4 July 2008

Quick Post

Hai silent readers...

sorry for the pending post and i notice that this blog is a bit lie dormant but no worries i'll back to nag in a short while. Now am in the department of waiting my Viva Voice for my Master Thesis. Erm, i will back to my normal life then. But i do miss my student's life. Due to the senario i am still thinking to persue my PhD. Well, i have had any clue yet regarding Doctoral Pathway. What field i will dig? Am kinda a multidisipline person due to the fact that my Bachelor was in English Language Studies then the Master is in Development Science aka Urban and Regional Planning. So what the PhD will be?What comes to my mind will be "Enviromental Managment" is the 1st place and will be given a priority to be in the 1st place. The 2nd choice will be Speech Pathology (under the field of English Phonetic studies). Well, havent decided yet but will do . It is friday and my Boo will be here today and hardly to describe the moment am awake in the midst of loenly night. Cant wait for her and what ever it is, she still 'the pembuat kek". Till then..nite