16 April 2008

Thumb Up to Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is around with a bombastic projectile to hit the nation!

I am too impressed and still! I find my self so flabbergast with her new album. Fcuking awe-inspiring and my credit will be given to her per se, the lyric and song writers for such luminous masterpiece. The song- Bye-Bye is the most touching to me, then the list goes to “I stay in Love”. I am repeating the songs all day long. As the tune and melody go along together, then the superb voice which has a unique whistle strike makes the song sounds really cool and am listening her songs to my full heart’s content. Well, I do urge you people to get her latest album.

Stop talking about music. Recently, I am reading a book. It is a compilation actually. It is the work of Marjorie Ford and Jon Ford- Imagining World. Sustain the brain this the art of world via the literature as the window of other sense, makes me able to see how the world is compactly compressed into million of morpheme( the smallest unit of word) .Such a thrilling sensation to dig and dig the unravel truths which are belong to the universe. Creativity is the main tool to enter the world of art. Creativity speaks to and touches the human spirit. Through Creativity, individuals can connect with experiences outside of the present moment and the limits of their characters. I have no idea to write what I have in mind. Am just famish and am waiting pembuat kek to arrive. On my right shoulder, I do have some big plans with my sister and my friends and it is running at this moment. In the nick of time, I hope that I can shot all the plans well in order for it to be fully achieved. The left shoulder is about missing someone.hahaha.Well, that all for now. Need to continue my writing as am doing my re-design my methodology and thinking about the suitable statistical method in order to analyze my findings. Am off and I speaks my words in some other times ya.

xoxoxox Josh