11 September 2009

am happy with my days

hai peeps.how is ur day?does ur mood change to be a little bit bright while readin' this entry?hehe. Yeah,sometimes u should be thankful with what you have. Today,i'll be in kuching by using a morning flight.Hard to believe that i was a month here due to my outstation calling.Being to kch by tomorrow means i have to be apart from my dovely pembuat kek.I cant sleep right now as it is 4am. Why i cant seelp? Effortlessly i will say that coz am worrying that the time swift too fast and i hardly to get us to a state of affair that i'll be alone for 3weeks from pembuat kek.hehehe...you see, while blogging this,i see her next to me.pembuat kek probably in the "alice of the wonderland".(hang on,i'll be right back,have a urge to kiss her forehead.hehe).well,i like my job.coz i have plenty of time for me and my pembuat kek.so,by having a long distant relationship would be not a problem to me.for me,getting into a flight is kind of getting into bus.haha.In this nick of time,the price for a flight is kind of hiking to me.gosh,air transportation is sucking lot of profit,especially from those who have to travel,a bizman to be exact.am using my credit card to get my ticket thru online.so i managed to get so called reasonable price.well,before i get back to kch,so i leave my pembuat kek with my sweet journal.a journal that expresses my truly feeling toward her.by any means,it has 20 chapters!

my handmade occay...............

how's this look like?

Oh ya,before i forget,i would like to wish my beloved younger bro with a Happy birthday wish.hope he will have many happy returns by all means.i love him so much.you see,this is a universal tenet that all the younger brothers will be full of love.well,dear my bro Gilbert,wish u luck. Xoxo Josh