6 August 2007

breath and breath.....

Am intoxicated by anything around me…..

A morning Sunday makes me feel so blue for no reason. Hey, am not a proletarian anymore but then I should not being attached with such feelin’. Everything is pretty fine to me but then I do think there is something leaking, yeah it has to be somewhere but where is it??? And i remain to be silent and nobody to be blamed here.Cut the carp. Feelin’ tired as whole day was reserved to walk and walk around Midvalley. There were some incidents have happened when I have just arrived at the mall. Well, Jeff may know about it. Okies, cut the crap. Hook up from 2pm till 7pm at the mall will be a reason for u to have trillion of tiredness. Well, it may be another way around to some of people as I can see this person is quite active as I can see this fella signing off a bit late. By the way, En. Abdul Rahman, thanks for the camaraderie, yesterday. Hope we can have lot more of “Scanning” and “analyzing” people if they were bumped into us. Well, that is their mistake tho! Sometime it could be nice to have some bicthing stuffs. Hang on, we are not bitch, excuse me! Supposed that I want to buy something to be read at MPH and I can sit over there for hours tho! Reading is fun! But I prefer those reading materials which are related to current issues, history and some of culture representative thru postcolonial writings! More reality but less emotion! By the way, I love to be in MPH but I don’t feel delight and some sense of bliss while being in UKM’s Library. Coz it makes me feel tense! Oh ya, one of the book I do really love to have at this time being is

Does it look nice to you as what I can see? I do adore the way J.Oliver perform his spontaneous expression into simple yet fantastic meals! A big applause to this fella! The unique of this book is, you ca put ur pic in order to b one of his students. The way how all contents are delivered sound to be so nice and simple which makes this pieces of mind sounds creative and goosebump! Gosh I am having my short term flu and this is one of the reason why I am not in the mood to enjoy the 1st day of this week! What ever it is, am trying to get this rid from my unpleasant emotion toward the figment of mine imagination! Darn! My throat seems to be so glair and this might be caused of having cheese cake at Star Buck!My tounge is belong to Asian! While writing this, my favorite song comes out- I don’t love you by My Chemical Romance! Okies, attention to the bad mood that I have.. dude( the mood) u can stay a while then, Just for a while!) layan perasaan jap. Till then, Josh is going to Bloggin Off

X0x0x0x0x Josh

~ blurness makes the life sounds so flimsy and this can be unique representative to some unravel values~


I love this song, this is really makes my butt to shake and shake it self! ;)