24 December 2007

Christmas Eve....

It is Monday…Well, the time is moving so fast and you can feel the beat when it comes to the end of the year. Gosh, another year is waiting to be born. Here it goes, the cycle of life is doing its great job in order to make sure the universe is giving the equal opportunity to all creatures under the sun.

What did I up to lately? Ok, just have a short recap for a while..shall we?
Monday – Friday, I was a bit bz with something and now I start to plan what should I do for next year. So by the end of December then I just need to follow the plan. At this time of speaking, everyone is busy with his/ her planning. So this shows that you are be the flow than follow the floor. I guess this can be suit to refer the state of affair that am talking about- just make be the flow if you want to make ur plan works accordingly to ur needs and longing.

On Friday, I wet out with a friend of mine to enjoy the nocturnal of us at a cinema and it was not last there as we were passing by one of happening clubs someway at KL-Sigh!!!~. The vibes were cool even though I felt a bit bumpy because am still not really familiar with the place. Thanks to Amier for the entertainment buzz. Really appreciate that night. Oh ya, The movies I watched recently are “I am the legend”- I like the touching part where it shows that Dr. Nivel lost his dog- Sammantha, and the another movie is “National Treasures”- I love the relic hunting part! Well, I love these movies. Am waiting forhaunted movies now..anyone?Throw me your holla if you are intrested too.

On Sunday, I went to Criz place and supposed to be at a gym but hell no but we had another backup plan;-

Guess what I am suffering the muscle strain due to badly chosen a.k.a inappropriate sleeping positions. Should u not to think that I was doing some “doggie” things which cause the pain. I cant do my own massage and in fact I don’t dare to have a massage which is served by those who are not professional because it wont fix the problems at all rather than it lead u the journey of the hell. OMG it is so fucking excruciating as I by a hair's breadth cant wear my boxer or short! Even I can take a fastidious sleep due to the twinge on my left region lumbar. Today I cant do some workout activities especially push up. Makin gemuk le kalo macam ne.

Today is Christmas Eve. I have just made a call to my Family. I am receving some sms from friends for this celebration and I give colossal thanks to all of you, friends. I appreciate it very very much. Last year I didn’t go back for Xmas but then I went back during Gawai celebration. Tomorrow I will be at PD as planned. I might be there for couple of nights but I bet it won’t be that long coz a good buddy of mine is coming up with his kids and the wife. Well, to those who are out there, Merry Xmas and Happy New year. I know that my writing seems to be dry but I have no ideas I lost my mood and exhilaration of blogging.Those words and morphemes are embedded adequately in the brain and mind but then I have no ideas how to make them sound vivacious and bubbly as well as to make it sounds more authenticity and luminosity which is by mean to gratify your reading criteria at the end it will motivate you to read it more and more :D

Okies then, I guess I have to stop by now. I’ll try my best to update the blog once I get my mood back. Huh, am not ready to be easily affected by mood. Don’t call this as one of “middle age crisis” symptoms coz am not in such ring tho! Till then, Wishing all of you with merry xmas and Happy new year. Good day fellas and be nice to everyone. May this end of year will give u strenght to get a new kick start to find your ways and destiny namely it love, joy, happines, career and health. Am speading my love to all of humankind as i prommise you all no harmness."wink".

Cheers and regards
X0x0x0x0x0 Josh

~ no wonder i was not in the pool because i was doing something ;p~

Brown Eyes - Destinys Child

I have this song but Ed remainds me with this song.Literaly, the song makes u to remember the moments u fall in love with someone. It is so beautiful to be heard. Btw, i like the wordings. They are all in pink.Thanks to Ed Gedix for the reminding..I owe u that.Thanks