30 May 2009

My Holiday at Clubmediterranean

Holla pepes, here i am to elaborate my voation that i had on last may....

proudly i shout i have been to "Club Méditerranée" which is commonly known as Club Med, is a French corporation of vacation resorts found in many parts of the world, usually in exotic locations. It is seen by many as having started the all-inclusive resort concept (although Frenchman's Cove Resort in Portland, Jamaica is regarded as the world's first all-inclusive resort).Clubmed has been spreaded all over the world in about 80 branches.

if i not mistaken, only a member of that club will be allowed to enter any club med clubs.well, am to proud of being there, even for once but for sure i will hunt for others 79 clubmeds in this world.

I have spent in about 3days 2 night and it costed me rm 2.2k...but it pleasured me more than that...here are the proofs.

and here are the others evidances

and much more...

and the last are.....

actually i have lot of pics to be shared here but due to my quick visit to this blog so i dont have enough time to upload more and more of those pics. will do it later on ya..by the way, just wait for my new vocation at Langkawi on last June.so..till then, adios amigos and keep on visiting this page..erm..now am thinking of what is my next vocation for this july...well, keep on reading and take care then...

xoxoxo, Josh

20 May 2009

What a life? a popular phrase in me

Working makes me by a hair's breadth to do some workout and get more and more firm muscles and have dense shape. Some time my eating time is not that apt. As you work so hard and you keen to please your selves with lenience of food!

Sometimes I keep so strict to my diet and here it is…..

This meal kind of vigorous I guess coz lot of vegetables and less prepared by oil. It costs you RM50 only and it is simply enough for table of 2.

I like sushi and the main ingredient is beef which is warped nicely with the sweet and tender seaweed!

What makes the sushi seems to be special to me it comes straight forward with those “sambal”..so nice tho!

What i call as "evil" meals are can be categorized as below:-

Yong thau fuu..this is my favorite and the most important it is "pembuat kek's favorite" too!!!! we are so match not only in soul elements but also related to the stomach networking !hehehe.. what a life!

this nasi kebab kind of "so-so" for me. I just consume less carbo yet i still i'm being so vindictive to my self and again..what a life!

this is cheese cake fresh from starbuck freeze!Lovely and each pieces of the cake so tender and easily melt in the tongue for no compromise with other offers to live!hehe yet it is still so darn greasy to me!

i like this part of muffin. This is banana muffin from Starbuck. Am not kind of Starbuck "follower" but then just been there coz Ed and Daus need some companionship by using Starbuck as the lovely setting for chit chat..


this ice-cream is one of the best flavors ever i have had! It is Vanetta (correct me if i wrong). The taste is heavenly. If i have a word to enunciate to express my feeling toward this "object" is " it makes me horny to have it"! Once it was in my tongue i felt orgasm...

Daus in the crime scene...

Ed as the antagonist of the script ! Especially to my diet script!It was his ideas to have Starbuck at the 1st place which is at The Curve Damansara.

i had this..If i not mistaken it is called as Blackberry mocha...(i think so)

The taste: unknow and no further details except the blackberry!

so people, enough about the foods and yes, nowadays people want to have meal is not just for the sake of fulling the urge of hunger but just to have a taste of it. Every single feeling to get into the taste of each food makes you wanna scream "WHAT A LIFE folks"!

till then,

19 May 2009

My sweet April just in a whole sum!

The silent of me during the whole April.

It’s kind of weird for me to sit and think where should I start to express you my “silent” experiences during the whole April with trillion impacts of keyed up words to squirt your reading inquiry.

My counsultancy spread all over Sarawak now, including my hometown. Well, really don’t really care to what people think of me as they still cleave to this kind of perception “ you have your education and why you don’t go out to get a job. Don’t you think it is kind of wasting your family outlay and your cleverness”?

So my answer are “well, excuse me if am kind of rude with my gist. But I invested too much money on my education and u just plainly ask me to rummage sale my “expertise” to other whom I in no doubt cant really pay the total amount of money if I work with this kind of particular person? Even if I work for the whole live, would u think that I can pay my parents for their deal on my education? And this is not including the other expenses I have to put on my shoulder – kids’ responsibilities! Don’t you ever think that no matter how smart are u in you exams, once you are working with others, u still cant pay your investment of your preceding education (by mean that your income per month is RM2.5k and above) as the value of the money is not that same as in 2000!Just don’t too swollen with pride with such amount. Remember secure job is such a huge different with secure financial! Yet do you ever think that it is worthy to make your cleverness works for people than your self as you invested on it for your entire youth? I guess by studying in a big city makes me open up my eyes to see that “the world is not just enough by having a simple heart and easy to assure my needs. As the price of everything is in a fucking HIKE! Thanks for the prospect for me to be out of my hometown for the rationale of studying a new life style and hopes! We live for once and take hold of anything which you may think it is significance to you.

As what Robert T.K says (the author of rich dad poor dad), if you are a employee- the 1st think you will do once you have your salary is to pay taxs. Then you pay your debts and lastly spending. So where is the part of your income to be saved? If you are working for your self, once you have your profit margin then you go for spending (no wonder this kind of people live their live with LV things- kind of luxury feeling as everybody deserve it but how?), then saving, pay tax and debt. So, can you see how those “a worker” and a “biz owner” have discrepancy in term of life style? This kind of live style I really dream for . WHAT A LIFE! Just go and read Rich dad Poor dad and look for RAT RACE. So, I asked the person who asked an unintelligent issue to me “don’t you think you being fool in your self?” You work for a job which is not inherited to your next generation and yet you still inherit the costs of your education investment in your coffin! Such an excruciating made-up tho! Such an appalling nightmare. Well, smart and whiz kid people will make the money work for him and not working for the money . If you work for money then you waste your complete life to sit and be a good darn hard worker. Travel all over the world when you are about 50? What a waste! Don’t you think that at that age you should not be far away from hospital? The feeling to have bombastic ideas to be all over the world is so much valuable and too pricey! Coz that makes your intact of life so consequential to as you have sweet split second to be shared when you are 50.

For the first time ever in my life that I have been to some where near to Bakun (where a Bakun Hydroelectric project) which is so near to Sg. Asap. So, here is a new place for me and a new place to spread the seed of my consultancy. Sg. Asap is in Belaga territory and belaga is in between Kapit and Bintulu Area (please correct me if am wrong) A week before we headed to Sg. Asap, we had a biz trip to Belaga..so here it is;-

From Kapit to belaga we have to use an express boat

Here is inside the express boat

Belaga town

Belaga's smallviles....hehehe

A road to Belaga which brings you trillion of embedded ethnic values and cultures.

On our way to Sg. Asap and this road is used from Bintulu to Bakun project area. And my bud- Feedy as the puppet of the day....tada....

It's a view of a longhouse...want more zoom?

How about this?

and this? seems to be a chalet's look isnt it?

At 10am, the view is like this..blurry and smokey...yet cold!
all the way to a rural area in Sg. Asap, we bumped our selves with these banglows- such a surprise to have luxury in the midst of remoted area. Well, Sg. Asap people are quite rich due to the profit they get from the Bakun project as their lands are the main site project.

sweet smell of forest calling.

a part of the nature essentials that was captured by my lense...

We spent a night at Sg. Asap, then we headed to Bintulu and Miri. And at Miri we stayed at Marriot Resort and Spa. Here is the view i have taken during the sunset- so enthralling, riveting and mesmeric to be shared.
The toilet and its assecories....

a snap of me...

the cozy bed and ti costed us rm 300+ per night.

in action while at the resort lobby.....
Edy took turn to have a pose...
then zack came with a serious morning sight.....

sweet decoration with nice forest smell...so genius

the next day, i woke up and thought to have a simple shoot of my beautiful wheels...

then edy joined me..just that he was in his jeans and i was in my boxer...hahaha

Men in the making....
the corridor of our room

here are the sauna room scenes...

What a nice day to be full with lots of memories...yeah, the power of money gives your extraordinary desire to be spreaded thru the time you passed by all over and over....
the last day in the resort, i took a cup of tea and read the current issue. Having a nice sandwish and it costed you rm 20.Gosh what kind of meal is that?But then, to eat someting doesn't really mean for you to satisfy your hunger but then is just to have a taste and feeling of having it..that all what it means....
it's rm 20 and full of whole wheated bread..huh..what a day!
A solemn scene for a good bye wave..... So then , the next morning i flew to KL from Sibu by Air Aisa...waiting my friend to pick me up then i had my lunch...

nasi ayam marybrown..tada..

sky with no limit but why human being always put a limit in the middle of their life road?such an paradox gist isn't it?

Right away from airport i rushed to JB and have a break at A&W restoran. It's located at a bridge which across Seremban highway. What a life to have a meal at the midst of night!

Juicy and spicy hotdog and special to you from A&W's kicthen...

At Jb, i went to Tg. Balau with Iz, and had a round at JB-KotaTinggi-Kulai

Is this is the seedweed or plankton?

Menarilah dan terus tertawa..( lets dance without leaving your laugh behind you)
walau dunia tak seindah di surga...tapi ada nya cinta dan mimipi kita dapat menaluki dunia...
(even the world is crule and aint beautiful as in heaven, but once you have love and dreams we can conquer the world as what we want it to be)
besyukurlah semantara ada cinta di dunia.....kerana itu adalah jalan kepada kehidupan...
(Thanks to god that while having love as it is the strength guidance to a road of life)

Wahai angan-angan manusia, janganlah berhenti mewarni jutaan mimpi di bumi...
(dear all imiginations. dont ever stop to pour your colour to trillion of dreams in this cruel world)

cinta kepada hidup memberi senyuman yang abadi..
(a love can give you more that anything eles which is an everlasting smile)

adakalanya dunia tidak adil tapi jangan berhenti tertawa agar dapat mewarnai jiwa yang berduka....
(even though the world is cruel as it is but never let your selve being down and keep on laughing as it cheer up the glooming souls)

...........Will be back later.............