6 March 2009

live to your life

holla pepes, gosh, this blog has been silent for few weeks. Frankly speaking, hardly for me to sit in front of a PC to blog about my trillion of sweet things that happended to me these few weeks. Where should i start? Ok, i try to compress what i have in mind to something short and sweet. I am in Kuching now. Was in KL for 8 days and that days were to short for me to be spent with my pembuat kek.Gosh. i wish i have 26 hours in a day. I know that she feels bad and unhappy due to the fact that my vocation in not merly a vocation with her but then it is still in the "ring" of works which i drag to my vocation. Too many things to be sorted off now. Somehow i am too exhausted with so many outstations works here and there. In two weeks time i will fly agian to KL. Well, the bussiness is so tight now and i always set in my mind that crazy people makes crazy money. Well, i have ni doubt bout that tho. Tommorow i will be off to Saratok then to sibu. Outstation is the best part for me even thought it makes u feel so hetic. But then it plays b for u to hold good ur bussiness. This is the tough journey of a young person who is so" green" to get to know what the meaning of "working by your on". Rich dad Poor Dad author's ( Robert T.K) says, to be in a bussiness line, you should take the oppurtunity BUT not the resources, you should consider your selft to understand ur finincal education rahter than ceasing the money coz, and never affriad of costing the cash but remember what is the Return Of Investment u will get. Meaning, dont really affriad to fail but then just think the soulution rather than cause-effects. Gosh, Robert T.K is my idol for this time being. People, if you want to know ur own fanincal status, go and read Robert's book- Cashflow quardiant!! Really "walla" to me. For me this man has something to hold his head up and so do we right?

This few weeks, my day were too pack. Just imagine, i go to office at 1pm, then meeting with 3-4 clients for consultancy purpose. A client will take 2hours for every consultancy including opening a case, discusing and planning then closing a case. The time might be dragged till 10-12am. It depends on ur speed of works. Sometime, we have to stay back till 4am coz after doing a case (not to mention many cases) my partners and i need to be sit together and discuss the feedback of every single case and doing some planning for the nex day. So this is our daily routine. Can u imagine how tight is my day? But then, every day i will meet up with new people from diffrent range of social status (non profesional to very very profesional). Before this, i was to worried and a bit nervous when i meet a client coz they come with unique style of thinking and attitude. U guys know what?i feel every time i want to meet up with them i think that i'm killin my self. So, to get my self prepared, i will do some psycology test to every my future client or when recieving any reffered cases. To keep up the momentum of my self, i force my self to read more and more things to sustain my mindset. That would be helped ,me much for me to stand on my own toes. Well, i rwally admint that i let my self go to this compared to do other things. It makes me to be someone new which that every day i learn something new.So no complaint about that!Really i am.Well, all those hetic things will not make me to lost my grips on this consultancy.

Enough bout works. Oh ya, i have just noticed that my convocation will be on this August and to be honest, i have no feeling at all for this covocation coz for me convocation is merely a convocation besides it also reminds you that u have debt to be paid especially those who are being sponsered by nobody. Well, am to proud and happy for the archivement that i jhave had within 3 years and convocation is just the begining of a life being a Master holder. What is the next? Phd Holder?Yes, and that is really sure..

Ok people, i will come up with new story later on coz cant be here too long as i have a meeting to be attend after 830pm with my partners. So i see you guys soon ya..

have a nice day people, and just pray for me to be ok for tommorow outstation ya..till then, take care people....
so till then, listen to Rihana and T.I for Live your life....

Josh, xoxoxoxox,