoga berbahagia selalu. Thanks for the invitation ya. The invitation has been granted with full of contentment of my heart. Sorry coz I cant make it. Sunday, it was raining here but for short only. Humid and I cant jog or do some work out activities due to my region lumbar pain. Gosh..it is so tense and makes me not that contented at all even when I am sleeping or sitting.

Wow, Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner and I would like to take this opportunity to wish my dear family, friends and my gentle readers “a happy CNY” hope the color of the CNY will bring lot more and more prosperities to all of us and nothing will cross the wish and blessing of us.To JC, hope u will b fine and keep well very very soon ya

Ok all, need to log out for now as I am going to prepare the dinner. Catch up with u later ya. Out of blue I get my mood to enter the kichten and I am ready to be on stage to perform vigorously as Jamie Oliver and my hands are ready to be used maximally. As usual, I am going to prepare some vegetable menus. I cut down my meat diet. Till then, stay tune.

xoxoxox Josh