7 March 2008

Hawk!The old joy will be bright agian.

I recently keep in touch with my old best fella, Mike, about his trips to KL. He told me 2 weeks earlier to be an adjunct to him. This can be fun.With good buddies, spending some quality of times, and doing some sharing and caring things, which may cover up few years of not meeting each others. Well, for the tours I provided, I charge him a luxury buffet! Pretty much buffet, at least! But my appetite not that gigantic to be filled with that kind of courses. I informed some good friends of mine to join us. The cast will be, good old Unimates, Zatil and Zarina. Others may no be vacant on that time. I took delivery of the rumors that Mike will end his bachelor. Well, siap ko mike, I am carving for the real and live confession from you on the day I bump to u this Sunday evening. Well, it may be a bolt from the blue thing to all guys when at this age you are getting to then end of your hanky panky things. I don’t mean that by ending your bachelor means you are starting your life in hell. Here, please refer those below pictures and throw ur some understanding why this can be happend in a marriage? Click those pic to enlarge the view of them.

Can this be counted?heheheheh

Nah. Don’t get me erroneous. But for girls, at the age of 25, it sounds sagacious for them to have a knot. I’m happy to hear that some of friends are having a good rapport with their spouse. Tolerance, empathy and compassion are ingredients of love. To some friends who are looking for a partner to share those ingredients of love, I wish all of you good luck. Remember, hitting by love bugs then brook up is not just the route to be “heartless”. It is the journey that we should not miss and afraid off. We learn and discern ourselves via the journey of gloomy and glee! To Ed, u will be ok soon. To CC, never be afraid and so unruffled to let ur self get to know some wise men over there, to Emy, we still have the deal. To Daus, never give up to what you are looking now. To all, here I give you one of my favorite poems. The poem may sound archaic yet has outstanding meaning. Robert H is one of my much loved poets during my undergrad classes. I f you cant graps the meaning of it, do read those highlighted lines i have made.


Give me one kiss,
And no more;
If so be, this
Makes you poor,
To enrich you
I’ll restore
For that one, two
Thousand score
Robert Herrick

xoxoxoxoxox, Josh