25 September 2009

Enjoy our youth

hai my gentle readers...

Good evening to all............

thanks to God because he gives me days to seek and suck all the joys of the world that he offers to me. While the age is increasing, the ability to appreciate and be simple mind should become the most precedence among us. In the middle age, I guess, making lot of complaining and frustrating toward life is making our life becomes more and more ghastly than ever. You see, if you feel negative about something so you are wholehearted to get yourself to that negative surrounding because of the negative aura you may have. I read a psychology book and it says that what we have, created or any kind of expressions you may have or translate to any existing reflection would be your thinking sub-stain! So meaning, that, anything which has happened to you at this moment might occur in your mind before it comes to the surface, involuntarily So, to keep I myself in a positive thinking mode, I spent a nice evening with my buddies and I enjoyed every single drop of the moment with a very big heart. I suck each drop with full of heart’s content you know…

....gathering in cha's place....

mind the bottle but can u see the T-shirt i wore?it was our form T (upper six, 2001) and it still fit to me....a big pat on my back coz i still can maintain the shape...rasa macam umur 20 thn je...you click to the picture then you can see my name which is marked on the T-Shirt...hehehhe..nama glamer time kt sekolah occay...

till then...have a nice day people...


23 September 2009

When You Are Old

When you are old and grey and gull if sleep,

And nodding by the fire, take down this book,

And slowly read, and dream of the soft look,

Your eyes had once, and of their shadows dee,

How many loved your moments of glad grace,

And love your beauty with love false or true,

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,

And loved the sorrow of your changing face,

And bending down beside the glowing bars,

Murmur, a little sadly, how love fled,

And paced upon the mountains overhead,

And hide his face amid a crowd of stars...

...........by William Butler Yeats.......................

this is one of my poem compilations when i was in a poetry class. We had to make a compilation of 15 poems and all these poems should hold the same theme. So i choosed "Life and death" theme. Some people may feel taboo about it but for me it makes me able to appreciate what life has to offer to me!

till then, xoxox


22 September 2009

a quick bloging

Holla peeps...thanks for drooping by again to this blog.

Here are my recent pictures with my dude and jass. Actually, they are my ex-classmates while i was in lower six and upper six form at SMK Kapit, Sarawak which was 9 years ago. Gosh, now we are in the club of 26....

...........so , here we go..............................

These photos were taken at yesterday night. After having a short party somewhere over the rainbow in Kapit area, so we went to Kapit Town to have some tonics to rejuvenate the "age of 26" for some good reasons. One of the reasons was we want to get the feel of being sweet virgin 20!Well, after all, we went back with a big smiling face and really enjoyed the night. Owh, by the way, those photos were taken by my brother.. Yes, my brother was also in the crime scene with me last night for the purpose of being a photography for me. Yeah, we get along in the same pub tho.

till then, will blog latter ya...

have a safe and nice journey for those who are going back to their working place by tomorrow and stay away from holiday blues ya...

selamat hari raya....

xoxoxo, Josh

20 September 2009

Ladies and gentelmen, u should here this : welcome to the healthy era....

Remember, in previous post, i talked about health. Yeah, i am too freak about health and so particular about what i eat, what i have and what i do especially when it comes to health and shape..(wink)....Not because am a Health Business Consultant that makes me talk like this but because am too particular about my health and i want to live longer! that's it! So i guess, my work is such a "soul mate" to myself i guess...

The paradigm of this world has been changed swiftly nowadays. For examples (am taking some examples by using technology archetypes in general ), in the 70s we were in the era of producing Microwave thingy, in the 80s, DVD player took the place after the microwave. Then, on 90s, people were to busy to be in the line of being in the 1st line with the nation mission (one PC for one family, at least). At that time, Internet was (and now it is still) the most important thing to be acquired and to have as we are in the epoch of modern development and internet is a MUST! But then today era, 2000s, people are talking about slimming, anti-aging, diet and so forth…HEALTH is taking the place after the internet thingy…do u ever notice that people never give up to get the best health for them self event it may lead you to have a big hole in your pocket? Well, people, what a life though! Well, what I can say, all these changes are beyond our limits and everything is up to our choices…. well, most of the choices that we have to make need cash...everything is so pricey ....wah..Meaning to have a great health and needs we have to need more and more cash??people say that money not that important but to live longer you need to invest more on your health which causes u lot of investments tho. So, i guess yes we are...

How do you react to these questions : when people say that “dude, u look much more older that your age…or , dude, your size is like my gradpa….HELL no!! would you be happy when people say that to you?or you just say that you a happy what you are?yes you are happy with yourselves but would your body happy to have you?what make you so proud about that?i don’t say that am good at this but at least I educate people about what they should aware of.

Don't you feel that you are too spiteful or inhuman to the body by giving it such a appalling condition? at this moment you may say you are healthy event that you have not having a healthy shape…but believe me, once your age increases, then you may have some symptoms like high blood, chronic gastric, then it comes to be more and more somber. After all, you will start to blame your unseemly diets,and the worst is, you cant eat your favorite foods forever! yew…. it is so exasperating isn’t it? world offers me so much more things to be explored so i wont give a damn waste on that offers! tomorrow is Hari Raya, so, people, please feed your stomach with a moderate way ya.

so, i would like to share with you my basic healthy foods:-

1. i like green apple because it is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin and helps prevent premature signs of aging. It helps hydrate your skin and refresh yourself. So i do have tones of green apple in my refrigerator.

does it look sexy to you?

My Enutera and Ezout

2.I brought EZout (it has 15 sachets)) for colon management and good for those who have constipation cases Having EzOut means no more Detox Tea i guess...why does ur colon have to be in a good condition? In sciences, if your colon is healthy then your tool will be floated in the toilet bowel before you flush the toilet. but if it is not?then it will be vice versa!

when the colon is healthy, the liver easily flushes out its toxin. In turn, blood is purified. Bifidus improves the secretion of active enzymes allowing the intestines to absorb nutrients better. (one of the ineffective colon is, you eat in a small amount of food but then you are easily get a fat or one round pack in your tummy) Vitamins like B- complex is then synthesized and the absorption of minerals (for healing purpose) is enhanced. The immune system will have a strengthened resistance against many degenerative diseases- better overall health is archived.

so let me introduce to you, one of my company products and do clik those pictures so you can have a large view on it.:-

I tired this product and i take it consistently for 2weeks as i take 1 sachet per day, so i lost my weight for 2kg. Bear in mind that, it is not like a detox tea coz detox cause you frequently be in a toilet but this ezout will not cause you the same thing at all!

then, my third favorite product is:-

E-Nutera (it has 30 sachets ) which is good for those who want to spruce up the immune system as it has 25% IGG (which is one of immunology elements as we have 5 elements of immunology...and in normal diet or supplement foods, some of those supplements has only 1 or 2% of IGG (contain Colostrum with lactoferin).. In some dairy products, can hardly to fine their IGG is above 5%..it is because IGG is to expensive...

what is IGG?

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is a monomeric immunoglobulin, built of two heavy chains γ and two light chains. Each IgG has two antigen binding sites. It is the most abundant immunoglobulin and is approximately equally distributed in blood and in tissue liquids, constituting 75% of serum immunoglobulins in humans.[1] IgG molecules are synthesised and secreted by plasma B cells.

IgG antibodies are predominately involved in the secondary immune response (the main antibody involved in primary response is IgM). The presence of specific IgG generally corresponds to maturation of the antibody response.[2]

This is the only isotype that can pass through the human placenta, thereby providing protection to the fetus in utero. Along with IgA secreted in the breast milk, residual IgG absorbed through the placenta provides the neonate with humoral immunity before its own immune system develops. Colostrum contains a high percentage of IgG, especially in bovine colostrum.

It can bind to many kinds of pathogens, for example viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and protects the body against them by agglutination and immobilization, complement activation (classical pathway), opsonization for phagocytosis and neutralization of their toxins. It also plays an important role in Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity(ADCC).

IgG is also associated with Type II and Type III Hypersensitivity. ok,enough said about IGG. Well, before i involve in Health bussines consultancy,
i went to product skills and training. Well, both my partners in this consultancy are from Biomedical field and Microbiology! mind you!coz we are any single crap to your clients!we are not cheap occay...hehe..

E-Nutra is good for us coz it has the strength to prevent any type of Influenza ( H1N1 is one of Influenza types), and it has some testimonials on preventing cancers. What's more it has antibacterial prevention which is needed in our body. I read an article (scientific article) which says that IGG is needed the most in order to boost up the immune system...in fact, those who are living with chronic viral problems may get some benefits of having lost of IGG coz it can reduce the development of the problems. What;s more, Enutera is suitable for those who are living with chronic stomach ulster or gastric.

E-nuetra has IGG. so what is IGG? Bovine colostrum contains IGG or antibodies that are released into the bloodstream in response to infections. Actually, to conclude all, Enutera is a power-packed nutriceutical designed to help reduce the annoying and debilitating effects of poor digestive health and diseases as a result of hectic lifestyle and nutrient-depleted processed food supply. So who benefits from Colostrum with IGG?

Senior citizens, those who are 40+, those who are 20-30+ and infant-grown up! you know what, this product is can be consumed by infants and as we know, not all dairy foods can be taken by pregnant mother or an infant! see, can you see how magical is the Enutera to human being? heheh..

For more details, do clik on below pictures in order to read the scientific comments form doctors about the important of having Colostrum with lactoferin...These are scientific comments and not a grandmother bedtime story. But in fact people still believe such bedtime story rather than any explicit and vivid explanation. May i call these people as a 3rd class mentality people?nah, am not that cruel to say so..forgive me fellas.no harm and offense ya.

so here we go guys...

Whom may it suitable too?

how does Enutera work for human being?

How does it work for body defense system?

Does it really good for cancer?

so, i guess, i have to stop now. Coz i dont want people to think that am cheap to promote these products. I just would like to go halves or share what do i have in order to maintain a pink health! I do still believe that the cost to do some preventions is much more cheap that the piece you may deal with your health treatment. I like health so i only share good news about health to people. We are educated nowadays but NOT all are literal in health prevention and precaution even among medical staffs. Why i say so?well, my clients are from different range of social status.

Nah for me, it is not a matter if you are not from health personal but as long as you want to learn about the beauty of health then you will good at it.

But if you would like to know bout those products (regardless if you want to buy them or not or just for the sake of knowledge, do fell free to give me a buzz here so we can take it form there.

Till then, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslim....

Be safe and be healthy!

xoxox, Josh

19 September 2009

What is my yesterday all about................?

My yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is still a promise BUT today is MINE...for me to hold and alive....So my family is my yesterday,tomorrow and today.......and forever imagery for me.....

at genting,august, 2009

by adding the lambroginy will make the "imagery" becomes immense and far-fetched to be hold...heheheh

till then, xoxoxoxo


18 September 2009

my tought of life

what do you think about this picture?what kind of element can u literally can get from the picture?

Here, we easily can see that it is the nature and norm of human being which is embedded with full of Id, Ego and Superego senses....

before the life is bloomed to the univers.....

then...here is the starting of the life...would it be full of roses out there??


16 September 2009

A Random Poem


Oh, my love is like a red, red rose
That's newmly sprung in June,
My love is like the melody
That's sweetly played in tune.

So, Fair art thou, my bonnny lass,
So deep in love am I,
And i will love thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear
An the rocks melt wi' the sun
And i will love thee still my deer,
While the sand o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only love!And fare thee weel a while!
And i will come agian, my love
Though it were ten thousand mile.

By Robert Burn (1759-1769)

...i quoted the poem form this book. This is one of my favorite literature books when i was in college.

see, so thick , isn't it? I was fever while i read shakespears' works.. My mind was blocked while digesting the words.....so lame of me..ahaha..till then, take care

xoxoxo, josh

13 September 2009

Yo man, do u shoot me with ur logic??

The blue is over the “cup”. Okies make this as a sub heading for today, shall we?

It may sound undisruptive to some of people yet to me tho. Out of blue I get to know that not all people will be able to being satisfied with other parties. Okies, why this can be happened to the surface? Now, I start to summon up back to the function of human’s brain (arh..am digging for some terms from psycholinguistic (psychology and linguistic-science of language) views). We have our own mental development which brings some sort of learning and thinking paving in term of entomologist, ontology and methodologies of understanding, digesting and comprehend anything which can be received by some tonics and at the end will be carried by human’ sensory either from sound or wave or via touching. Okies, Let me take from the perspective of wave stimulation and oscillation. (Psycholinguists-correct me if am wrong). So it has to be connected by the ears, sounds,brain and human..So, lets go one by one ok…

Ok, from the point of views of Physic studies- the sounds that we can hear are created briskly in the air pressure around 101,325 of atmosefera pressure which is in the consistent value and the more bigger its changes ( consistent value) the more clearly and overtly it can be heard. Sound is created when the air is being disturbed or in other word it can be imagined by having this analogy – imagine that a stone is fallen down to the clear water and we can see the waves which are created and these waves are seen in the surface. So this state of affair seems to be similar to the concept of “air is being disturbed” and the more clear the “electrical impulse” can be picked up by the ears and the function of ears is to detect those changing in the consistent value of sound. Okies, enough from this perspective. Thank god that I have to know this for my coursework readings! (sigh) . Okies the above information are about the natures of sound and now we try to understand the natures of human in order to understand and precive the sound. At the end we will be able to understand why there are some communication problems which warp our mood in order to talk and converse in anyway?Let we consider this in order to understand some focal points about human communication..

From the prespective of language and communication, as am talking about human’s nature of conversation and my focal point is about the interaction activity, so I bring ur attention to see it from the perspective of Information organization (information-integration theory which is one of theories of human communication) and the theory centers on the way people accumulate and organize information about some person, object, situation or ideas and attitude .
An attitude is a position to act in a positive or negative way toward some projects. The information-integration theory is one of the natures of attitudes and attitude change! The theory says that there are two factors which are affecting your attitudes which are valance; refers to weather information supports your beliefs and attitudes, it has “positive” valance, and Weight; refers to the weight you assign to the information and it function to the credibility of what you are trying to say. If you have less weight than you are talking something which may be deemed as crap or nothing- someone has pointing this to me and thanks again as I am try to put thin in the line of conversation in the next agenda, i hope so.
Theory of reasoned action refers to a certain way which is determined by your attitude toward the behaviour and set of beliefs about how other people would like you to behave. So, your intention to do something seems to be identical to your attitude toward the behaviors times the strength of that attitude plus what others think times the strength of their position. Here is the formula of this theory:-

Bi = AbW1 + (SN)w2
Bi = behavior Intention
Ab = attitude toward the behavior
SN = subject Norm (What others think)
W1 = Weight of attitude
W2 = weight of subjective norm

My contemplation regarding the information will be like this - to make these clear, you will try to respond (your verbal languages and paralinguistic cues) are very much depended and upon to your treats (let say someone tries to harm you via his or her words, you may think that you need to say “give and take” so you keen to take some precautions in order not to get innocuous tru your emotion fortification! So based on my opinion, this seems to be one of the biggest issues and comes to the surface when you and your partners try to sit in a round table, basically. Or even when you try to have informal chat- conversational or vitrual mode of interaction!

Yeah, it is quite a long time I have not been writing such ‘tense” thing as I got some comments from my readers but sometime it is good to have such reading in order to make the brain to be negative to any development of Curst which kills the brain cells and this makes us no to think more spacious upon to some circumstances. Well, the notes above are real and quoted from some of my reading material. If we understood the norm of human communication, i guess we will have less conflict and more joys when we are in the line of rejoicing and sucking than Fcukin’ the beautiful of life. English literature says that -by taking into account what is arisen by Psychoanalytic theory, we have Id, Ego and Superego. Normally we have ego which puts us in the "cozy" zone in order to be in logic but if the superego takes place and above all, that means the person is racing within himself in order to be much higher than others. I can say that, because of the he tries to manipulate all the talks in order to gain some social respects while in the line of communicating with each other. Correct me if i am wrong, aigan?.fuh,thanks to my coursework reading packets which give me some inpv.If you want to have more and reading for more on the above issues or terms then just give me a Buzz.till then…

xoxoxox...Josh is happy to blog now...(sigh)

we, should know this.....

between big boys and gals

NICKNAMES: If Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle go out for lunch, they will call each other Gloria, Suzanne, Debra and Michelle. But if Mike, Phil, Rob and Jack go out for a brewsky, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head, BIG-HUMP,fcuker and Useless.

BATHROOMS: A man has six items in his bathroom-a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of Dial soap, and a towel from the Holiday Inn. The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.

LIST OF ITEM : A woman makes a list of things she needs and then goes out to the store and buys these things. A man waits till the only items left in his fridge are half a lime and a soda. Then he goes to a shopping/store. He buys everything that looks good. By the time a man reaches the checkout counter, his cart is packed tighter than a garbage truck. Of course, this will not stop him from going to the 10-items-or-less lane.

SHOES: When preparing for work, a woman will put on a Mondi wool suit, then slip on Reebok sneakers. She will carry her dress shoes in a plastic bag from Saks. When a woman gets to work, she will put on her dress shoes. Five minutes later, she will kick them off because her feet are under the desk. A man will wear the same pair of shoes all day.

CATS: Women love cats. Men say they love cats, but when women aren’t looking, men kick cats.

DRESSING UP: A woman will dress up to: go shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, get the mail. A man will dress up for: weddings, funerals.

LAUNDRY: Women do laundry every couple of days. A man will wear every article of clothing he owns, including his surgical pants that were hip about eight years ago, before he will do his laundry. When he is finally out of clothes, he will wear a dirty sweatshirt inside out, rent a U-Haul and take his mountain of clothes to the Laundromat. Men always expect to meet beautiful women at the Laundromat. This is a myth perpetuated by re-runs of old episodes of "Love, American Style."

OFFSPRING: Ah, children. A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and soccer games and romances and best friends and favorite foods and secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

Josh says: dear my dude and jazz, the future is in ur hand..u still have time either 2 adapt or to get it rid (as i assume that u’ll read up all the above epstile)…no mater how, keep ur GENDER senses alive as real as ur are!

xoxox, Josh

missing another part of my heart....

it is day light....
oh no, night...please stay for a while..a bit longer please...coz i still want to dream my lovely muse....

night, please stay a bit longer coz i cant really stay alone without another part of my heart...
when sunshine comes near to my...my sweet dreams will be faded away...and my heart will heavily rain....

Oh my dear sunrise,you are so beautiful...yet my dream lights would be nothing to compared to you too..

you offer me a joy day...but my shade dreams offer me jovial heart to keep my day full will bed of roses....

i wont lost for that....Yes, if cant then, please ask the sky to be my curtain to keep the day dim...to give me a shade to dream for a while....dreaming about my missing heart....

my heart is raining...rain of missing ....
missing of my muse who is far far away from me......


11 September 2009

am happy with my days

hai peeps.how is ur day?does ur mood change to be a little bit bright while readin' this entry?hehe. Yeah,sometimes u should be thankful with what you have. Today,i'll be in kuching by using a morning flight.Hard to believe that i was a month here due to my outstation calling.Being to kch by tomorrow means i have to be apart from my dovely pembuat kek.I cant sleep right now as it is 4am. Why i cant seelp? Effortlessly i will say that coz am worrying that the time swift too fast and i hardly to get us to a state of affair that i'll be alone for 3weeks from pembuat kek.hehehe...you see, while blogging this,i see her next to me.pembuat kek probably in the "alice of the wonderland".(hang on,i'll be right back,have a urge to kiss her forehead.hehe).well,i like my job.coz i have plenty of time for me and my pembuat kek.so,by having a long distant relationship would be not a problem to me.for me,getting into a flight is kind of getting into bus.haha.In this nick of time,the price for a flight is kind of hiking to me.gosh,air transportation is sucking lot of profit,especially from those who have to travel,a bizman to be exact.am using my credit card to get my ticket thru online.so i managed to get so called reasonable price.well,before i get back to kch,so i leave my pembuat kek with my sweet journal.a journal that expresses my truly feeling toward her.by any means,it has 20 chapters!

my handmade occay...............

how's this look like?

Oh ya,before i forget,i would like to wish my beloved younger bro with a Happy birthday wish.hope he will have many happy returns by all means.i love him so much.you see,this is a universal tenet that all the younger brothers will be full of love.well,dear my bro Gilbert,wish u luck. Xoxo Josh