9 September 2007

Charmed Life? "what say you?"

It's a wonder?

Am thinking about this - it's a wonder? What does the word mean? Nah, i am not talking about it in the concept of literal meaning but that may be something that the sender is trying to say. I recieved a sms from a friend of mine which at the same time made me up (gosh it is 10am). Then it is quite mysterious to me as it is "simple and pure" word to me. Nothing mcuh can be figured it out what she is trying to say. Out of blue am thinking about "it's a wonder" by BoyZone. My very young days were broughten up throughtout their verses. Back to the SMS. Then i deem something. In fact i am trying to keep on asking my selft - did i not mind mine P's and Q's while talking to other people? It is a matter of course that we are easily to be provoked by such pitty matter. Especially when it may hurt or harm others, especially when it comes to feeling and emotion fortification! The scars remains for a couple of times tho. Nah, i will try to give such preplex sms next to nothing at this time of speaking. But still i am keep on wondering what does the Sms is all about. Tired to mull it over as it comes to the "cul-de-sac" conclusion. By the way..Happy monday fellas. Dont let pitty thing to shake ur mood easily.

x0x0x0x0 Josh

Charmed life?

Charmed life?

Human is no that easy to be fulfilled and satisfied by each other as this can be oscillated by the lust of having something. Why am saying so? Nah, just take a couple of minutes to let your self to see “how the land lies” by mean of scot- free from any bias thinking while you are scrutinizing your self.

Okies, today my housemate and I went to attend a walk-in interview at Jln Ampang for MISC’s career development. Well, I managed to get my self in as my housemate wouldn’t manage to get thru. I got my turn which was 86. I was too jumpy as other rivals were not that “simple and pure” to me. Okies, I was suggested to apply for Human Resources (Sea) but sounds interesting tho and it doesn’t raise chain for me even though my background is not related to this post. So, I was like hitting the nail on the head while I needed to say something about Human recourses, especially about some labor acts. I managed to say something about the acts. Just too light on the acts I guess. I was putting too much hope to be chosen in Environmental Department. (sigh)!

My rivals were trying to hold all the trumps and I was like to shiver because they are too “exclusive” to me, I mean in term of dressing. Next time I’ll bring my blazer along then. Wait and see. The atmosphere and vibes of Nikko Hotel was not that bad even its outer look is so getting on!

After the interview my housemate and I had some chat at the lobby and then heading to the rest room to change the outfit. Then, while at the rest room, a guy came to us and asked some opinions about how the interview went on. He asked we to join him for a walk then we were heading to Ampang Point. After having short conversation with him, then I realized that “is there any charmed life here?” At least for me? I feel in my bones that am in the self-effacing appreciation towards my own nature. That guy was British-boarding-school student. Having Accounting background and worked with Petronas. After a year of working then he quits from the company and looking for other jobs. He said that he cant bear with the boss as she is too bossy. Okies, I noticed that he had good payment while in the company but then so hard to please other right? He did not manage to get in the interview as he was late for 5 minutes so he will be called if he passed the screen test without having any interview session, within this period of time. Does it sound so risky for him right? I wish him best of luck then and to me too. I hope that my application will go like clockwork. Till then, have a good Monday fellas!

Xoxoxoxox Josh