24 April 2007

sunshine is just arround the coner fellas

Happy wed fellas, gues wht, i havent slep since last night because of the existence of my animal instinct that is embedded inside me and the repercussion of this, gosh i caant literally tell you until you do an ethnography in order to feel it by your own experince. So i'm glad and proud to tell you that my nocturnal still in a plenty amount even i can have an auction for it instead of go halves them with you. Wanna some? Oh ya, i have just received and noticed an email from a modeling agency (which was supposed to be read by me last week, but i DIDN'T). So i noticed that i miss the chance to entail myseft in casting calling. The person in-charge asked me to do some requests and of othe his ideas is to deal it with Ms.#$%@. But he doesnt really sure if i can throw my luck for such calling due the delay of reading and responding to the mail. Sounds like am "nail-biting" right? But am not that distracted tho! It was supposed to be held on 23 April 2007. Frankly speaking am really perturbed because of the inattentive not to be so cognizant about my mail box due to some superfluous of email in my box and this become a smudge for no good reason. FYI, i have sent my Cv last 3 weeks ago. I cant wait to ask them agianif i can re-do the casting or not but i still have a hope that is considered as an emblem of my susceptible esstem. A great chance will not always comes so numerous but i bet it unless i can't. Okies, let's talk about a few of people who are really succesful nowadays since the father of earth takes it turn to shine the world (it's 5.15 am, and you bet!) and i guess it is a prefect time to talk about triumphant as it always (streotyping ideology) starts at morning. At least we can egg on ourselve especially when your spirits toward succes is not rosy anymore because of some trubulants (those bad days ) and make sure ti never become paler! If they seems to be your minor then you should patch them up as the 2020 is stll far away to be cheased. So here we go fellas;- Companies VS owners]
1. Microsoft -owned by Bill gates
2. Thrump Park Avenue- owned by Donal Thrump
3. Honda-owned by Soichiro
4.Nokia-Owned by Fedrik Idestam
5. MacD (I'm lovin it- there is a grammatical error here as LOVE cant be added with -ING as it is a state verb)- owned by Ray Kroc
6. Shell- owned by Marcus Samuel
7. FedEX- owned by Fedrick Wallace Smith
8. AiraAsia- owned by Tony Fernandas ( i have read his book toward millionar)
9. www.joshdcap.blogspot.com - owned by Mr. Josh (who else huh)?

The above names (From 1-7*) are based on the verity facets yet no 9 is also not that a fake tho! to know more about them?read and read fellas. Ok then, will cater you guys with some cool updates from me.Aint nagging for more unless there is a request to do so.Dare you to ask for more?till then,
excuse me, xoxoxox, Josh

Freak Fobia, anyone?

I have read a magz (Maskulin-am the fan of this ya) and i found these :-

Types of Fobia:-

a. Acrophobia- afraid of the high (am a bit dizzy, however am still can stand while in KL tower)

b. Astrapopohobia- afraid of thunder (sorry, if u are pointing me for this..am not that kind of man )

c. Coulrophobia- afraid of clown (Frankly speaking, I thought this has the same element as “clorox” has or maybe its taste is more “kick the ass”..hehe.i used to when i was a kid)

d. Cynophobia- afraid of dog (am not in this element ya)

e. Hominophobia- afraid of male ( am not, but if i do, this means that am doing feuds -affraid of policeman la)

f. Phalacrophobia- afraid of being bald (nah, eat your heat out as i do have plenty of hair and i guess it's kinda sexy tho to be bald)

Some freaky Fobia- more freak than usual!

a. Bibliophobia - afraid of books( sometimes, i do love of reading as am afraid of being stupid for nothing)

b. Caligynephobia- afraid of beautiful lady (i only afraid if my lady is too beautiful so people will say that we are matchless for this live-to- be)

c. Genophobia- afraid of sex (nah..not now)d. Medomalacuphobia- afraid of losing eraction (mine is still functioning k)

e. Medorthophobia- afraid of the penis while it erects (gosh..such a lame fobia if you are get treated by this)f. Pantophobia- affriad of everything (better give ur life to others who really need it then)

notes: i do sometime think such names (fobias) and there are sound weird to me. Who create these and does he or she makes these names for the purpose for having "a spelling bee" competition or to make people wring their brain to memorize the spellings when there is a need to divulge about their seft??what say u? Sometime the names look yummy to me, aren’t they?..yum yum yum + yum cha!!hehehtill then,