8 May 2007

A quicky for today

Hai peeps...Just dropping by to do some updates before am going to have my bed time. Today is a bit hectic for me as there were somethings to be sorted out and what i ca say is, these should be done before June comes to take its turn to become a vessel for the next month. So, Instrincally, as the days pass by, means that we have to move forward in line with what we have planned or unplanned paving of life. If you are at behind, then you will become a pauper -this is a situation that i have to surmount in order to lead a chance to handle my matters into a compact basis. This state of affair will make you become debilitate to what you have plan or going to do. If u happen to this situation then sound your SOS for someone who can help you to get rid from this. Sounds funny right. Well, we just be able to plan and manage what comes to us but then the rest will be wait for him reprisals. Okies, today i was blur for nothing especially when i have to right my thesis. I do have the ideas but to put it in a prefect combination and a nice congeal which becomes liaise to my main ideas and some focal facets need me to be more and more......crazy...ahahah.yeah, am out of ideas. Not to say that i am having a chronic insufficiency of words shortages but to make them sounds placid and logic-this is a fact. Need some refreshment here. Wel, out of blue, a friends of mine - responded to my reprisal of being SOS i guess (i kknow that person will read this up) asked me to go out for a dinner. Mind you, being a Secret Recipe!Well, at least we had some discussion well and i do like to have some positive reciprocates PLUS a cake.Well, the discussion went smoothly and as the time was consuming as i have to make a move because need to do something so i guess the agenda will be adjourned. The topic was about- when you have a lot of ideas, you predisposition to type very well will encumber your flow of words and thouths. So, in Linguistic we can associate this with the process of motor in human brain. I have forgot the term but i will get this back to you if i manage to get my psycholinguistic book. This is sound cool tho as we can understand the nature of human and this is associated with these terms- IQ and EQ. Human si so perplex because of the demarcation of IQ and EQ in the open situations. It is not a rampant order tho. hehe, well, what ever it is..have a morning Tuesday fellas.Would love to cater you with some other issues. Oh ya, no my friends and i are planning to hunt some clubs for celebrating their freedom of being a student..Gosh, i do eager to be so. It is kinda a stab for me to complete my writing too!till then, be safe dudes and jass. i need trillion of resurrection here! :), before i signing off, the i would like to share a Video clip that sounds placid and mellow to me so do click the line below. No harm to do that.Sharing is caring tho! x0x0x0 Josh