5 February 2008

Another new breath

Hai people. Happy Monday to all of you. It is a great day right when we feel that we are still alive and still stand still within the depression of heart and world conflicts. By having the chance to breathe the same air as yesterday, living under the same sun and the ability to depict our surrounding, are something to be credited with priceless of enjoyment. So should we think about us first before we can spread and share the love and joy we have with people we care and love with. Sounds a bit drama right? but all these above lines are really mean to me and I am proud to have chances to know the world and also to know you.

I watched another Indonesian piece of works – Love is cinta which is proposed by Is. Well, for me I take it as a very general way to appreciate what I have now. Today was the first time I watched this movie. Wow, the movie tells us about how auspicious are we in this universe to have a life compared to those who lost it but in the movie “Ryan’s wish has been granted by the angle of death, which is he has the last chance to live in the world but he has to live in someone body, just because he has not doing something important during his life time- saying that he is falling in love with a girl named Cinta. He has been giving 3 days to do so before he has to return to his creator. At the end of his days, he manages to express one last expression – love, to his parents and the way how he convinces his parent that he is “Ryan’, is so totally heartbreaking and overwrought but the he manages to use the days he left wisely but full with wretchedness and awe-inspiring scenes and moments.

Is tells me that, apprciate what u have and if u happen to have someone that love then that is the worthing u should not lose to coz not all people have the chance to be lucky as u are. The ideas are granted by me. Thanks Is.

xoxoxoxoxo Josh