27 May 2007

Peterpan was around


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Peterpan was Around on Friday

Holla dudes and jass. it has been quite along I have not bloged here. Almost a week. Yeah, neither my line connection is cut off nor my Pc is break down but then because of the scarcity of ideas makes me not to be that ingenious to put across my words here along with the semblance of being agitated. Okies, let’s we start this communion by looking to the title. The show was s0-s0 coz I cant hear the voice of them rather than the sound system. Oh ya talking about the sounds system I guess the systems are borrowed from The Orange Club. It was (I hope so) a bored place to go for clubbing. I have no idea why but then nowadays the so called “lie dormant” and it is kinda hot like a hot pie cake. Once again, for Firdaus- good in providing entertainment buzz, Thanks dude.. coz brought us there with a free cost ticket which may cost u rm 30. Refer Pic 1;-

Well, the sound was not that bad because of the space of the place and the solace of spotlight. The concert was supposed to be started at 10pm but then because of the delay then it was started around 11pm. We had reached at KLCC at 1030pm and reached Rums (is located at Golden Triangle) hunted for tickets and the place is a bit solemn (refer to pic 2) and i know the pic looks worse but then it is the art of pic- sometime to confuse ur visssion is an unique thing to be done as not everything is easily be seen in the facets of reality rather than looking into shadow of it- mind you, sometime it is more beneath than others!

The show started at 11am then it ended around 12+ am. So, the night was not that gregarious and the of the place was so crowded but the songs are not that placid to me compare to their prior ones. I cant get a nice pic because of using my hand phone. The place is not that big and large so very hard for us to move and shake our body while getting to the mood of “body shaking”. After the concert ended, then I was searching the “suggestion box” in case I can throw out my suggestions to re quest them to enlarge the place so I can be active and participate more in term of shaking my butt..ahahah. (do refer to pic 3, 4, 5 and 6, ) Overall, I am happy with all of my weekdays. Till then, happy Saturday and weekend is for us regardless sex, gender and age!. As ussualy, i leave u with the song for today- Hati yang Cerah by Peterpan (am not that their big fan but then am open to any universal songs). Sorry for the Video Clip as it was recorded while in a concert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyjgXnRa6ZQ

Xoxoxoxo Josh.