12 February 2012

Let's cross the barrier of others

Culture is an abstract folks’ repertoire which is fully embedded with specific values of Language, art and sciences, thought, social activities and interaction patters within a particular norm. The beauty of a culture is engraved by those values. The semantic field for culture can be generally described as:-

Language : the oldest human institution and the most sophisticated medium of expression.

Arts & Sciences : the most advanced and refined forms of human expression.

Thought : the ways in which people perceive, interpret, and understand the world around them.

Spirituality : the value system transmitted through generations for the inner well-being of human beings, expressed through language and actions.

Social activities : the shared pursuits within a cultural community, demonstrated in a variety of festivities and life-celebrating events.

Interaction : the social aspects of human contact, including the give-and-take of socialization, negotiation, protocol, and conventions.

Here, i'm talking and sharing Iban’s culture is selected to be analyze and discussed about the important of it to the selected region’s culture which is Sarawak, Malaysia. Yes, I'm proud to admit that am a pure Iban.Here is a general description for us to share with and enjoy the reading , guys.

The building of Wisma Tun Jugah is built with a mordent style as other commercial buildings. As it is located in the heart of city, it is purposely designed with full of sophisticated elementsevent though it treasures most of Iban’s heritage and cultures form all over the part of Sarawak. It is purposely designed in that particular way as it is located in the heart of city with the aim of upholding the image of cooperate as well as commercialization along the way of promoting Iban’s heritage. Sense of balancing between morden touch with rich of sentimental values. The architecture of Wisma Tun Jugah is very attractive and have a touch of extravagance in its details. This can be interpreted as, the name “Tun Jugah” it self has a strong symbolism of warrior and resilient elements of Iban’s accentor can be seen and interpreted into a concrete and block which is finally forming a shopiciated building to serve the purpose of managing Iban’s Heritage as well as becoming a hub of other business natures and operations.

Picture 1: Written Documents

The picture above is about a textile which is called as Pua Kumbu is so called as “written documents” for Iban to share and engrave their every single history, culture as well as their daily living activities are engraved within it. Pua Kumbu is showing all Iban’s unique story and culture which are represented in the medium of textile apart of being told orally via music or poems. Pua kumbu is one of the most well-known Iban’s textile products which has brilliant signature to be understood and has a lots of commercial values.

Preserving the history of Iban is one of the most crucial parts to be thought off. A good way of preserving the cultural identity may take lot of time and efforts through times and spaces; this is due to the residential of Iban community is scattered all over the place. Due to lack of literacy among Iban, then all the history of their accentor until to their generation level are documented down properly as well as being retold orally either in a poem or song. The history of Iban can be comprised of the journey of exploring a new place to start a living; this may implicate some struggling and conquering histories between Iban with other tribes, daily activities, ritual procedures and custom as well as tenet. For instance, whatever they may have found will be documented down in their handmade products such as in Pua Kumbu, Jaw or mat and many more. By referring to picture, it is clearly understood that Pua Kumbu is weaving with diverse patterns and each of the pattern has its own identity and meaning. Besides that, Pua Kumbu is very special art among Iban due to its unique characteristics as in the ritual procedure. It is used frequently while doing ritual activities among Iban community compared to other handmade crafts. For instance, some mantras of specific ritual can be read in Pua Kumbu by the elders of Iban member. In Pua kumbuu itself, each line consists of underline meaning such as the root of iban (the element of what making their accentors become a vigor ethnic as a par with the other ethnics), a hope for better life in future(each line in Pua kumbu recite some mantra to be chanted during special ritual celebration), written culture element (as some of their significant dreams and believe are documented down in it for the purpose of being remembered by future generation) and as a emblem of official ethnic identity of Iban ( as in past, most of Iban textile are purely based on Pua Kumbu patterns) which is to be wore during special events.

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 Picture 2: Nice authentic decorations

Picture 3: Sense of belonging

In picture 3, it is clearly can be understood that the strong message of Iban’s prominent culture lies the portrait of Iban Warrior which shows the sense of powerfulness, explorer, endurance and bravery while continuing daily routines. Such adjectives are embedded in the picture to be seen as a whole of Iban Community, especially in one upon a time. A worrior to come and conquer a new place for a new living, spreading the old folks tales as well as the symbols of self identity for all Iban tenets.
Picture 3 shows us the meaning of “the feel of being an Ibanness”. Basically, the decoration pattern in term of placing the authentic jaws can be used as a catalyzer of sparking the value of Iban’s identity which all of these decorative items can be seen I every single corner of Iban’s residential. Another way of understanding of Iban history and culture as all of them are written down in these decorative items as in every single line of Jaw’s body as well as other decorative items.
Iban’s culture is one of other unique cultures in all over the globe. Due to the differences of geographical factor, needs and ways of thinking shape their culture and heritage in a different way compared to the others. This diversity of Iban’s cultures are overtly represented as in their authentic arts of crafts such as Pua Kumbu, Jaw, mat and many more, which have deep underlining meaning to be discovered passionately by those who wish to study more about Iban’ culture and heritage to serve commercial or academic purpose. So, the reasons behind of the important of those artifact or auuhentic arts to the Iban’s culture is because of these to preserve the originality of Iban’s history, the sense of belonging, value added to each art item which are handmade and sense of rituality among iban community. Tun Jugah Foundation is a main hub or organization which plays important responsibility to ensure that all those artifacts or authentic arts can be taken care courteously and appreciate every single value they may have so this effort may save those items to be survived across time and space. Tumb Up to Tun Jugah Organization, your efforts make us more understand about ourselves. Yes, it is like a heritage like no others and a par with the others beautiful cultures too. Let's we cheris all the cultures in this world and this make the world become more unique to be explored by us, a modern traveler- hunger for knowledge and diversity.

P/s: This writing is my personal view and it strongly has nothing to do or related with/ to others. This is mainly for a light reading yet share the other parts of the world to all my silent readers. Any comments and feedback ( if i quoted wrongly about the information above), kindly let me know as that is a process of learning for all of us.
Cheers, xoxoxox