12 October 2007

It is quite a dry day to me

It is lovely Friday but it seems to be so silence at all. The neighborhood in my place is so empty, indeed. This state of affair should be a nice environment to proceed my writing. Hence, it is another way round. I can’t focus at all. So I turned on my MP3 player and listened to some classy and relaxing songs. A this particular of time, am listening to Baby face’s songs There are two of my favorite songs from the group which are Fire- makes me keep on repeating its verse and Every time I close my eyes- featuring with Mariah Carey. Oh man, I love the tune of saxophone as in Every time I close my eyes song and it makes the song sounds immaculate. It makes me so relax and be a bit motivated. Gosh, if you were listening to the songs then you might give the same level of appraisal and allegation as what I am saying here. Well, music is kind of a personal belonging to each one of people. We be acquainted with and be pleased about things by in view of them from different angles before we can say or throw out our judgment toward something which be driven by our serendipitous social experiences and background. Well, to study about this, the issue of sociology and anthropology will take the place. Well, just tkae it from there (social expriences) in order to undersand our own intrest toward some particular of music and hobbies.

I did send some sms’ greeting to some of my close friends and not forget to my ex-bachelor thesis’ supervisor. Yeah, sometime it is good to sms those we have not been in touch for a while. Well, to all muslim friends, am wishing all of you a happy Eid and minta maaf fizikal dan mental. Hope all Malaysians will enjoy this session to the fullest regarding who you are. Keep the world at a peace tone! Btw, I would like to suggest you guys to watch a movie- the employee of the month. Sounds hilarious and side-splitting tho.I am keep on on listening BabyFace- Fire. Yeah i will take it from there in order to cheer up this "empty' day and transform it into a nice ans wonderful day. No words to nag here. Have a nice day people.

x0x0x Josh