10 March 2009

Hetic but cool

Hai pepes, just come by to spred so love here and to tell you guys that am kicking alive ...haha..
Nah, just kidding. Well, i have just came back from my oustation. Gosh, too many lovely things i have encountered and so bad that my camera is left in KL. Well, no harm, next time i will snap some pictures to you. Too many lovely images are minggling in my head now but then i hardly to start my expression without a picture. Ok, this comming friday i will outstation agian to some places in Swk then directly to KL on 19 March 09. Will be in KL probably until 30 march.

Actually i have back pain due to the fact that over work out when i joined fustal game. I organized a fustal event for almost 40 people occay.Too hetic with the game and oustation calling yet marvelous... No matter how busy i am with those offical things, i never lost my work out and keep my body in a good shape and health. That why i do look young, and as i went to check my health, a fitness instrucotr says that my organ is young than my age. jangan jeles. Now on, i might not take any cool drink while taking any heavy meal coz i will make the fat being deposited in your body. About the fustal game, I love i likey!..so people, next day i get u some lovely pics as a proof ya..

Till then, c ya soo.
xoxox Josh