1 August 2009

1st day for a new highway.

goh..am still kicking here. Recived a supprise news from my partner. I heard that there will be lot and lot of changes for new plans and marketing strategies. I rushed back from Kl to kch yesterday (31st july 09). Then after landing from a plane i rushed to JinHole somewhere at BDC, Kuching. The meeting was held for 5hours if i not mistaken and i was totaly tired and exhausted so much. Gosh...but the meeting was nice coz not that really tense just that hardly or me to activly participated during the session....

This morning..around 8am untill 11pm, we will be having raising fund chairity at pasar Satok, Kuching, We are doing it for the purpose of chairty..Hope god will makes this event more smooth and recives lot of support those who are still having the heart of human being.

Tommorow will be a very pack and hetic day for me coz the whole day from 10am until 8pm will have finalize meeting with all partners. T he meeting will be divided into 3 session. 1st slot will be for leaers, 2nd will be for all commited members and the 3rd will be recap for all partners for new paradigm of bussiness venture. Sounds quite "supernatural" isn't it? yes, most of the time we will have a meeting during sunday so for the next day we will have a clear and an overt direction for a whole week. There will be lot of advantages to have a short meeting (at least)..so starting the next day, (monday to friday) you can maximize the whole day with your quality and great memomentum to drive your desire and workholic elements within ur souls. Yes, crazy people make crazy money and this i call as "supernatural".... and i believe on that phrases tho.

weel, as i need to join those who are busy to habdle the charity thing...will be here agian with lot of pics...mark my word ya..

Till then,

xoxoxo Josh