22 January 2009

Just a recap

Hai guys,..well, it is just a recap for me to sum up to what i have done those previous days. So many wonderful images and things are embedded in my mind and i let those pictures will explain to you to what i call as "smelling beautiful moment in the air"..so here we go:-

First, on friday18 jan, my friends and i have a cool party somewhere in KL. to be exact is at the Orange club. The party was magnificiant but then the music was too dry to me..it was more into house and techno things. Where is the orange?it is near to KLCC. Before we were there, my buddies were too busy to get something to be wore during that night so i spent my boring time while waiting for them to have a snap of my own ...;)

Oh ya, before we heading to orange, we have chinnes menu. And i like the front menu- it was so luscious and delectable to me..it is kind of mix abelon or something swims with taufu in the tick herb sause.I like, i likey....

This is a bird nest- such an awesome taste even though the pic may not attractive to your carving.....

this was the main entrance, sorry for the indistinct and hazy due to the fact that i was using my handphone camera. I forgot to bring along my camera at that lovely dusk. After the party, then Maria, Zul, Fedy and I went to have some fun- it is butt shaking time! We wanted to be at Zouk for the 1st palce, but then i elucidated and pleaded others case to choose Hololu club which is next to Aloha. The Hololu Club is not that bad coz it has huge dance floor. Feddy and i were in the podioum for 2 consecutive hours, ladies and gentelmen. We might lost our weight at that time being. Fedy and I odered Vodka spot yet both Maria and zul odered vodka lime.Occay, enough about that, so due to the fact that mu friends and i have 3 consecutive events at the 3 following days starting from friday till sunday, so we stayed at KL Plaza Apartment which is near to Pavilion and Bukit Bintang.

This are the view of bukit bintang i took from our appartment. Such a hetic view even early in the morinig-as it was taken at 6am! i dont,like i dont like.

Another hetic view which i dont really like...
The the next evening, we went to a grand dinner at KLCC- Dinner and Dance with the theme "creating miricale". Such a endaring and remarkable to me.The party was so classy, chic and pleasent to the eyes! Ok, before i headed to Klcc for the dinner and dance, i took a snap fo my sexy abdomen, such a lovely asset isnt it?hehe

Me, after the makeover....

Can i touch ur heart, ladies?

And how about this?

My buddies and i wore the same theme- The handsome magican...by looking to the below pic, such a drooling looking arent we? Well, it was my idea to choose the theme.a round applause to me then..hehehe
the man in action

the most topdazzling men with the sexy ladies who can make u orgasim ;)

Another shoot what makes u hard...isnt it?hehehehe

Omg, am glad that i have finished with my pending task, pending planning for my consultancy and the most unforgattable thing is - am waiting to be graduated with my Master Degree in Development Science aka Town and Regional Planning. Ye ye ye ye...so here are the proof that i have completed my Master degree for 3 consecutive years..I did coursework and research mode that why it took such a hetic and long journey to go... the next chapter wiil be the hunting for "Dr" Title..ye ye ye...

so, people, now am hunting for my Phd..and the intake will be July 2009. For this new journey, am still thinking for the field that am going to do and vessel my passion and sastify my carving for academic. By the time am writing this blog, am at Kuching for a bussines trip agian. Coz, at this meantime am totaly put all of my heart and efforts to "craft" marvel for my consultancy and i hope that i can get my own "legend" before i go for my PhD.

This year might be the most terrific year for me coz in my self-effacing view, I managed to archive few of my mark while am still standing at the first month of the year. Tears shade the upside down of my expedition while am just a insignificant person who works durable to get astonishing dreams. So, lets me recapitulate to you my reads what are my unassuming dreams for this first 6 months of this 2009. So, by the end of this first 6 months period I should be able to:-
1. Expand my business market from Kuching to Sibu-Kanowit-Kapit-Song and Belaga

2. Get my own SLK Lorenza before my convocation which is on Sept 09 At least I might not that worry coz what I need to do after the convocation. Coz,for me not my convocation which is merely a platform or medium to me to express my proud of my parents toward me. The exertions and self-righteous for my academic achievement are expressed in a certificate that I have to go trough for 3years solid time. That makes the certificate so precious to graduates, including me. Or perhaps. For some graduates who may not have job yet may say that convocation is just a “plain” happy feeling due to the fact that they might need to crack their mind day and night regarding to the affair of what job they need to hunt after the convo. Thanks god that I am not in that group of worried people. But then, the god may have his own plans for us. What we can do it, not merely to have a pray but then battle this reality of life with 1001 of your creativity that you have and develop from your education and make the creativities become shining star among the sky.Wow, how would it feels doing a PhD with a lovely car?? (wink2).So motivated la kan?and manage to complete it within 1 year time frame..ahaha I guess la.. Btw, thanks to my bisz partner- Maria, Zul, Fedy, Chriz, My family and also not forgeting to my other friends who are Eron, Fir, Elmi and not forgeting to my lovely pembuat kek.. To those who are not toe be mentioned, you all are nit forgeting and you know who your are ya..thanks for your supports and trust...trillion of thanks from me to all of you...

3. Eyeing some solid property and my priority is to get a house for my parents

4. Vocation with family

5.Honeymoon with pembuat kek ;)

6.Vocation with friends

So, people, I guess I need to stop here and I will come again with some great issues to be shared. Now am preparing my self to have teambuilding with my partners-clients. Till then, have a nice weekend people.

xoxoxo, Josh

2 January 2009

Happy new year fellas...

hai all.
happy new year 2009 to my sweet readers. What was ur new year celebration? How did u celebrate it?No matter how was it or how did u celebrate it,there will be one common thing which makes us "0-0" to each other which is- new resolutions!

Well, with a new year and hope ti will bring lot of hopes and joys compared to previous years. But then, never forget the previous years no matter how bitter they are coz without the past we wont be in the present. In fact we grow because we have full of human's essentials with us regardless sweetness or bitterness journeys of life. So, here i adhere the pics i took during my besday and 1st year celebration with you guys. I just let the pictures speak for themselves.

these pics were taken during new year eve or aka my birthday...So, before we did anything else, we feed our stomach 1st then i had this nasi lemak at The Cottage Bakery in Metro Plaza kajang with full of my heart's content. The taste was heaven!!

Then we headed to Metro Point Kajang to have some funs. So 1st, we went to game center. We payed King hammer so here was eron's point...
Here is mine...But so sorry coz forgot to take a snap for fir's result.I am still the hero with the highest point among all of them!

Then, we were be in a music box for 3 hours.The ambiance is cool and not seems to be cheap coz it facilities are quite similar to re box in KL.In fact, with such cool and kind of cozy facilities, it offers you only only rm3 per hours. Lunch or dinner also being provided by the music box! Actually did snap some pics when we were in the music box but then in fir's camera and i promise will post it here later on k.So we took 3hours and we had a free jug of soft drink and can be refilled some more! I had this coco-creamy drink.

And, we had this kind of sweet "popiah". 60 cent for each. The taste is so fucking delicious!

Then, after being 3hours in the music box with mixed feeling- cool, shivering, hungry and tired, so we went to a FISHO Spa..kinda cool tho. It costs you only rm30 per 40 mins. But it has special promotion for December. If you had the promotion package, you will have to pay rm15 and your legs by being bitten of the cutey fisho for 20mins.. Me and fir took the challenge so eron just being a witness for this fantastic feeling... the feeling of being bitten is kind of ticklish and laughter arousing!

this is me...i cant really be focused coz it was so ticklish!

my sweet lovely foots

mine again!
this is fir.
fir's outer abdomen..(hehehe)

so sweet huh?

Eron with a smile

can u see and spot his round pack?so sweet...(hahahaha)

eron with a kinky style...huh, what a man tho!

ok fellas, i will update more with new pictures. i guess i will stop now. Hope that this coming new year will bring us lot of joys and prosperities and being blessed to all of us! stay cool and peace ya.

xoxoxo, Josh