20 July 2007

My top 10 fav music- and they are still

My Top ten Fav Songs during 8years back

Hai peeps, today, I would like to share with you my most wanted songs when I was still in my schooling period. It is nice to listen and compelled them together here by using the blog. Utilize the facilities that we have now to make them suit to us in term of "life, hope, and long journey that we have and still long way to go - adapted from a walk to remember) Have all of them into 1 shoot is so awe-inspiring for me as I myself can have my “those old days” back. What's more, i can simply sync the song based on my requirment and needs tho! Well, memory is something personal to you and u have the right to have it from any cost! Okies, just cut the crap and let have a look to some of the video clips. Shall we?


(from 5ive- Until the time is through. This nice and the wording is so superb)


(also from 5ive, and this is so touching. They were split up after having is album. I have this ablum tho! i mean the orginal one)


(this is from Step, i have this Cd too. My mum bought buy this for me when i was 18 for my besday present.hahahah..sounds cute isn't it? Well, what can i say from this video clip? Okies, i love the wroding, the melody is so placid, the coustom and especially the dance! i wish i were there..having such dance and custom..hehe. I love these lyric " but my heart just can hold back, it is the way u make me feel,i love u anyway how i can i walk away,i'm gonna make u mind, it is not impossible, i wont hurt no body as u r belong to some else but my eart cant hold back)


(this is from ABBA, Dancing Queen. Nice and their harmony is so superb. i adore them so much!)


(by Sade- by ur side. Nice ambiance and i love the sence of the video clip. Well, if u really can comprehend the lyric and the melody of the song then u will know WHY sade seems to be a fairy tale lady which is represented in the most peripery way!)


(From Vitamic V- Graduation (friend Forever). gosh..am missing my friends so much...well, i managed to ask they to think about reunion ..my SPM, STPM, and Bachelor mates..huhu. i am speechless when am in the department to put these in the line especially something about this song! well, i will get back to u when i have soemthing i mind! So awefull and awesome! Okies, listen to this song ..will ya)


(boyzone- i love this so much. Sound light and a bit eassy. But i never take a light hearing while cathing thier words...Gosh, this song has my HEART!! Agian, am speechless...will give u back with some commens and views regarding to this Video Clip. Overall, this is "jaw -dropping" song!! Listen to the last phrase and verse of this song then u will knoe what am i talking about..no matter what!)


(Andy William...i love his version. When i was in my Ba, my group used this song for our English literature fest..wel,, Sze Ling (script) and Adline (song arrangment, if i not mistaken)... both u have the idea of creating the world of student literature...) Well, i love my Group (Group 2)..guys u are in the memory of mine..heheh)


( This song is of the A walk to remember 's soundtrack. Nice movie tho! I heard this song when i was in secondary school but then t it has my heart when i watched the movie, then i can feel the repercussion of this song and its lyric..the word i feel so touching when Mandy says "do not to have a reason to be agnry with god")


( Taken form armagadon 's sountrack..I dont want to miss a thing..cool..it is so superb and splendid. I have no word to espress who much i love this placid melody and tune..gosh..i Dont want To mIss this Song even the days and years pass by......)


(Darren Hayes, i love his debuts. I was about to put some of his song here , i mean in this blog but then i worry if it will come to the contradicton to the "above topic". If i put all of em' here, so this blog should change it tite to "more than 10 fav songs..hhuhuhu i wont do that) Overally, Go Darren..u have my word to be the star man..go and go ...power rangers....hehehehe (should i say power rangers here?well i used to love em' before but now seems that the series is scuk...)

People, if u cant click the stated links, then do copy em' and open them in a new window. Sorry for the inconvinince.

till then, Njoy pees....

oh ya..lst but not least..try to watch this Video clip...(extra 1 video clip as u manage to listen all 10 of them..hehe) so, here we go;-


x0x0x0 Josh