24 May 2008

It is going to be the Gawai session

It is near to the end of this month. I can say that, I have 80% of my possibilities not to fly back until I complete my draft at this midst of June. I need to get to the line carefully so I can complete my whole complete draft for submission. Our Voice Viva date has been announced which is on 17th July 2008. So, by that time, we just have a week to complete a quantity of corrections before the final draft will be released. Am too much worried due to the viva as there will be 3 lecturers will be a criticizer and my supervisor will be in the room to see how I can articulate and put across my academic stands and being able to grasp the notion of a scholar- verbal and non verbal. So sad when i cant be at home during the end of this month. In Sarawak, Gawai celebration has the vibe to shake the nation (i mean among Sarawakian). Visiting and get some rare foods that you may never come accros before. It is a celebration of harvasting session among those dayaks (including, iban, kayan, kenyah, bidayuh, and more and more). And all these ethnics are considered as bumiputra and also all Sabahan i guess). I am proud to be sarawakian coz hardly you can see "racist agenda" is being an issue or it may NOT a issue at all coz people are same and nothing make you diffrent except the social status - either you is "kaya" or "miskin'. But then, the harmony is all over the places.Home sweet home fellas, believe me.

Yesterday I went to UiTM Shah Alam due to my research purpose. As my thesis is about Gender Typing of curriculum development in the studies of hospitalities and tourism, to be exact. The topic itself is a comparison of psychology, sociology, education studies and tourism studies. To be honest, as I major in development science which is more to urban and regional planning, I never ever come across to the perspective of hospitalities, psychology, and gender studies. Hardly to believe that I come out with a thesis which is 80% of it, is really out from my education background and my friends say that am kinda doing ‘digging your own grave” for such thing. Well, I opt the topic tho and am not blaming others for that. Kinda cool to dispute your self by doing something which is totally new to you. Doing a new thing is kinda learning something which is out from your studies edge.

Pembuat kek is out of town as am feel so down. Hahah. But then it is ok at least I can focus more on the thesis then. I feel not in the mood to go out even to have the lunch or dinner. Yesterday I was alone at KL Central by hoping that Firdaus will drop by from his office. But out of blue he couldn’t make it so I was boring for nothing. It is not a big remorseful I guess as I had chance to taste how implausible is the “big mac” from MacD. The commercial is so ‘gempak’ and hilarious but no harm to give my selft a try tho. Am not the hard die fan of Mac D rather than KFC. Even I guess “burger tepi jalan” is much more cool and “jaw-dropping’ and lip smacking to me. Even am not the fan fo Mac D, so no harm for me to shout “ two beef parties with, lettuce, onions, prickles, in the same seed bun” (do I sound as the same as the advertisement?Hardly to make them to be sounded as a rap enuciation).

The day seems to be bored to me. Am missing lot of people, my family, and pembuat kek and my close friends. I gave mike a buzz this morning in case I will drop by to Kuching and may be I can hook up with that fella. But now he is out of kuching due to his personal matters in lawas. Cikgu Mike is my coursemate when I was in my undergraduate level. Well, time changes a lot but it may not effect my friendship with some of my close friends. I guess I better off for now. No ideas and I guess my passion to write is fluctuated day by day and the flair of writing is not “happening”. This few month I have many things to share but then I have noting much to write. So how that can be?

Till then, enjoy the day and Selamat Hari Gawai to all Sarawakian and Selamat hari Keamatan to all Sabahan.