13 May 2007

Monday Blue

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Monday blue

Today I suppose to have my workshop of methodology research in order to enhance the skills of conducting research. I was fucking dead beat and cant even woke up by my alarm. The workshop takes 2 days tho. Gosh, I missed today session. Today I feel am having mood swing coz of nothing. A mother-fucker buddy bumped his stupidity toward me for nothing. Monday is not a suitable time to mess up with me. I AM NOT SAYING that am so wide awake about these but then, every Monday, I do try to talk nicely to people around me especially with my collogues (dulu la). Coz I do understand every Monday we keen to have sense of lethargic!! so mind you to please consider me as I am!!! Yeah, people wholehearted to say- oh am very fucking open minded but that is a fucking bulshit! If you are OPEN MINDED then why u never try to broadmindedness with others!! Open minded doesn’t mean that you just can only know to verbalize your mind overtly WITHOUT TAKING OTHER felling to! I call that u are showing me off ur Fucking “low class mentality”! Okies, that is not a good day to curse other peoples in this blog, it sounds like a curst and I don’t want to messy this blog with such dim-witted and brainless person will not be acknowledged here!

Yesterday I and my old friends went out to hunt some places to take some pics. The pics are cool tho. Okies, let me explain this one by one then. 1st of all, we (ode, chis and i) went to KLIA in order to find a clue to start this game (picked up criz’s cousin as she had the clue from swk), then we rushed to Bangi to get the second clue (at CIMS training center) then after doing the registration, we directly went to KL- the time was 4.30pm and the day was heavily raining! The clue said we have to hunt for a place for the next clue and for sure it has good ambiance tho. We stucked at Sg. Besi Tol and a stupid and immoral bitch was there. She was driving a Proton saga but acting like she was handeling a PLANE!, that mother of bitch never try to be so fucking tolerance while in the road! No wonder those who are immoral and inhuman such that fucking bitch keen to mampos cepat while being at the road! Around 5++pm, we arrived at Damansara then the next station was-The curve! The place reminds me about some places- India Street at Kuching and Petaling Street.:- do refer to pic 3 and 4

But the curve is more classy –mind you. And even more sophisticated and urbane with hot people-like me la! ahahaha. We mingled around for nothing then ode showed me a pamphlet- nice huh, it is about Tony Romas-a bir which is damn fucking cheap, refer to pic 2.

Okies, then we were weariness for having such long journey – did I mention that the were lost in finding roads? ahaha. so we hunt to buy something and I myself with a proud aura showed them a best place to makan- Kluang Station.ahaha, the very kopitiam punya stall but don’t you ever take too lightly about the place as it has lot of mouthwatering recipes! Put then on the top of my favorite makan spot! The after than, we walked again in order to burn the calories that we had after dinner. Walked and walked, the time was 7pm.then we went to grocery department to buy some junk food and I have noting to do with this expect for cris and her cousin! While mingling around, we found some blueprints that show some people who have NO CIVIC APPRECIATION or what I can say- TIADA MODAL INSAN LANGSUNG (my thesis is about human capital tho!) as they throw thing here ant there especially after tested some coffee and brunette at the grocery they keen to simply put the cup here and there- did they know that hygiene is damn fucking important? Huh, don’t try to get angry if people say Malaysia has 1st class facility- example KLLC punye toilet is RM2.50 occay! ahaks. but 3rd class mentality! Okies, after odde and I crtized those people, then we decided to head to Ikea.hehehe..Hunted for nothing! Then, that is the last destination to get a clue for today I guess. The time was almost 9pm then we was heading to Bangi to send criz’ cousin and then the next station was my place.huhuhu. Reached home at 10pm.I felt tide- refer to pic 1, but then really enjoyed. Will hunt some place for some explorations. The clue that we are searching for was about –to find a makan spot!Sounds so serious in the beginning rite but yeah, we love to makan and makan..kadam2 sekalian, jum makan! If u are freak to gain fat and not to mention for those who are skimpy, then we can be you bombastic consultant for such need! No qualm at all ya!oh ya, I have a video clip - Big girls don’t cry, I ddcate this song to all girls in the world while celebrating mother day! to go halves with. It is nice and do understand the lyric deeply k. Till then, move over people, do make a room for me ladies and getelment, am tired now..ahaks :)


X0x0x0x0 Josh!

Big boys wont cry for their life

It’s hot here and i have just refreshed myself in order to balance the heat inside me. Gosh, i cant thinks very wise while am in the department of finding ad looking a way to be come more "cool" and not to temperate! Thank god, i can switch myself to a "herbinate" mood so i can still stand still throughout this day. Basically i just bought my room refreshment so the tense inside me still not be a rampant yet. So, what do all of u are up for today? me?i have just bought my chess board-a mini ones!I have left the world of chees since i was in form 1. I was damn envy and savvy with such game. Really squeeze the mind i guess. I used to anticipate that the game is dominated by those crazy minds. What say u fellas? Yet i do love and freak about it but am not that genius ok.Every time i play the game my mind has a high predisposition to get congestion :p.Too furious with the game was kinda cute. Now am listening to a song-Not too furious by Rudy and JJ, the new version of them. Gosh, that really sarcastic especially for those who are entailed them selves with such libelous and jeopardize goings-on! Not to harm tho but that is the fact. Tomorrow is Saturday, i definitely get bored as i will spend my day at home. Sometime i can be too homey but am not kinda person who just want to be submissive with all those cozy zones for nothing. My sweet friend is in Miri because of an unpleasant supprise. She will be fine i guess, X0xoxoxox her much. Then, my friends in crime will not be around for these few times. Oh ya, this Saturday evening, i'll fetch my friend to the LCCT as he is going back to Sarawak, i hope i can take some photos while in the "scene" ok. i hope i manage to get my cam from my sister as soon as possible coz the Hp cam is not that prefect and it cost me lots of time to edit it. A prefect tone of colour doesn’t come in a numerous way tho! Home sweet home and cant wait to be there soon as my 2nd brother-after me, is getting marriage. He called me yesterday and do some affirmations :). One of the confesses he has is- it's hard to emerge both families (our part and his "in-law" family). Yes, that sounds true. My elder sister marriage with an Indian, and my brother marriage with an iban -she possess some heritages of Chinese. My mum asked me about my Gf, then I told here that mine is a British. Yeah sounds that am bluffing at her but who know right? Destiny is a rampant rather than being a subject of human’s intention. So, being in a mixed family will make your heritage more embellish than other and this is money cant buy tho! What ever heritage you have, just be proud and happy with it because without it you are nothing and this makes you more “pure” to any sanity of identity that may encounters u and have a good Saturday morning fellas and be safe always.Big boys and girls wont cry for noting in their life.
Till then, x0x00x Josh

Sunday is evrything to all

Hia people, just to have a quick review for today. Am in the department of waitng my friends to come over so we can go out together then. It's lovely and glarin day but then...too hot. Well, this is not a denifite fortification for us not to do outdoor activities.Erm, what it that?well, today we planned to be at Eye on Malaysia at titiwangsa. will hunt for some pics then. Last nitgh, my housemate and i had a lovely Evening at putrajaya.
Will eleborate more about the "twinlight" seasson in some other times, perhape tonight i guess..(heheh), as my friends are at the downstair. Till then, do listen to the song by Fergi by clicking the link below. adios people.


X0X0X00 Josh :)