4 March 2012

Go and Fly a kite- a kite of you yourself

Holla peeps,

Now am watching those who are participating in Mentor.

It is good to have such a reality program show to tap those talented performer.The selection of candidates could be high yet still it's being mingled around with emotion state.That why it is kinda not really smooth there. Kinda a drama, instead. So that why i state "performer" rather than a singer.

To be a real performer ( nowadays, you must be multi-entertaining if you wish to survive in the "developing industry" i can say), doesn't require you to beg for teary eyes, fringle attitude of showing the inner side of you to gain respect rather than honour. Respect and honor are two difference things tho. Explanations: 1. You will get an honor if you "do more that you should receive- for Honor
2. You get the authority and power to make people accept who you are- for respect.

Pardon me for my humble gits, as there are just about to be developed thru time and space- that am living in. For sure, they are just a random idea to be argued! Without arguing, then it wont be developed for a good reason, am i right? :)

Reading from some good sources; successful people, really makes me understand the craziness of them.
For instance, why some of them, are good in school yet dropped. In few years later, they are making such a big value of money?

Not to mention, some of they, have been equipped themselves with good grade for a good "working prospect" yet leave it out and walk away? chasing something which is called as the absurdness to normal people yet brilliant in some sort of ways- how it can impacts your life and decision. The formula: do be so easy to leave your case to the world, walk and walk! So for that, i leave you guys with these wording:-

Where you are sending it up to nowhere it could be,
all at once you are lighter that air,
you can dance over the breeze; over houses and trees,
with you, holding it tight with your staring on your kite

Today, no Kite but i give you a wonderful of sweetness to be offered to you,by hoping that it can tame your hatred heart. If you found your self in a cul-de-sec,get back to the basic and enjoy this colorful sweeties of love.