31 December 2010


it is such a wonderful day to me yet am still cant get the exactly "excited " feeling toward the day..Why, today is my special day and so many things have not being done yet.

well, this new year i do give many hopes and try to get all of them completed by next end of year. Hope that the 2011 will bring so much joys which pours like cascading waterfall.

My new year resolutions are :-
1. be much more healthy
2. study hard for the PhD (and now am also thinking of doing diploma in pre-emergency care)
3. create many awareness of health and wellness
4. work hard to archive my personal sale targets and career
5.create more love and friendship with all
6.upgrade my shareholders units
7.serve my best to those who need our wellness services.
8. upgrade my knowledge in gadget and new high tech devices
9. forgive and forget
10.get my self a music class and training

during my besday, these were what i got. Thanks guys: THE ONE
do click those above links to get clear to what am talking here..
happy reading people...

till then, Happy new year
xoxoxox People