10 November 2007

Movie time...

Felt cool and enjoy while chillin’ out on Friday night. Just to hunt the mission to have a mid night movie, i made my seff to be at Salak Selatan station for the 1st time ever since almost 6 years i have been here. I express my gratitude to ‘decrops” for his companionship to watch the late movie. Creepy movie tho yet give me a patty impact to shake my emotion fortification compared to “Jeepcreapers. Correct me for the spelling as I’m not that sure how to spell it exactly. We went to watch it at Midvaly and now there are quit some good movies to be hunted but I manage to promote 2 for you all after I have done my taste screening on those movies- Enchanted and Bee. I manage to get the pic of ‘Enchanted” which is for the purpose of promotion. It is quite unique in the way it is promoted in a popcorn box.

It looks as a book tho! Well, Overall the movie – 30days of night is quite cool but then I don’t really like the ending of it. Well, that all for now. C ya later.

xoxoxoxoxo Josh