29 November 2010

Chic and Quirk

Holla peeps,

What do you all up to today? Today, a quit relaxing for me compared to these few days ago. Today, I had only few things to be done. Let’s I do some self check up:-

a. Submit few proposals- DONE

b. Send mass messages to clients and my team- DONE

c. Reminds people about our next coming event- ONE BIGGER LOSER- DONE

d. Promoting and advertising for our new projects- DONE

e. Meet up with investors- Semi DONE

So, there are quit productive days for me and I take pleasure in all these day. A new year is coming and now we have a blast Christmas mood here and there. What nice vibes- apart for having new-fangled mood for resolution, home decoration to commemorate new years, welcoming new family members- get a new life and get married, perhaps, school holidays and having tones of work to be sorted out before the year is ended! See, this is the colour of life! Am always think positive toward life no matter I get ups and downs, bruise and make mistake! Get your self a life tho.

Okies, apart of cherishing the life , shall we be a bit tolerate to help those in the department of having a sexy look?

Here we are ONE KUCHING TEAM, would like to offer you a special threat to get the most gorgeous look- if possible, for those who are hunger and sexiest binge!

So, get your self out form slouchy muscles and tissue to be rejuvenated, replenished, repaired with a healthy micro vibration, healthy nutrition and friendly sliming workout for a MONTH! The grand prize is waiting you people- WORTH RM 2000 just only with a single entry!

Dare to join? Does this sound chic and quirk to you?

If you are- nearby, kuching’s areas do give me a buzz or hola me with your message in the chat box or you can directly email to me. The due to submit this game is before 12th Dec 2010.