20 May 2007

When i in love, i definitely will do these to my consort

· Make a little loving gesture every day for one full year.
· Cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie.
· Take a bubble bath together.
· Holding her hand and walk on the beach in the moonlight.
· Put a note in a romance novel saying, "The story is great but our own love story is the best".
· Put a single red rose on the seat of my lover's car before she goes to work.
· Send a virtual postcard at least once a week to my love.
· Get every book ever written by my loved one's favorite author.
· Get every movie starring my lover favorite actor.
· Keep twenty pounds of my lover favorite candy on hand.
· Take her to see the movie Titanic fifteen times.
· Make love to her every night until she asks me to stop.
· Give her twelve dozen roses on all their special days.
· Compose a list: "101 Reasons Why You're the Greatest" Write each reason on a separate square of paper. I will Wrap them in a fancy gift box.
· Sprinkle perfume on to light bulb. When light is turned on the scent of the perfume will fill the room.
· Relax with a glass of white wine.
· Listen to a romantic audio tape, fix a cup of hot flavored tea, and light two candles.
· Keep a journal of my romantic fantasies. Share it with mysoul mate.
· Buy a bunch of fish at a pet store. It doesn't matter what kind. Leave it for my lover with a note saying " Out of all the fish in the sea, you are the one for me".
· Take a picture of myself in the most sexy outfit possible. Hide in a secret spot in my house and leave her clues on how to get there. Watch the sparks fly!
· Put a blindfold on my lover and drive them to a place where i have a blanket, candles, strawberries, sparkling drinks, and a rose. Park the car and take off the blindfold while i read a poem that i have written for her.
· While my lover is in the shower, or bath, put her bath towel in a hot dryer for a few minutes. I Greet her when she get out of the shower with the toasty towel.
· Pull the bag out of my lover breakfast cereal box and slit a small hole in it. Insert a love note. Tape up the bag and return it to the box. What a way to start the day!
· Write a list of 50 or more things i like or love about my sweetheart.
· Unplug the TV set. Put a note on the screen saying, "Turn Me on Instead".
· Play "hide-and-seek" in the rain. It's fun and VERY sensual!
· Build my a web page telling her that i miss her so much. Mention special moments and add some images and cool links to topics that interest them. Surf the web with her one day and just "stumble upon it". Or have someone send them an anonymous email with the link inviting them to the page.

· Fill bathtub with warm water sprinkled with rose petals.
· Fix a hot cup of Raspberry Chocolate, cuddle in a warm afghan and watch An Affair to Remember.
· Place a perfumed handkerchief in the dryer with your sheets before drying.
· Send my love a letter with confetti hearts inside of the letter so they pour out everywhere when my sweetheart opens it.
· Invite my sweetie to an intimate dinner at your place. Make a pizza and with the pepperoni so i can write something sweet, like "you are the one for me".
· Surprise my lover with a kiss before they can finish a sentence.
· Write my own love poems ( well, i bet to be great on this as my field is English literature tho..heheh) then record them on a tape and give them to your sweetheart.
· Give my love an antique compass and say "You will never lose me". Your love will swear the needle always points to her heart!
· While my love takes a shower, write the words "I love you" in the condensation of the bathroom mirror.
· Leave a trail of "Hershey's chocolate kisses" from the front door to the bedroom, right up to the bed. On the bed leave a note that reads 'I kiss the ground you walk on.' i will Make sure that she is not home when she gets in!
· I will write a love note or poem on a piece of paper and then cut it up into puzzle-like pieces. Send one a day to your special someone.
· Play the game of monopoly with a few new rules. Change boardwalk into backrub, and Tennessee into take mine or her shirt off. Every time i or her pass go, i or her gets a kiss. etc.
· Look straight into the eyes of my love and PAY ATTENTION to what she tells me ! Tell my soul mate something about you that no one else knows.
· Look into the eyes of my special someone often ( I LOVE TO DO THIS). "The eyes are the window to the soul". Weave love, sex, intimacy, passion and romance into the fabric of your daily lives.
· Carve "Hers" jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.
· Buy a set of matching silk pajamas, and take turns modeling them for each other.
· Go through revolving doors with your lover.
· Camp-out in a tent with MY lover and picnic in a tree house
· Men: Talk more. Women: Touch more.
· Spend one solid hour exploring various kissing techniques.
· Turn your "bedroom" into a " boudoir ". Use soft colors and fabrics, fresh cut flowers on my nightstand, mirrors everywhere, etc. Hang my lover Favorite arts on my walls.

well, not to say i bet to all of these but to explore something romantic wil make your life much beter than you nothing.As when we love some one, we will put the lies behind, accpet all those crazy things, even block the sun from shadowing the moon light so i can sleep all over the times to dream the tales of my lover forevor more....i do love to do these- using petas or any small note or kiss my spouse before a sentences is completed from uttering..Oh ya , i found this -Date ideas which may useful to you guys
Date Ideas
Visit the zoo
See an aquarium
Go to a play
Visit an art gallery
Play board games
Go to a drive-in movie
Go to a car show
Go see fireworks
Go to a movie
Go to an ice skating show
Go to a concert
Visit garage sales
Go to an air show
Play card games
Make your own video
See a musical
Go to a concert
Go out for a cultural dinner
Visit a children's hospital
Go to the symphony
Visit each other's grandparents
Volunteer together
Go camping
Go horseback riding
Go miniature golfing
Go whitewater rafting
Go dancing
Rake leaves & play in them
Play a game of tag
Climb trees together
Take a riverboat cruise
Play broomball
Play kick the can
Ride a ferry or steamboat
Go swimming
Go moped riding
Go to the driving range
Play touch football
Jet ski
Go sledding
Work out together
Build a snowman
Make snow angels
Sunbathe together
Run together in the rain
Play racquetball
Ride go-carts
Beach volleyball
Catch fire flies
Snowball fights
Go for a country drive
Go stargazing
Rent a movie
Have a picnic at home
Look at Christmas lights
Go to a museum
Watch the sunset
Bake cookies together
Do laundry together
Make ice cream
Go for a sunset walk
Cook dinner for each other
Go grocery shopping
Build ice cream sundaes
Color in coloring books
Go to an arcade
Visit a city that is the name of a state
Take a sleigh ride
Go snowmobiling
Play frisbee
Park and star watch
Visit a pet store
Rent a limo for the evening
Walk on the beach at midnight
Roast marshmallows over a campfire
Visit favorite childhood places
Winter Date Ideas
Finger paint
Snuggle up in front of the fireplace
Go to the beach
Visit a city park
Pillow fight
Go kayaking
Walk your dog
Play hide and seek
Go ice skating
Go roller blading
Build models
Pick colorful fall leaves
Go for a moonlit walk
Watch TV together
Decorate a Christmas tree
Feed ducks at a pond
Go on a hay ride
Carve a jack-o-lantern
Watch the sunrise
Go shell searching on the beach
Visit an orchard
Watch little league games
Watch planes take off
See a midnight movie
Go to a wedding together
Look for 4-leaf clovers
Fruit tree picking /orchard
Go window shopping
Read tabloids & laugh together
Thumb wrestle
Puddle jump in the rain
Play tennis
Play volleyball
Hot air balloon ride
Ride a bike built for two
Go water-skiing
Go sailing
Go to a playground
Go to the horse races
Go to an amusement park
Play laser tag
Learn to rock climb
Go bowling
Play basketball (1 on 1)
Cook out
Visit caves
Fly a kite
Give each other backrubs
Take a helicopter ride
Go deep sea fishing
Go scuba diving
Go on a hayride
Walk through a mall
Have a small party
Go to church together
Go to a boating show/race
Take a hobby class
Visit a haunted house
Go to a circus
Go out for coffee
Visit a flea market
Cruise in a convertible
Go to an all you can eat buffet
Go to a ballet
Play bingo
Help at a soup kitchen
Go to an opera
Go to a bookstore
Visit another city
Go hear jazz or reggae
Go on a cruise
Do yard work
Have shaving cream fight
Go Snowboarding
Go Skiing
Listen to music
Go snorkeling
First Date
Go to a football game
till then,

x0x0x0x0x Josh

am calling those who are "employee" and those who are gonna an employee


Aries Employee Profile (march 21 - april 19)
Aries employees make excellent troubleshooters.
They ' ll usually want to be out in the
field at a variety of different work sites fixing things. They certainly won't be happy for very long behind a desk in a 9 to 5 schedule. The bored Aries employee who has been forced into a square hole will typically be restless, angry, and careless with details. No amount of money would
for being stuck in a
routine job. Money in fact isn ' t why they are working at all.
They do want to be paid fairly and need a status position to satisfy their competitive tendencies--but even more importantly, they ' ll want
new projects . They
typically like to have a sense of responsibility and need to feel needed. In return, they ' ll give their all and provide detailed, consistent work. They will literally work themselves to exhaustion to prove themselves. If you want to keep your Aries co- worker productive and happy, you ' ll want to give them the opportunity to work independently or let them help and lead less experienced workers.
Taurus Employee Profile (april 20 - may 20) Taureans make some of the best employees. They are loyal, hardworking, and no-nonsense. They work methodically and follow projects through until they are complete. Some may appear to work a little too slowly-usually because they are so
they will always finish what they start. They thrive on structure,
and routine. You ' ll find them doing the same exact thing at the same time every day. Taureans, however, are not exactly the malleable workers that they often appear to be. If they have to work in a chaotic environment, they won ' t be happy and will be prone to child-like temper tantrums and stubbornness. They might react similarly if they have to work around
people or at a job where there is no obvious potential for advancement. Taureans will be very unhappy if there isn ' t a ladder for them to climb. Even in the worst situations, they will find a way to advance slowly, winning over the most difficult people who may stand in their way of progress.

Taurus employees will only take so much patiently and happily before they feel they are being taken advantage of. They will gladly accept orders and do whatever dirty work needs to get done, but they expect rewards. They want material gain, salary increases, and the potential for more power. To make your Taurus employees happy, be sure to give them projects through which they will see tangible results-hopefully something that will allow them to express their unique creativity in addition to their practical side. They don ' t want to feel mired in details for long periods of time. Make sure to schedule regular performance and salary reviews.
This show of respect should keep them loyal to the company.
Gemini Employee Profile (may 21 - june 21) Gemini employees can have difficulty concentrating on one thing for long periods of time. They have quick-moving minds and love to talk and communicate their ideas with others. They thrive on social interaction -- even if their jobs don ' t particularly support it. You ' ll be able to find them wandering from desk to desk gossiping about all the sordid news in the office. They can be powerful persuaders in their speech and make ideal salespeople and
They love to negotiate and can work out the best Deal for everyone involved. When properly stimulated, they can manage to keep their wandering mind focused and actually be quite productive. When they are bored, bogged down with mundane detail-work, or forced to work with people who they
droll, they can become mean-spirited and gossipy.
Their moods can fluctuate vastly day to day, as well as their productivity. It is really against t heir nature to be forced into an average workday
schedule and environment. They are happier travelling. lf they are in an office they will need constant new stimulation. Most will be wanting
if they see this as a way to escape the limitations of their jobs. This can motivate them to put extra effort into their job. If you work with a Gemini, try to avoid getting into any debates with them - they will surely win and it could end in some hard feelings on your part. They will need an accepting environment-one that supports their need for multi-tasking.

Cancer Employee Profile (june 22 - july 21) The Cancer employee isn't at work to feed their ego -- their job is just a job and a means to get paid. They work steadily and are usually very reliable. You ' ll be able to depend on them to show up on time and do what is necessary. They won ' t get involved in power struggles or get upset when someone advances before them. They are able to accept the situation because they see it simply as a rung on the ladder up. Their motivation is security. They ' ll want more money the longer they ' ve stayed at a job. They don't want to have to worry about how they'll make ends meet tomorrow so they'll need a stable position without much risk. Cancerian workers can slip into some dark moods on occasion. During these periods productivity tends to drop-as well as everyone else ' s in the office. Their moods can be so strong everyone becomes affected.
To avoid the frequency of these occurrences, managers and co-workers should try to make the work environment as homey as possible-keep it well heated, cozy, and friendly. Don ' t press them to reveal their true inner
tendency is to be secretive and protective, and they could see prying as an attempt to disturb their security.

Leo Employee Profile (july 22 - august 21) Leo workers want to be first and at the center of the office. Even if they can ' t lead, they ' ll look for every opportunity to increase their own status - and if someone else seems ahead of them, look out. They will make it clear that they aren ' t happy by pouting and complaining. They want advancement so much that they ' ll take on more responsibility and carry a heavier load than anyone else does in the office. And they are self-promoters. It is likely that they
are telling everyone in the office what a great job they are doing as well as giving everyone unwanted advice. They know they are superior and want everyone to know it as well. This arrogance can sometimes cause problems when working with management. But typically, they are just hard workers out to demonstrate just how good they really are. They thrive in sales positions - they can promote a product or company just as well as they promote themselves. ;Their strength and arrogance isn ' t just show
In a crisis situation, Leos really demonstrate their true courage. Leos want to lead and will be pushing for more responsibility and rewards. They are happy to train and mentor new co- workers as they enjoy giving advice and being in positions of authority. If you are trying to manage a Leo employee, you'll need to give them plenty of praise, responsibility, and independence.
They will certainly want to help lighten your load of management
Just be careful- the next thing you know they could be taking over your job.

Virgo Employee Profile (august 22 - september 22) In the right situations Virgos love to work. They make ideal employees, happily working late into the night to make sure everything is perfect and in order. If you are looking for an employee who doesn ' t mind starting from rock bottom in the most entry-level
at the company, hire a Virgo. They ' ll have no complaints about the
being beneath them. They are CONTENT with basic, honest hard work. Their contentment isn ' t always apparent, however. They love to complain and worry. They are quick to criticize the way things are done around the office and are the first ones to grumble disapprovingly at what they consider to be extravagance or laziness. They are blunt and honest and don ' t mince words over what they feel just isn ' t right. Usually, this will be brought on by someone doing a half-baked job or not being considerate of other co-work ers. You ' ll want to constantly reassure them, but this will do little to quell their anxieties. They actually enjoy worrying, and there is little you can do about it. Just give them a detail - oriented project and let them work alone on it. You won ' t have to supervise
a Virgo worker.
They ' ll check all the facts before getting started and catch their own errors when they are done. To keep a Virgo employee happy, you should also make sure their environment is orderly and calm. You should also provide small gestures of appreciation. They don ' t need extravagance, just let them know you
appreciate them in small ways that won ' t embarrass them. They will
just shrug their shoulders and say, "It ' s no big deal." But deep down inside they need these little reassurances.

Libra Employee Profile (september 23 - october
22) Libra employees are
detailed, dedicated workers with sensitive natures. Managers and co-workers sometimes find them difficult to get a handle on. They pick up the energy of the office and are unable to prevent it from affecting them. Loud noise, flashy colors, and discordant vibrations will put them off so much that they will have difficulty fulfilling their obligations at work. One day they may seem like the most bright,
ambitious employee around. The next day they might be down, irritated, and unable to produce. Co-workers shouldn ' t fret when Libra employees are in a dark mood. It really won ' t last, as a happy state of mind can come over them just as quickly. When Libra employees are in a balanced frame of mind, they can be a powerful presence at
work-they have a way of gracing everything they touch. Underneath that mess of moods, they really are basically happy and stable people. They are capable of profound logical thought and evaluate all sides of a
before acting.
They are one of the most intelligent Signs around. They are expert
and mediators. And their sensitivity to their environment makes them
at keeping things looking great. They will easily help others resolve
and can act as a go-between with workers and management so that everyone ends up happy. If you want to keep your Libran worker smiling, give them the respect they are due and put them in a position where they can project their great charm and diplomacy. They won ' t be CONTENT to take orders for very long, either- make sure they are given increased responsibility.

Scorpio Employee Profile (october 23 - november 21) Scorpio employees usually exude a quiet self-confidence. They are self-sufficient and do not depend on others for a sense of self-worth. They keep their private life separate from work and take complete responsibility for their actions and their situation. They don ' t make excuses; they just take care of business and expect everyone else to do the same. Those who don ' t, co- workers and managers- will have to endure the Scorpio wrath. They don ' t mind being completely vocal about what they feel is wrong with any given situation. And if you tread on their fire be sure to expect retaliation. They won ' t take insults or opposition lying down. If you manage a Scorpio employee, be sure to follow through with your word and don ' t break any promises-Scorpio is keeping track and building up some heavy resentments against you if you do. You may not even be aware of it until too late-but when Scorpio gets too m uch, you ' ll be sure to know.
Scorpio employees will react towards those around them exactly as they are treated. When they get what they want, they will be very accepting. If you are trying to work with or motivate a Scorpio co-worker, be sure to treat them respectfully and act professionally. Give them challenging work that allows them to utilize their awesome self-confidence and courage.
Sagittarius Employee Profile (november 22 - december 21) The Sagittarian employee is head strong, cheerful, and willing to help. They exude
and take on tasks like there's no tomorrow. They are willing to tackle even the toughest of projects as long as it is challenging and gets them out of the routine. Lucky for them, their shining personalities and honest enthusiasm seem like a bright spot in the office- otherwise co-workers might begin to build animosity towards someone so arrogant and extravagant. Their tendency to exaggerate and take on more then they can handle usually results in missed deadlines and dropping the ball-not because they are lazy of procrastinate, but because their enthusiasm just gets the better of them sometimes. Don ' t let their nonchalance fool you-they really do care about what they are doing. They just have an easy-going attitude that allows them to keep on smiling even when they just messed up big time. Just because they are flexible and easy-going doesn ' t mean they won ' t tell you exactly how they feel-what is working for them and what isn ' t. And they won ' t just blindly take orders - they need to understand the
method and reason behind the process. If you are trying to motivate your Sagittarian employee, be sure to feed them plenty of challenging new
and hint that some business trips might be on the horizon once deadlines are met. And whatever you do, try not to question their intentions - it is the quickest way to make them
upset. They aren ' t capable of deceit.

Capricorn Employee Profile (december 22 - january 20) A Capricorn employee with too much to do is a happy worker. They need plenty of projects and responsibility. There is no sadder sight than a Capricorn worker without a sense of responsibility. They need to be needed. They are covertly
- usually not flashy or obvious about it-but you will usually know that they are serious and determined about advancing themselves. They are
scrupulous, so much so that they can be self-disparaging. But they are no pushovers. They can wear down even the toughest customers. Their persistence is incredible. Once they set their sights on a goal, they work away at it until the bitter end-whether the goal be that hard sell or the new hardware release.
don ' t work for free, however. They expect to be paid handsomely and be given more and more responsibility. They need to come out ahead of the pack in the end, and they see the work environment as their primary vehicle. They won ' t go in for the typical office gossip and politics, though.
They want to get down to business at work and see it as no place for fooling around.. With a strong sense of duty and respect towards their superiors, it is rare they will join in on boss-bashing or knocking the system. They can get frustrated, however, with blue sky management schemes that lack common sense, and they will interject their dry sense of humor in the most critical ways.
If they want change, they will
be unyielding. If all their effort leads to naught the result will be deep moods of darkness and depression with a sense of hopelessness. Keep your Capricorn employee happy by paying them fairly and giving them plenty of hard work. Arrange for a path of advancement within your organization for them. If you don ' t, you might find them looking for other

Aquarius Employee Profile (january 21 - february 19) The Aquarius employee can't tolerate unfairness in the office. Hair brained schemes will get the positive attention they deserve if an Aquarian has anything to do with it. They ' ll try to help everyone see the good side of a bad situation if it ' s the last thing that they do. They are so smart-they can ' t help but hold management in disdain if they feel that they are being unfair and unintelligent. It isn ' t that they are overly ambitious and think they could be doing a better job-just that they think people in power should know better. Most Aquarius workers are still looking for themselves and will want to try their hand at a variety of jobs in the workplace. Whatever they are doing, they will do conscientiously.
They usually have strict personal codes that include a strong work ethic. Their bright, off-beat intelligence, and trustworthi- ness will typically gain them many friends-in and out of work. Beneath that sometimes odd-ball behavior is solid, concrete thinking and sensitivity to co-workers. Keep your smart Aquarius co-worker happy by giving them plenty of opportunity to learn news kills. Raises are less important to them. No amount of money will make it worth their while to stay in a stagnant position. Don ' t let them get too bored or they will simply find another job as easily as they found this one-their genius is easy to spot.

Pisces Employee Profile (february 20 - march 20)
The Pisces employee can be a loyal and hard-working, if unconventional, worker. In the right position, they are able to keep their daydreams in check and buckle down on the detail work-giving their all to the boss and corporation whom they feel are worthy of devotion. On the flip side, there is no image of extreme misery like that of an ill-placed Pisces worker. They will act as though their cubicle were a prison cell as they daydream of their own business or next vacation. Unhappy Pisces workers usually won ' t stick around too long. Often Pisceans will drift from one job to another looking for that ideal environment to which they will be able to commit and feel a sense of purpose. And if things are going in a bad direction at the
Pisces will be the first to sense it. They ' d rather pick up
and leave then wait until the problem reaches a head. Pisces are often misunderstood by their co-workers. Typically timid and introspective, they usually keep their true nature hidden, for fear it wouldn ' t fit with the corporate culture. What motivates a Pisces employee to not only stick around but also excel? Try compliments. And show them how their work impacts the entire organization. They need to know that what they are doing is worth something on a grander scale. Acceptance of their unconventional organization and planning will be necessary. Just because their sales report isn ' t in the typical format doesn ' t mean it is any less effective. Keep their environment bright and upbeat; and an after-work cocktail wouldn ' t hurt.

Notes: What ever employee are u, but then, as long u know hwere is ur vessel heading on, then do go ahead ....it is not a matter of depending or believeing on the zodiac but then u can use them to guide u all the way of working paving! Ask for more payment if u deserve too!!! hayati la modal insan anda- appreciate the potential of ur human capital traits!

till then, X0X0X0X0 Josh

Can these get ur attention for 5 mins to read this?

Words Women Use Fine This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. Five Minutes If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. Nothing This is the calm before the storm. This means "something" and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with "nothing" usually end in "fine". Go Ahead This is a dare, not permission, DON'T DO IT! Loud Sigh Although not actually a word, the loud sigh is often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing". That's Okay This is one of the most dangerous statements that woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake. Thanks This is the least used of all words in the female vocabulary. If a woman is thanking you. Do not question it, just say you're welcome and back out of the room slowly. Send this to the Men you know and want to help, or to the Women you know for a laugh.






well fellas, these notes dont meant that u are at the end of the world especially when your girl does have the similar traist of using the above words..but then, if she does, what is ur ad-hoc to tackel the state fo affiar..erm..i dont really understand why there are so many thing which seggerate the using of words between both gender- male and female. but then, the it is not because of sex seggeration rather than gender implementation on the sex itseft! so, to those who are reading this, stay alert to your surrounding...

till then, X0X0X0X0X Josh
male J and female J, wow, the fuckin camera makes me look chub..damn it ;)

See, am not that big pig!

Today is hectic to me.
Time is
2.11amin the morning, and it seems to be a great time to write a blog. Well, what do we have here? Okies, lets review these pic..shall we (pics below)

Okies, Yelow inside but black out side- this was the time for today. Black mood for Saturday? Yes, does it cost you something? Erm, I guess, it is not a big deal for me. Any color will do and I do love green and blue but am not rolling them out? In this life, as it is short and do not try to “take too lightly” urseft in the sense that you are trying to generate your own fortification toward life. hell ya, where is the freedom of yourself dude? Don’t try to create something that encumbers your self-determination unless you have to!! Well, cut the crap, today I was damn tired coz all day long I were in the sence. Tired and hentic. Cant do some shooting coz of the precipitation. My friend and I were stucked in the rain for nothing. Well, at least we had something intresting to be haunted.Erm. I have no idea to be expressed in this line. Having a tired mine make me not that productive to express some phrases which mirror the days of mine. Till then, enjoy this song-
the song is a romantic song ever for some rememberance! I adore its video clip. Brian Adam is my King of romance as his song damn ia a fucking ear-cathing which makes ur emotion of passion and love becomes diaphanous and feeble to some emotion needs.

X0X0X0X0, Josh