17 May 2011

new shine

There is a new perspective

Talking about perspective, what do you really have in mind?

So many things will be popped out to the mind literally and it is a hard judgment to see which plays a vital roles in your consideration analysis. Well, that is a must for us.

Okies people, what is In your mind lately?

Mine? A bit chaotic as am currently upgrading and making myself familiar with auditing and accounting. Within a week I need to master both auditing and auditing software which is not a really my forte.

Yet, just count on me then we can see how I manage to get all these things in my fingertip.

Well, just recap what do I have within a week ( I mean last week). Last week was a very hectic week for me. It was not that easy for me to get used all those new paradigms- auditing perspective thru software is just about to etch its own schemata inside me. Currently am in Skudai, to be exact.

Am going to get used all these new things yet I miss Kuching very much, especially all the mates. You guys are still in my mind tho. Okies, there is nothing much to say yet the moment I blog down it happened to be a day after a teacher’s day( try to be a bit stylistic). Above all, my parents are lovely parenting teacher for me. Something is bizarre yet it is very convincing and really intangible to me. So would like to give a very big pat on the back to all educators, especially, my teachers since form primary, secondary, university and also my mentor and colleague -either in education line and also consultancy arena. Thanks people, without you I am nobody and with all those critic I might not become a better than before. A person who is utterly NEW and changed compared to last 20 years ago. Well, missed to know all good things did not slow me down tho. Selamat hari guru to si pembuat kek too..wink2

A teacher? Who is s/he? Okies here I give you a hint which may seem to be so overt and loud to those who are or were a teacher. Remember, whatever we have and whoever you are, things we learn and digest are represented in a simple way as this which most of us may not realize what is the function of it yet it has a very big influence in the students’ performance and achievements.

By the way, yesterday as it fallen on the same day with Teacher’s day was my niece’s BESTday. Happy besday to Angle and hope you will be much more prettier, cleverer and has a very strong urge to create your own determination to success in future. Gosh she is only a 2 years old baby. Well, it is not harm to start a good thing at the early life span right? Well, am an idealistic, optimistic yet semi-judgmental. By having such traits will make a person to be more flexible to tackle some chaos and challenge in a life.

Happy teacher's day to all teachers where ever you are...because of you we have future leaders, futures rulers, future transformation players, future experts in ideology, estimatology and ontology, and future hope..list goes on..

xoxox Josh