21 July 2011

Butterlfy flies up in the sky without you without lies

~an interwoven of dreams,colour and life by Denis~

As for me, the exquisiteness of the color strikes men’s ego.

Looking thru the eyes of others will lead to either to a muddy thinking or distortion of image. Is there any way to get connected to other minds? Are there any devices come to the surface to change reality? Absurb isn’t it?It is a paradox yet ironic imagery from a child who has full of hope of having a power to sail other thinking. Yeah, I know this is an unrealistic phrase yet this is what all of us really wanted to have. So, we can easily manipulate, re-organizing and insisting to influence other to bend to our knee. Still unable to get what do I mean right? Well, as if I have such power I will not blog here rather than I will spread my though thru your impulse ( make sure you consume more DHA to enable the impulse easily transfer to other brain networking- chiefly for sending and receiving information) or in a simple way I would say “telepathic bridge”. Working with people, regardless you are doctor, teacher, lawyer or even though working within your self – even by assuming that you are typically dwell with your shallow monolog, you need some rooms and spaces for you to understand your self. Thru time and space, it is hard engrave about all of these as your masterpieces. People do employ many ways of illustrating their life thru writing, song,cooking, decorating, joy and sad, painting and attitude. For Denis, the blissful of colour is because of dreams as it is represented as in the gumshoe of bird of paradise and butterfly, inventively.Mine? It is a mixed form of emotion, attitude and ideology of my experiences in between of sad and joy, up and down, shine and dirt. The life is not that laid-back as we can be tabularized it in a group format as in account grouping .Life is not a script yet it can be directed and portray in the light of a painting. At the end Yesterday, I went to a painting house and it strikes my attention about my ideology of colour, my estimology about the idea within colour, my ontology about other ideas about colours and methodology of using colour in my daily presentation. Denis is an owner of a painting house that I mentioned earlier. For more detail you can contact him if you need junior art education trainer. He is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I blow my way out when I saw this pic.

Pardon me for the colour, just acting to be an artistic. By the way, what do you think about this?I will throw out my understanding toward this pic in the next entry. I would be a blast of writing for me tho since I have not apply my art critic theory.A colour of life is not a willy-nilly thingy.IT is for real to be apprecaited

till then,

xoxoxo Josh